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5 Strokes you can practice in your swim spa

If you have been thinking about investing in a Marquis Swim Spa, but just aren’t sure if you will have enough room to do what you want to do, let us put your mind at ease. A swim spa may not be big enough to practice a dive entrance or flip turns, but they are certainly large enough to provide a great workout for anyone from a beginner to an avid swimmer. Here are 5 strokes that you can practice with plenty of room in your Marquis Swim Spa:

Front Crawl

The front crawl is a great stroke to use when targeting your arms. Although there is some movement from your legs, the majority of the work comes from bringing your arms out of the water then pushing back against the water to propel yourself forward. The front crawl can also be used to increase speed and strength, when trying to improve your overall swimming ability.


Most images that you see of people using a swim spa, shows them using some kind of forward stroke with their head in the water, but swim spas are also great for doing the backstroke. The backstroke is a perfect resting stroke because you move at a slower pace and your head is out of the water. You are still working your arms, as well as, your back muscles, but it is not as intense. Because it is not as intense of a stroke as many others you will want to turn down the swim jets when you switch to the back stroke.


The breaststroke is another stroke that you will want to keep the swim jets low for. It is a slower stroke but it works the legs as well as the arms, as you move both in a circular motion to propel yourself forward. The key to a good breaststroke is to not break the surface tension.


Sidestroke is also not known for its speed, but it is a great way to work out the sides of your core. In addition you are working both your arms and your legs during this stroke, the only thing you need to watch for is to make sure that you are spending an equal amount of time on each side.

Butterfly Stroke

This is more of an advanced swimming stroke that does require more room for its wide range of motion, but there is certainly plenty of room for it in your Marquis Swim Spa. Like the breaststroke you are moving your arms in a circular motion, but unlike the breaststroke you are using such force and large motion that your chest is actually lifted out of the water with each stroke. It is a fast stroke that definitely adds an anaerobic element in addition to the intense workout for your arms and core.

As you can see, there are plenty of strokes that fit perfectly into a Marquis Swim Spa making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy swimming for leisure or for intense workout. Marquis Swim Spas also offer those nice relaxing spa seats, so you can get a full recovery after your workout. Still not sure? Stop by to visit us at Brothers Pool and let our team show you all of the amazing features on a Marquis Swim Spa.

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Custom Pool Features

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and plan that custom pool you’ve been dreaming of…

Great! We can’t wait to help you design your dream and plan your project!

“You’ve come all this way,” as they say. You’re already going the custom route, you may as well splurge to make this pool your own, ultimate paradise.

Add A Spa

Everyone loves a good soak in a nice spa. It’s a wonderful way to recover after a swim workout. A spa soak is the best way to wind down after work. It sure is nice to jump into the hot spa when the pool is cold – and then back into the pool when you get too hot!

A custom pool really is incomplete without a spa. Check out our selection here!

Choose An Aesthetically Pleasing Pool Deck

You could go with stamped concrete, flagstone, or anything else that compliments the overall design and blends well with the colors of your house and yard. Sometimes, the best pool deck is an actual deck!

Don’t forget to plan where you’ll lay out that nice new outdoor furniture and firepit!

Grotto. Why Not?

Sounds lavish? Well a custom pool and backyard paradise ought to be! Build a grotto above your spa, tie in some water features, maybe run a slide off of it – the grotto is guaranteed to be the focal point.

Water Features

Spillways, waterfalls, fountains… Give them something to talk about and give yourself all the more reason to get your money’s worth out of this new pool. Sure, we can agree that all pools are pretty cool, but it’s the fun, unique pools that get the most use, give the most joy, and build the most value in a home.

Fun Accessories

Diving board, slide, volleyball net, basketball hoop – These are all items that you can design into your project from the start, or add later.

Can You See It?

Can you envision your own unique pool paradise yet? Will your pool’s aesthetic mimic a magical oasis? Will it be designed to facilitate some pool volleyball?

Whatever your idea of the perfect pool might be, Brothers Pool will see to it that your vision becomes a reality.


Eating well in 2018? It’s easy with a Kamado Joe!

Christmas cookies.

Pumpkin pie – with whipped cream, of course.

Turkey and ham dinners with all the trimmings.

Snacks by the dozen.

Parties with friends – and tasty appetizers.

Is it any wonder more people choose healthy eating as a New Year’s Resolution than anything else? If this year, that’s you – turn to your Kamado Joe from Brothers Pool for help!

Because you can grill, roast, smoke and bake on a Kamado Joe, you can prepare an incredibly wide variety of healthy, tasty foods with ease. Try these recipes to get started: All the delicious taste of fajitas, but with the ease of skewers and preparation on your Kamado Joe.


Paella is delicious, filling and healthy. It’s a rare combination in a dish. To prepare it best, you’ll need a paella pan.

Honey-Soy Cedar Planked Salmon

This salmon recipe is full of flavor, and easy to make. Serve it with the green beans prepared according to directions, and you’ll have a full meal.

Sweet Tea Brined Chicken

Chicken is a lean protein that can be part of most any healthy eating plan. Brining adds flavor and keeps meat tender and moist. Sweet tea brine is an interesting twist.

Pan Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Here’s another great chicken recipe for your Kamado Joe, that’s actually a one-dish meal. Healthy AND easy. You can’t beat that.

Soapstone Swordfish

If you don’t have a soapstone slab, you can use your griddle to prepare delicious swordfish to perfection on your Kamado Joe.

Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

Adding more vegetables to your diet is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your diet. Preparing them on your Kamado Joe adds unique flavor to what might otherwise be a bland side dish.

Give some of these recipes a try, and let us know what you think. And if you’re missing an accessory called for in a recipe, just stop by. We’ll hook you up!


Beat the Rush – Plan Your Pool Project Now!

Now is the time to start planning your pool project. Once the temperatures start to consistently increase, we start getting an influx of telephone calls, emails and showroom drop-bys. They’re all ready to plan their designs for above ground pools for the upcoming season. Things start to get very busy for us at Brothers Pool around the beginning of May, with our schedule nearly full.

Now is the time to start the swimming pool design process so that you can beat the rush and have your pool ready to go early!

When Does Swimming Season Start?

Generally speaking, the official pool season starts around Memorial Day in late May each year. However, warmer temperatures each season mean that swimming pool projects are starting earlier and earlier so that they are ready as soon as it’s warm enough to swim. Of course, you can add in swimming pool accessories like a heater to extend your swimming season!

What About Pool Maintenance?

One of the most common reasons we see customers who want a pool delay on the design is because they just don’t want to keep up with the pool maintenance. They know that once the swimming pool installation happens, they’ve got to be on top of the maintenance.

Brothers Pool to the rescue again! We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that does all the necessary things to keep your swimming pool sparkling. We also offer pool opening and closing services each season!

You have no excuses – there’s no reason for delay! If you’re ready and determined that you want a swimming pool installation done in time for the summer, then don’t wait any longer. Get ahead of the crowd. The neighbors will be jealous that your pool is ready to go long before theirs!

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3 Reasons to Schedule a Wet Test

Would you buy a new mattress without trying out a few different models in the store? Lying down on them, seeing what’s comfortable, what best fits you?

Would you buy a new car without taking different models for a spin? Evaluating what seats are most comfortable, where the blind spots are, horsepower, safety systems, even the stereo?

Of course not! And buying a spa shouldn’t be any different. Here are the top three reasons why a wet test is so important:

Reason 1 – The Water

Settle into the hot tub and fully experience the water. Notice how fresh and clean it smells. Ask the sales representative about aromatherapy options that can be added to the water to add to the experience.

Two of our wet test spas feature MicroSilk technology, microbubbles of oxygen that improve circulation and cellular respiration leaving your skin glowing while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll leave your test soak with skin that feels silky smooth.

Be sure to ask about the chemicals used in the spa, too. That way you can create the same feeling and scent in your spa at home.

Reason 2 – The Seats & Jets

While you’re enjoying the warm, soothing water, be sure to take note of the seats and jets – they really aren’t all the same, you know.

You’re going to want seats that are deep enough that the spa water covers your shoulders. After all, Connecticut winters are cold (and spring and fall are awfully chilly). It’s important that your spa “fits” you and keeps you warm.

It’s also important that the seats are comfortable, for everyone who will regularly use it. Most hot tubs today – including those we have available for testing – offer multi-level testing so people of all ages and sizes will be comfortable. Be sure to test the lounge seat, too, if that’s a feature you’re interested in.

Jet location is extremely important. During your wet test, pay attention to where the jets in each test model are located. Are they where you most often have aches and pains? Are there a variety of jets? Popular areas for jet placement include targeting the back, shoulders, calves – and even the feet.

Reason 3 – The Size of the Spa

No matter how much you like the features of a spa – they won’t matter much if the hot tub is too big for your home, or too small for your family. While you’re conducting your wet test, be sure to think realistically about the space you have available (bring a tape measure if you want to), and think about the number of people who’ll be enjoying your spa with you on a regular basis.  

At Brothers Pool, we have four hot tubs filled and ready for your private wet test. Just call us to schedule an appointment – and don’t forget your bathing suit and towels!

Spa Water

Clearance spa buyers guide

As we head into the winter months, many hot tub companies will be clearing out last year’s models and offering “great” deals, but how do you know if you are actually getting a great deal? This guide will give you some tips to help make sure that you really are getting a great deal!

Buy Brick and Mortar

Nearly all retailers are going to be discounting at least some of their hot tubs. That means that you have no reason to purchase from an online retailer or a traveling gig that is only in town for a short time. You can find a great deal at your local dealer who is going to be there for the long haul. If long term support isn’t part of the package, you really aren’t getting a great deal.

Know What is Included

As you are looking for that great deal, be sure you know what is included with the discounted price. It is especially important to find out if delivery and installation are included. If they are not included in the price, be sure to find out what the fees will be so that you know what your bottom line will actually total.


You want to make sure that you know up front if your discounted hot tub still comes with a warranty. Some could come with limited warranties or no warranties at all. This could set the stage for a great deal that actually ends up costing you in the long run.

Don’t Sacrifice

When looking at discounted hot tubs, don’t sacrifice the things that you want out of a hot tub just because you can get a great deal. Ultimately, if the tub you purchase doesn’t fit your needs, you won’t be satisfied. Buyer’s remorse can ruin best of deals.  Go into your purchase with a clear mind, knowing what features you want and why you need those features. Buying a hot tub that actually meets your needs will ensure that you enjoy it for years to come, getting a great deal is just icing on the cake.

At Brother’s Pool, we are here year round to answer your questions and help you find the perfect hot tub for your family.

Marquis woman with robe

Spa Bonus Package

Welcome the new year in style, with our Spa Bonus Package! Buy a spa, and you’ll receive:

  • A $100 Brothers Pool gift card
  • A cover and cover lifter for your new spa
  • A chemical kit
  • 10 percent off in-store for 12 months
  • Free water testing
  • AND 50 percent off your first drain, clean and refill!

Man, that’s a deal. So why are we doing it? Owning a spa can add so many benefits to your life – pain and stress relief, family fun, relaxation and more – that we want everyone to experience it.

A Spa for Everyone

Dream Maker Spas are an excellent value, designed to be durable and long-lasting. Check out the Stonehenge and Crossover collections for options in size, style, hydrotherapy and more.

Marquis Spas offer the ultimate hot tub experience. Browse the unique configurations and options.

Celebrity Spas are known for quality, performance and ease of ownership. Celebrate your life in a Celebrity hot tub!

Still need convincing? Picture yourself in a hot tub – and take advantage of our Spa Bonus Package while it lasts!


Dream Maker Spas – Not Just A Clever Name…

Dream Maker Spas truly make your dreams come true. Dream Maker Spas are top quality, American made spas priced to provide the American public with a superior spa at a superior value.

Designed with the user in mind, each spa is built to be the ultimate in relaxation and enjoyment.

As an industry leader, Dream Maker Spas has years of experience using rotational molding technology. We continue to innovate the process and hold several industry-leading patents.

A wide variety of models. Dream Maker Spas offers ten models, each with a unique seating and jet arrangement allowing you to select the perfect spa to fit your space, budget and lifestyle.

Three spa color choices. A hot tub from Dream Maker Spas becomes the centerpiece of any outdoor space thanks to its elegant design. Choose from CobbleStone, BrownStone or GrayStone to compliment your garden, patio, deck or anywhere you choose to enjoy your hot tub.

Jet placement and design. Strategic jet placement and design creates the optimal hot tub experience. The adjustable jets allow you to customize your hydrotherapy experience, and their arrangement pinpoints tension-holding muscle groups for a massage that relieves stress and pain.

Durable, rotationally molded body. All spas are built using a tough thermal plastic to create a solid unibody construction guaranteed not to rot, split, crack, peel or rust. Since the nature of the material doesn’t require a wooden support frame, you never have to worry about your spa warping or rotting because of water exposure.

Lightweight and portable. Moving your spa is simple thanks to the lightweight design, built without heavy fillers or internal structures.

Environmentally friendly design. Dream Maker Spa’s shells are built using 100 percent of recyclable input materials so that no manufacturing waste is produced.

Engineered for efficiency. With an energy efficient pump and substantial insulation, all Dream Maker Spa’s models are designed to reach and maintain your desired temperature with optimal efficiency.

Patented spa cover. We design and build our own locking thermal covers to ensure they perfectly fit your spa. Each spa purchase includes a cover that retains heat, locks out dirt and debris and offers peace of mind knowing that your spa is sealed.

Digital Controls. Our proprietary Digital Control Systems make operating your spa easy. Select your preferred temperature, water action and LED lighting with the touch of your fingertips.

Easy to clean and maintain. Our patented filtration systems designed exclusively for Dream Maker Spas provide 100 percent water filtration in systems that blend seamlessly into the design of all models. An Easy Access drain valve makes draining your spa simple, and cleaning the smooth shell is as easy as wiping it down with antibacterial cleaner.

Back all that up with a 1 – year full warranty including parts and labor, plus a 5 – year warranty on the spa structure and shell – not to mention outstanding Brothers Pool customer service to boot!

Ready to make the dream a reality? Call Brothers Pool, or better yet, come visit us today!


What Star Wars & Water Sanitizer Have in Common

It seems everyone is talking about the new Star Wars movie… but we have our own Rey of light that fights the Dark Side. When you have the right water sanitizer, it’s the last hope you’ll need.

Here’s how it works. Every time you use your hot tub, you leave behind food for bacteria. The bigger the buffet, the more bacteria are going to want to come to the party. Apparently, hot tubs are romantic for microorganisms because right away, they make baby bacteria, who then use your spa as a bacteria bassinet.

The end result is hot tub water that looks, smells and feels like Jabba the Hut trying to french kiss Princess Leia. Ewww!

A high quality water sanitizer (not the junk you find at the big box store) eliminates the stuff bacteria eats, keeping your water balanced and silky. No more itchiness, no more tight skin, no more foul or chemical smell.

Through the use of additives that act as passive biostat agents, bacteria can’t surround itself with a protective biofilm, which leaves them as helpless as the Death Star without its force field.

Water sanitizers are effective, easy and safe — unless you’re bacteria. Then, they’re a great big buzzkill that killed its own father with a lightsaber.

What are you waiting for? Stop by our showroom or give us a call and let’s add the right sanitizer to your water treatment routine.


Holiday Recipes You Weren’t Expecting…

True blue grill greats don’t cover and park their grills for winter! They know that there’s nothing like a grilled meal to warm the bones and the raise spirits when it’s cold outside! What’s more, grilling is a great excuse to break out the warm, cozy clothes and get some fresh air!

Do you number yourself amongst the grill greats? Do you aspire to be a grill great? We’ve got a wild idea for you to try this Christmas… Omit the oven this year and….


Whether your family prefers lamb, beef, fish, or foul for the holiday meal (or all of the above), you can make it better on your grill. Check out these recipes for inspiration! 

Is your grill up to the task? Does it have the size, features, and multi-functions to pull off this Christmas miracle? If your answer is “No,” fear not. We are here to help!


We proudly carry Kamado Joe Grills and have plenty in stock to set you up in time for the big day!

Kamado Joe Grills are not simple, average backyard grills. Kamado Joe designs are based on an ancient, Asian-style grill – the kamado – a thick-walled cooker that imparts rich, smoky flavor to meats, fish, and vegetables. Relatively unchanged for centuries, air flows through the grill’s ceramic body and out its vented dome. Chunk charcoal comes to life as smoke and heat.

Kamado Joe is proud to draw on that tradition, modernizing the grill’s classic style with unparalleled craftsmanship, innovative accessories and a range of flexible cooking surfaces, all of which you can get at Brothers Pool!

Visit our Kamado Joe page to learn more about these kickin’ Kamados and to download a free brochure. Bear in mind that these also make phenomenal Christmas gifts!

Happy Holidays and Happy Grilling!


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Marquis spas are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, contact Brothers Pool to help you get started.

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