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Above-Ground Pools:
As for Quality...
The quality of the liner, pool walls and uprights are critical to the integrity of the pool structure. A liner too weak to withstand sharp ice always present over the winter is a recipe for a cave-in. You'll find that the very inexpensive pools made overseas are usually of lower quality, have questionable warrantees and parts that are quickly obsolete. Always ask a pool company if they have a service truck to come to you to service your pool if necessary. Always ask where the pool manufacturer is and then confirm it. Always beware when a pool company is unable to set up the installation process for you and manage the outcome as well as the timeliness of the installation.

Learn more about liner and pool wall quality and thickness... See our Buyers Guide for what you need to ensure quality and safety at an affordable price.

Maintenance-Free Pool Package
Spend 99% of Your Time Swimming and Only 1% Cleaning...

Maintenance Free Pool systems:

  1. Automatic Vacuum
  2. Self-Priming Pump
  3. Season-Free Filter
  4. ENJOY® Sanitizer
    See our buyers guide for more details
* Optional Heater - to extend your season by two months.

Easy As... One, Two, Three, Four

4 Price Levels to afford you the opportunity to choose a pool that matches your budget. You can go as far as you want all the way to our Top Of The Line... Tuscany by Doughboy, but we've set the quality standards and strongly urge that you do not entertain any pool levels less than what we offer, even if you can get them from a competitor.

Minimum Requirements for Quality Pools:
See our Above-Ground Buyer's Guide:

Pool Models
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Dough for Doughboy!

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Silver Lake

Aqua-View Sand Filter

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