Update Your Pool with Vinyl Over Step Technology


Whether you’ve had your pool for years and you’re ready for something a little different, or you’re just in the planning (or dreaming!) stages of pool design, it’s a good idea to take a look at the latest products and trends on the market. One of the hottest right now is Vinyl Over (VO) Step technology.

This technology developed as a solution for pool owners who had grown tired of the look of the existing steps in their in-ground pools. VO allows for versatility and customization that’s never been available in steel, fiberglass, polymer, or concrete pools before.

The versatility of this product allows for a beautiful, uninterrupted liner finish, echoing the look of a gunite pool. The vinyl is strong and durable, and is more affordable than you might think. Plus, keep in mind that VO technology can be used on so much more than just steps! Tanning ledges, swim-out ledges, swim-up bars and seating, and even children’s play areas are all great uses for this product. That should get your imagination going!

Worried about slippery steps? Don’t be! Tred-Tex gives improved traction on the steps, or anywhere else in your pool where you’d like a better “grip.” Of course, it’s not a guarantee against slips and falls, but it can help you and your guests feel confident while entering and exiting your pool.

Because VO updates can be made anytime, this makes it a great way to adapt your pool as your family’s needs change over time. A family with small children often wants very different things from their pool than a family with teens, empty nesters, or those who are caring for aging parents. VO can help you get it, without breaking the bank.


We’d love to talk to you about Vinyl Over Step technology, and how we can use it to renovate your existing pool or integrate it into your new pool plans.

Join us for Pool School

learning owl

When you think about all of the things you need to know in order to properly maintain and care for your above ground pool, we recognize that there is a lot of information to process. That’s why at Brothers Pool we offer the Pool School Class. We feel that is important to educate our customers on proper swimming pool care so that they can take it into their own hands, feeling accomplished and even more proud of their backyard.

Classes are held at our store location at prescheduled times throughout the spring and summer months. Some of our Pool School topics include:

Weekly Maintenance

This is our most popular topic which teaches our customers how to manage weekly maintenance of their above ground pool. We’ll show you how to test your water, how to add chemicals to get things back in balance, and the best practices for keeping your pool clean.

Salt Water Demo

Occasionally, we’ll do a salt water demo to show you the benefits of a salt generator for your pool’s sanitizing system. At this class, you’ll learn the differences between a salt generator and using bottled chlorine in your pool so that you can determine which is best for you.


In the spring season, we’ll offer the Summarizing class (get it… summer-izing) to help you get ready for your biggest pool use season of the year. We’ll explain how to adequately open your pool, getting the water ready for the season and all of the available features that can help you keep it well-maintained all summer long.


As the pool season comes to a close, we’ll offer the Winterization class to teach you how to close your above ground pool for no use during the colder months. We’ll discuss cover options, how to adequately shut down your system to avoid freezing, and more.

At Brothers Pool, we want to share our pool knowledge with you so that you can properly care for your home swimming pool. Registration is required to attend a Pool School Class, but there are plenty of class options throughout the season to fit your scheduling needs. Of course, if you’d rather, we also offer pool cleaning and maintenance services performed by our skilled technicians too.

Best Pool Safety Products

Water Safety

May is National Water Safety Month, so we want to make sure that you have the tools you need to keep your family (pets included) as safe as possible when you have a pool or hot tub in your backyard.

Cover it Up

Whether it’s a swimming pool or hot tub (or both), the number one way to keep it secure is to cover it. Not with just any old cover – such as a solar blanket cover for your pool or a simple vinyl cover for your spa. Neither completely secure the water from access by small children and pets. In fact, they can actually make the water more dangerous because they could get trapped under the cover while in the water.

When it comes to your pool, get a safety cover for those times when there isn’t a lot of swimming going on. These covers latch to the patio in a grid format, covering the pool completely so there is absolutely no access point. They’re also able to hold hundreds of pounds of weight and still not give (the idea is that a child could walk across it and not fall in).

For your hot tub, get a cover that latches onto the spa so securely that you need a cover lifter to get it off. Then you can be certain your little one won’t be able to remove it. There are also covers that require a key to open.

Fence it In

For the more active swimming season, a fence is a great way to keep the pool secure. There are traditional fencing options which are a permanent solution, such as a wooden, metal or chain link fence. Just be sure that there are no gaps big enough for your toddler or pint-sized dog to fit through. There are also removable, mesh security fences available that are tension based.

Whatever style you choose, just make sure that the gate or access point is self-latching and locks, or that the latch is interior so that little hands can’t reach it.

Sound the Alarm

You can also utilize swimming pool alarms that alert you when the water has been breached. Some brands install securely to the side of the pool and others float in the water. Most have a receiver that has a large enough range that it can be installed indoors. Once the water is breached, the alarm sounds so you know immediately someone has accessed the pool. And, of course, they have a silent option when the pool is in use (most require a key to turn it off).

Keep your family water safe during the month of May and all year long. If you’re unsure where to start, Brothers Pool is honored to help.

3 Reasons Mom Deserves a Hot Tub

BP Dreammaker Spa.mom

Are you racking your brain on what to get the mother of your children for Mother’s Day that conveys the appreciation you truly feel for her? Have you decided to “go big or go home” with her gift, whatever that turns out to be?

Great, because we have the solution to your conundrum.

Mom deserves a hot tub. Here’s why:

She Works Practically 24/7

Regardless of whether she’s a stay-at-home-mom or works a full-time job, mom is always working, day in and day out. If she has a 9-5, then she comes home to care for you and the kids, gets the house in order, prepares meals, does laundry, what-have-you. If she stays home with them, she still holds the equivalent to 10 jobs all at once (maid, daycare, teacher, chef, waitress, counselor, corrections officer…).

What it boils down to is, she’s always “on.” So she needs a place to turn off and reset, even if it’s just for 20 minutes each day. A place without hearing the incessant broken record of “mom… mom… mom… mom… mom… M-O-M…” or being pulled in a thousand directions by a demanding boss (whether he’s a grown man or a toddler). A hot tub could be her quiet refuge (even if it’s sort of pretend).

No Rest for the Weary

Even when Mom’s sleeping, she’s still in “mom-mode,” ready to take action at the faintest call of her name, cough, whimper or (god forbid) gagging sound. That’s why moms tend to be so sleep deprived for years, because they never fully sleep deeply until the kids leave home (and even then, probably not, because they worry about them in the real world).

But a hot tub can help her sleep more soundly. Our body temperature drops when we sleep and are fully at rest. We increase our body temperature in a hot tub, so that when we leave, our body temperature decreases rapidly to compensate – and that’s the opportune time to hit the hay! Get her a hot tub so she can sleep better.

She Loves Being With You

No matter how frustrating and exhausting life can be, moms still relish in every moment they spend with their family. Mom knows that life is precious, so give her more of the good moments. A hot tub is a great way to get relaxing quality time with the whole family, or even just a date night in your own backyard after the kids go to bed. She’ll appreciate both!

Not sure which hot tub to get Mom? Bring her to the Brothers Pool showroom and tell her she can pick her own.  Getting exactly what she wants will make this epic gift even better, for the both of you!

When to Renovate Your In-Ground Pool

What’s your favorite thing about summer? We would venture to guess that enjoying your outdoor space – grilling, relaxing and swimming – is among your top picks. But not if your in-ground pool is outdated and in need of renovating.

If you’re spending a lot of time trying to keep up with extra maintenance, it makes the whole experience of your pool less enjoyable. Or if your in-ground pool is in such disarray that you can’t even use it, then it’s time for a change.

We’d be grateful for the opportunity to renovate your in-ground pool for you. And the best time to do that is now – spring is the ideal time for your in-ground pool renovation.

in-ground pool ct

Get Ahead of the Crowd

Our schedule for building and renovating pools really starts to get full come early summer because everyone is thinking about that nice dip in the pool as the hot days come upon us. So, the moment winter winds cease is the ideal time to get scheduled for your renovation. Scheduling your renovation for the beginning of the spring season means that we can get to it sooner and will get it done faster.

Enjoy Your Renovated Pool Longer

Calling us as soon as possible to get your renovation scheduled also means that you’ll be able to enjoy your newly renovated pool for much longer than the guy who waited to contact us. Won’t it be nice to have several months of swimming bliss – and limited maintenance because your pool is now in tip-top shape – rather than just the end of the season? We certainly want to see you optimize your pool time this year!

So, if your pool needs some work – or your backyard in general needs an upgrade such as a custom hardscape design or fencing – we’d be happy to help you make that a reality. And the sooner you call us, the better!


Spring – the Season for Grills and Outdoor Furniture

brothers pool hardscaping

Once those April showers stop putting a dampener on your outdoor activities (pun intended), spring is one of the best times of year for enjoying your backyard. So, while the rain keeps coming, you can pick out a new grill and new outdoor furniture to enjoy in the coming weeks and take your outdoor living experience to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Big Green Egg Grill

We believe Big Green Egg to be the best grill on the market today. This ceramic Kamado-style charcoal grill provides the ultimate grilling experience with its wide range of accessories allowing you to do everything from grilling and smoking to baking and wood fire pizza.

Easily adjusted cooking temperatures and a variety of sizes available can optimize the versatility of your Big Green Egg. We’re certain that you’ll spend several spring evenings (or even mornings or weekend afternoons) grilling up recipes new and traditional to satisfy your cravings.

Outdoor Furniture

At Brothers Pool we offer a wide variety of outdoor furniture – and we’re not talking the metal or wicker your grandma used to have on her porch either. The outdoor furniture we offer makes your backyard an extension of your indoor living space, with comfort and style all rolled together.

We have tables, chairs, couches, outdoor fireplaces and firepits, lighting and heating products. Even on those cooler spring evenings, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space. We can create a custom outdoor living space perfect for a gathering of family or friends, or just a quiet evening at home.

Let us help you make your outdoor living space a perfect extension of your home so you can start enjoying it as soon as the rain clouds clear! Enjoying the new life, bright colors and awesome weather of spring never felt as good as it does with a perfectly grilled steak on your plate, sitting on your cozy new outdoor furniture!

Best Above Ground Pools Made in the USA

Doughboy Sapphire

At Brothers Pool, we know the value of supporting our nation’s economy. That’s why we’re proud to offer Doughboy above ground pools. Doughboy pools are made right here in the USA – right down to the screws.

Doughboy is the nation’s only full-line manufacturer of above ground swimming pools. Inventors of the first portable pool over 65 years ago, the pools produced by Doughboy are legendary within the industry and top-notch in quality.

The frames, available in steel and resin, are designed to last for years to come. Both types are strong and durable, so it’s simply a matter of your personal preference for the design and look you’re going for in your backyard. The steel frames are made from better-than-industry-standard gaged steel, approximately 50% heavier than other brands, which increases stability. The resin frames are built with steel reinforced resin verticals to prevent top-rail rocking and ensure maximum strength.

Since its inception, Doughboy has continually expanded its line of pool products offered to include not only the pool itself, but accessories and maintenance supplies, so that you can buy everything you need for your backyard oasis from the same manufacturer. Their goal is to give every pool owner the peace of mind that comes with owning an American-made above ground pool.

The longevity, efficiency, and safety provided with a Doughboy pool are unparalleled within the industry. They are so confident in the product that they even offer a lifetime guarantee on the pool liner. The company continues to invest in ground-breaking technology and quality materials, doing their best to make sure not one customer is left disappointed.

Brothers Pool is proud to be a dealer for Doughboy above ground pools. Contact us today to determine the style that is best for your needs and desires.


Brothers Pool Annual Open House – May 6th

Yes, our showroom is pretty impressive (at least we certainly think so), but until you come to our open house, you’ve not seen anything yet! On May 6th from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M., we’ll be featuring everything that Brothers Pool has to offer to make your backyard the kind of refuge everyone else in your neighborhood dreams of.


Meet Our Vendors

All of our vendors will be here that day with booths outside the store – Marquis, Dream Maker, Viking Pools, Blue Hawaiian, Doughboy, Embassy and more. They’ll be offering special incentives and promotions available on that day only. (See Vendor promotions and discounts below.)

Customer Appreciation

We’ll be conducting a customer appreciation raffle, with tons of prizes provided by other small businesses in our community (help us support our local small business enterprise) and the vendors. Bagels and coffee will be available in the morning, and that afternoon will have catered pizza and gelato on our pizza truck!

Kamado Joe Demonstrations

If you’re interested in a Kamado Joe Grill and want to see it in action, then you’ll want to be at our Open House event. We’ll have demonstrations throughout the day with an official Kamado Joe chef showing you grilling techniques and providing samples of the delicious food he grills up. Register in advance on our website or by calling because these demonstrations have limited reserved seating.

Pool School

We’ll also kick off our Pool School series at the Open House event. Pool school is our way of helping our pool owning customers learn how to properly care for and maintain their pools. We offer classes throughout the season, but our May 6th event will give you the chance to participate in three classes that day – at 10 A.M, noon and 2 P.M. Topics of discussion will include “Weekly Maintenance” and “Salt Water Care.”

The Brothers Pool Open House is our biggest sale and promotion event of the year! You certainly don’t want to miss it! Mark your calendars and be sure to register in advance for the classes and demos. Don’t forget to invite your friends and family to join you!

Vendor Promotions!


“Get a new look and protects your family.”

The strongest way to keep kids and pets safe.  Choose a durable 7000 mesh.  Coverstar covers keep debris out of your pool, and block virtually all sunlight. 

  • SALE: 10% OFF, Free Shipping
  • SALE: Existing Safety Covers for Replacement Template, Free Pick-Up (all hardware & springs must be removed)
  • SALE: Safety Cover Installation, FREE Winterization (cost of chemicals will be charged accordingly).


“Make your backyard a showplace!”

Call for FREE in home consultations today! Your backyard is the center of your family’s lifestyle.  Enhance it with new patio furniture, paver or concrete patio, and fence. 

  • SALE: Inground Liner Replacement: FREE 27/27 Mil Upgrade
  • SALE: Inground Liner & Safety Cover: $200.00 RENOVATION Rebate


“For a lifetime of family memories, It’s Gotta be a doughboy”

  • SALE: Dough for Doughboy $500.00 OFF (Pool, Liner, Filtering System by Doughboy)
  • SALE: VIP “10% OFF Instore for 1 year”
  • SALE: $100.00 Instore Credit
  • SALE: 50% OFF Doughboys Enhanced Liner Warranty


“Rated #1 in quality for over 7 years in a row”

  • SALE: $750 OFF Any Marquis Signature “Wish” OR “Promise” -Donated to Make a Wish
  • SALE: BONUS PKG (Ground Delivery, Deluxe Chemical Kit, Step, and Cover Companion)
  • SALE: VIP “10% OFF Instore for 1 year”
  • SALE: $100.00 Instore Credit


  • SALE: $1,000.00 OFF –ATV-SWIM SPA
  • SALE: VIP “10% OFF Instore for 1 year”
  • SALE: $100.00 Instore Credit


“Plug, Play, Enjoy”

  • SALE: 2016 Winter Clearance Unit Leftovers
  • SALE: 2017 Models – FREE PICK TWO 2 (Storage Steps w/ planters, Ozone, Cover Lifter, or Handrail)
  • SALE: VIP “10% OFF Instore for 1 year”
  • SALE: $25.00 Instore Credit


SALE: FREE Vinyl Outdoor Cover,

SALE: 50% OFF Glass Guard

SALE: FREE Vinyl Cover


  • SALE: FREE Assembly & Delivery within 20 miles


  • SALE: 20% OFF Malibu Yarmouth Adirondack Chairs (while supplies last, in-stock only).
  • SALE: FREE Assembly & Delivery on Special Order Malibu Table Sets


  • SALE: FREE Assembly & Delivery within 20 miles



  • SALE: FREE Therma Swim, $50.00 Brothers Pool Gift Card, W/ purchase of Swimming Pool Heat Pump.


  • SALE: $50.00 REBATE with purchase of Variable Speed Pump


  • SALE: BONUS PKG. (Ground Delivery, Bag of Charcoal, Fire Starters, & Smoking Chips)
  • SALE: $25.00 Brothers Pool Gift Card


  • SALE: 25% OFF (In stock liners only).   


  • SALE: 10% -10%-20% Off your (3) boxes of ENJOY
  • SALE:  $1.00 OFF Ultra Blue, Algaecide 30 OR 60 (limit 2 per customer)
  • SALE: FREE “THERMA SWIM” (Liquid Solar Cover). W/ Each Box of ENJOY


  • SALE: FREE 1LB OF TURBO SHOCK ($5.99 Value) With every 12 Pack of Turbo Shock Purchased


  • SALE:  $100.00 Brothers Pool Gift Card W/ Purchase of SR Smith Slide
  • SALE:  $100.00 Brothers Pool Gift Card w/ purchase of LUX Transformer for your pools LED Lights, you can have your lights on a wireless remote!


  • SALE:  Rebate up to $125.00


  • “For every 300 points you receive $10.00 back”

Tackle Pain with Hydrotherapy

Throughout history, people have recognized the healing power of soaking in soothing, warm water. Just look at examples from ancient Rome and Japan, and even some Native American cultures. Then, people could trek for miles to natural hot springs or elaborate man-made structures in an attempt to relieve their discomfort. Today, you can enjoy the effective pain relief of hydrotherapy in your very own hot tub, right outside your own back door.

hot tub water

How does it work?

Warm water has the same soothing effect of a heating pad on a sore muscle. But when you’re submerged in a hot tub, the warmth surrounds your entire body and loosens muscle tightness everywhere.

But it’s the jets that really make things interesting.

Most hot tubs are designed with strategically placed jets to massage your muscles in key locations – usually your feet, back and legs. Some spas, however, include jets that allow you to customize your experience, and your relief.

Dream Maker Spas include adjustable jets in arrangements designed to pinpoint muscle groups that commonly hold pain and discomfort. Marquis Spas include technologically advanced jet systems and High-Output Therapy Massage Zones to target pain hot-spots. Both combine these ultimate jet systems with adjustable water temperatures so you can achieve the combination of heat and massage that is perfect for you.

The heat of the water also dilates your blood vessels, increasing your blood flow and delivering oxygen and enzymes to your aching muscles and joints.

The end result? Reduced pain.

Finally, studies have shown that using a hot tub for about 20 minutes, about 90 minutes before you go to bed, can help you get a better night’s sleep. And scientists believe that getting more sleep – aim for a full 8 hours – can reduce inflammation in your body, which may reduce pain.

So if you suffer from pain – whether you overdid your weekend bike ride, or it’s something more chronic – a hot tub may provide some relief. Plus, it just feels great!


Want a Marquis Spa?

Man and Woman Enjoying Spa

Marquis spas are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, contact Brothers Pool to help you get started.

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