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Expected Longevity of my Above Ground Pool?

All of the decisions about buying a pool are behind you and you are content with your decision on buying an above ground pool. The sparkling water has become the hangout for the entire family! An above ground pool is a great investment for your family! But how long can you expect your pool to last? These type of pools normally last between 10-20 years. Now, I know what you are thinking…”the gap between ten and twenty years is pretty large!” The variables that decrease the life expectancy of your above ground pool are easily avoided with a little bit of TLC. Here are three ways to keep your pool in its best condition, so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Pool Liner

Your pool liner is not expected to last the length the life of your above ground pool. It will, however, last between 5-10 years, with great care and attention. Having a regular maintenance check of your liner will not only increase the life expectancy of your liner but also your pool. A leak can cause damage to the inside of your above ground pool! It will be under the liner and in a place that will be hard for you to discover. Make sure to keep your liner repaired and replace it when needed.

Pool Rails

It’s a natural thing for little kids and sometimes even adults to hang on the rails of your pool but this can cause damage to the structure of your pool. Try to minimize how much weight is put on the rails. This will help to keep your pool standing strong and will prevent your railings from sagging.


If you discover rust anywhere, make sure to tend to it in a timely manner. Early discovery can prevent it from spreading and getting out of control. When you replace your liner, make sure to check every inch of your pool. If you find a rust spot, sand away any rust. Painting your pool can give older pools a new look and help fight off the potential of rust!

Just a little TLC goes a long way to make sure you get the most out of your investment. If you have any questions stop by our showroom today.


Start your day with a hot tub before breakfast.

The alarm has sounded but you are still struggling to get out of bed. The warmth of your comforter has once again claimed you for its own. Five minutes later the alarm sounds again… does this sound like a normal morning for you? Not everyone is a morning person but there is one thing that both morning people and night owls can agree upon…that starting your day by getting into the hot tub before breakfast, is essentially setting yourself up for an excellent day.

The first thing that 90% of Americans grab is their phone the minute they wake up. Opening up their social media or email is primarily on their mind. What if instead, we focus on ourselves by taking a quick walk around the park? By doing so you are not only starting your day much more productively but also improving your physical health. Exercising in the morning can not only improve your metabolism but also help you be more effective in today’s tasks.

Now that you have properly started your body, now take care of those muscles by jumping into your hot tub. This will allow you to take a moment to meditate on the day’s tasks. Most people don’t give themselves enough time to create mental clarity before they are going about their day. Imagine how much more collected you would be from taking that extra time to compose yourself for the day ahead!

I can only think of one other thing that would make your morning a little brighter and that would be a great cup of coffee while you enjoy your quiet time in the hot tub. Who am I kidding, a great cup of coffee is enjoyable anywhere but I think when you are relaxed is when you enjoy things more.

Start your morning off in your hot tub and see what a difference it will make in your day.

Spa Water

Tips to get rid of cloudy water in your hot tub

Cloudy with a chance of…grossness… No, as you can guess, we are not discussing the weather. You are just describing what you see as you glance down into your hot tub. This is the day that every hot tub owner dreads! Your hot tub is starting to resemble that of an abandoned motel…okay, maybe not so bad but it feels that way! As you scratch your head and wonder what has turned your pristine oasis as cloudy as the Mississippi River, allow us to help clarify things!

Cloudiness is caused by a number of different factors! From environmental debris to sunscreen, there is always something that is making your chlorine fight a little harder to keep your pool crystal clear and inviting. With the chlorine distracted, your pool is easily taken over by small particles that cause the water to cloud… Here are some tips to help keep your hot tub water cloud free.

#1 Check your PH and alkalinity levels

PH levels should ideally be between 7.2 and 7.6 and alkalinity levels should be between 80 and 125 ppm. If your levels are not where they should be, you have a chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed.

#2 Shock Your Hot Tub

We have determined that your hot tub is having somewhat of a chemical breakdown and we need to bring the levels back up so that the chemicals can take control of your hot tub once again. Spa Chlorinating Granules are specially formulated for such a situation like this. They will effectively shock and sanitize your hot tub back to its intended state of clarity.

Tips for adding the Spa Chlorinating Granules:

*Make sure the hot tub cover is off.
*Run your hot tub’s jets while adding the granules but make sure the air valves are turned off.
*After 15 minutes of running your jets and having the cover off, you may replace the cover back on your hot tub.

#3 Clean your filter

Be sure to do a maintenance clean on the filter. The filter is your hot tub’s second defense to fighting future cloudiness. You should maintain the filter at least twice a year.

Now that you have completed the above steps, your hot tub is back to its sparkling self once again! Just like we like it!


Keeping your kids safe this summer!

Summer is here and it’s time to talk about keeping our kids safe during this swim season! Here are some tips to help make this summer a safe and memorable one!


Your kids are bored and the pool is ready for swimming! It’s time to stock up on new swimsuits and sunscreen! Lots and lots of sunscreen! Having a good summer can make all the difference in your little one’s world. When buying your sunscreen keep in mind that waterproof is not all that it is cracked up to be. Waterproof sunscreen is effective for a short period of time but must be reapplied often in order to protect you fully. When applying sunscreen keep in mind that it takes up to 15 minutes for your skin to properly absorb it.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

While you are waiting for your sunscreen to be properly absorbed, take the time to drink a glass of water or your favorite sports drink. Swimming is a lot of fun and seldom thought of as exercise to our kids, but the truth is it is a great source of exercise. So, as a result, we sweat and need to keep well hydrated! Drink, even if you don’t feel thirsty!

Safety covers

The day is coming to an end and your kids are ready to call it a day. It’s time to say goodbye to the pool and hello to a welcoming pair of pajamas. Your day of keeping your kids safe was a success! But wait! It’s not completely over yet! There is still one risk that you haven’t covered…quite literally! Your pool is still a risk for your kids! They may not be as finished with swimming as you thought! According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “About one in five people who die from drowning are children fourteen years and younger.” Your family does not have to be a part of this statistic! This can easily be avoided by installing an automatic safety cover! With the flip of a switch your pool is covered and you have peace of mind!

Come visit us at Brothers Pool and allow us to help ease your mind and make your summer safer for everyone!

hot tub

Vacation or Hot Tub

Summer is here and the desire to go to the beach or just a day trip away is on everyone’s mind! So, you start the planning. The trip starts to come together! You have the time off from work scheduled. Your pet is booked at the local doggy spa and your suitcases are packed and sitting by the door the night before. The morning alarm goes off and it is off to the open roads… that is, until you hit rush hour. After several pit stops, meals, and that last tourist trap… you are finally at your destination. So many plans, so much to see…as the time passes you begin to realize that most of your time is being spent in the hotel’s hot tub. It is starting to dawn on you that you can have this same experience much closer to home!

Like any large purchase, with a little planning and budgeting, you could be the proud owner of a hot tub! Now, asking you to choose between vacationing and saving for a hot tub, is to some a “Sophie’s choice”. Vacationing is fun and can provide the opportunity to make so many memories and, honestly, I get it! BUT buying a hot tub can be memories made every day of the year in your own backyard! BUT a vacation…we could keep this going for a long time!

Choosing between the two can be comparable to buying from a bulk store instead of a local grocery store. Yes, you may spend a little more upfront when buying from the bulk store; but in the end, you get so much more for your money when compared ounce by ounce. A week at the beach sounds amazing, but not compared to 365 days of relaxing in your very own hot tub! I guess you know which we would choose when asked Vacation or Hot Tub?

Allow us to help you decide on the purchase that keeps on giving. Come in today!

The Ultimate She Shack

Have you heard of the “She Shack”? Small sheds, extra bedrooms, and garages around the nation are being converted into the ladies equivalent to a man cave, the “She Shack”. But why should it be limited to four walls? Why not your backyard? Like most things, women do not like to do most things alone…so why not take over the backyard? Here are three tips for making your backyard the ultimate “She Shack”.

An aerial view of an inground pool with patio and landscaping.


Channel your inner Joanna Gaines and decide what style your new space will be…starting with your patio furniture! Patio furniture has come a long way since your grandma’s wicker furniture!
Are you looking for something sleek and modern or are you more of a country chic kind of a gal?

White patio furniture paired with blue pillows will give you the feeling that you are back at the east coast B&B you love to visit! A perfect place to invite your ladies group from church or for you to enjoy your morning cup of coffee in peace and quiet!



Your outdoor furniture is picked out and in place! Now, we need the wow factor that will make your space perfect! How about a spa? Not only will a spa be a great wow factor but will also be a great place for you to relax. Can you feel the tension in your shoulders slipping away? Call up your bestie and slip into the spa to enjoy a great glass of wine and conversation.



The grill has been claimed as a man’s place for way too long! It is time that women show them how it is really done. Take your grilling experience to a whole new level with the Kamado Joe collection. The Kamado Joe grills are unlike any other grill you have ever used! You can sear, grill and bake…wait… bake? Yes, you read that right! Bake! Now you can bake a pizza in 10 minutes without heating up the entire house!

Come visit us at Brother’s Pool! We can help make your “She Shack” dreams true!

Fire pit with chairs

It’s time to breakup with your old deck furniture.

As you look out the windows that lead to your deck, you cannot think of any reason on earth why you should stay together anymore. You know that there is really nothing that keeps you together. Long gone are the days of sitting in comfort. Neither of you makes any effort, it feels as if they have given up on trying to look good for you anymore. It’s okay. The days of your hand me down wicker chairs and mismatched deck furniture are no longer holding up to the weight of things, who could blame you for dumping them?

Now that you have decided that you and your old deck furniture are no longer compatible…it’s time to move on and start seeing other outdoor furniture. You want a set of furniture that is in it for the long haul! Not only does it need to be durable but you also want something comfortable! If it has a color pallet that matches your style that would just be an extra bonus, right? Why settle for just one of the above? When you can have all of them and more!

Are you looking for something long and sleek? Or maybe a set that will fit perfectly in with your country surroundings! Whatever your style, there is no limit on the possibilities in transforming your entire back deck into a relaxing haven for you and your family.

Outdoor furniture has come a long way in the last decade! You can have functional, sleek and chic all in one! Pair a white set of Adirondack chairs with a sleek white loveseat and you will feel as if you are back at your favorite resort! And don’t forget the front porch! A set of dark rocking chairs will be the perfect touch to make your front porch even more inviting!

Come into Brothers Pool and we will be happy to help you fill the void your breakup has left on your deck.


Doughboy Pools is a Green Choice

Go green! Mother earth is changing with each passing year. The years of neglect are beginning to take its toll. Forests are beginning to disappear as a result of humans invading the land that once belonged to the animals. Along with it, species of animals are disappearing as a result of their habitat being invaded. The whole domino effect is out of control and as a earth loving human, you may have decided to make changes in your life to help our home planet. You probably buy glass bottles to reduce the number of plastic water bottles from ending up in the landfill. When you go to the grocery store you probably even bring your own canvas bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags that will end up in the ocean. You drive cars that will emit less carbon monoxide into the air we breathe…the list goes on and on.

What about your pool? How are you going green with your pool? My pool? You may ask…Yes, your pool! Did you purchase your pool from a company that makes just as big of an effort to help protect our planet as you do? If you didn’t purchase your pool from Doughboy Pools the answer may be no!

Doughboy Pools is very earth conscious of how they use their facilities and how they make their products. From using LED lights inside and the location of their plants, they make a huge effort into making their footprint on Mother Earth as small as possible. Their pools are made to last, which means they will not be filling the landfills! Doughboy Pools recycles their plastic and vinyl waste so that it can be used again!

Go green with your next pool purchase…go with Doughboy Pools! Mother Earth thanks you.

For more information check out their website.

hot tub

Hot Tub Date Night

Simplicity is not always the word used when trying to organize a date night with your loved one. Between organizing who takes care of the kids or where you are going to dine, your date night can be stressful and you may start your evening on the wrong foot. By the time you finish the list of things that need to be finished before you leave, the only thing you really want to do is stay home and put your feet up.

Have a hot tub? Why not just begin there? Here are three tips to a successful date night at home in your hot tub.


Chocolate was probably the first thing you gave to your first crush at your Valentine’s exchange at school, but thankfully chocolate is timeless! Combine chocolate with your favorite fruit. This is a combination that you can never go wrong with! Chocolate covered strawberries or cherries are the perfect snack to enjoy while you both soak your cares away! Check out this simple recipe.

Flameless Candles

Nothing says romance more than candles! Candles, candles, candles, and even more. They create a relaxing and romantic light that draws you in and helps you to unwind and enjoy the quiet time you have with your partner. Flameless candles are ideal because no matter what the weather looks like your light will remain romantic. You won’t need to worry about remembering to extinguishing them either.


If you are a fan of the cinema, you know that a movie without a good soundtrack can be just boring. Don’t forget to set the mood with a waterproof speaker and a great soundtrack that will set the mood for your evening.

Don’t have a favorite? Don’t worry! We have your back! Here is a link to the “Best Love Songs of All Times“!

Now, you are all set to relax in your hot tub and have the best date night you’ve ever had with your loved one.  Don’t have a hot tub, no worries. Come by the showroom and we will show you the perfect centerpiece for your next date night.

Outdoor Greatroom Company

Outdoor Man Cave

What has metal, wood, fire, earth, and water? If you answered, “What are the five elements?” You may have been watching too much Jeopardy and need to get outside. You need a place to call your own, a man cave that can make your backyard more than just a place to use the lawn mower. Here are three tips for combining the five elements that make our outdoor world exciting and adventurous. Embrace the five elements…

Earth, Fire, and Metal

Earth and metal have been the means of cooking since man discovered fire. These three elements shout masculinity when it comes to cooking. Unlike, your prehistoric grandfather’s grill…the Kamado Joe Collection is modern and rugged. The Kamado Joe Collection has many options and a lifetime warranty, how can you not have this in your man cave?  It is exactly what your outdoor oasis needs!


Out of the five above-mentioned elements, water is the perfect element to melt away that hard day at the office. A spa paired with a big screen will make your dream man space even better. Imagine watching your favorite sports team from the best seat in the house, your spa. With a cold beverage in one hand and that perfectly cooked steak ready to be eaten, what could be better? At Brother’s Pool we know we have the spa that will fit your backyard and your budget.


The spa is placed, your grill is ready to cook a nice juicy New York steak and the only thing you are missing is a place to sit and enjoy your morning cup of coffee. The final element needs to be present…wood is one of the most versatile materials man has used from the beginning of time and the last element on your checklist to complete your outdoor man cave. Look no further than a nice set of patio furniture and a  Pine Ridge Fire Pit Table to warm you. The top has a barn wood look that will finish the five elements to your man cave.

Here at Brothers Pool, we have exactly what you need to complete the perfect outdoor man cave that you will enjoy time and time again.


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Man and Woman Enjoying Spa

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