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Your Pool and Your Hair

brothers pool hair

The unofficial start to summer is here, which means pool season is in full force.

This is great news because we love pool season. Some folks, however, are a little hesitant about pool season because of hair.

The likely reason for this is the reservations some people have about the impact of pool chemicals on hair.

Let’s be clear: Pool chemicals are a necessity. They help protect you and your family from bacteria while swimming. Don’t substitute or compromise pool safety. However, if you are concerned, there are ways to protect your hair.

• Wear a skin cap. This might not represent the most stylish of fashion statements but it keeps hair relatively dry from pool water, which should lessen the impact of the chemicals.
• If you have longer hair, consider tying it on the top of your head (this solution is less effective if you have a crew cut).
• Wet your hair BEFORE you get in the pool. Wetting hair beforehand is beneficial because damp hair soaks up fewer chemicals than dry hair.

If you’ve got pool chemical questions, talk to the team that knows all about swimming pools. We’re talking about the crew at Brothers Pool. Bring your questions to Brothers Pool and you’ll get your answers you need.

What is a Ceramic Grill?

Kamodo Outdoor Grill

A new grilling season is always a good reason to get excited.

There’s always a debate about what’s the best way to grill, gas or charcoal. These two choices should not be the end of the argument. In fact, why argue at all? There’s another way to grill.

How about a ceramic grill? What’s that? What’s a ceramic grill and how does it work? No problem, here’s a little education on the ceramic grill and its history.

A ceramic grill has a shape that resembles an egg and has an outer shell often made of high fire ceramic and other materials such as traditional terra cotta and crushed lava rock. This material allows the grill to lock in heat and smoke while cooking the food inside. The ceramic grill has a bowl at the bottom to hold wood lump charcoal (the best charcoal for a ceramic grill). There are two vents in the grill, one at the bottom near the charcoal bowl and one at the top of the lid. The vent at the bottom allows air to be drawn into the cooker, around the charcoal. It is then released as smoke into the cooking grate. The grill’s ceramic lid keeps heat and moisture inside the cooking area of the grill. The heat and moisture are released when the top vent is opened. The more air that goes into the grill, the higher the temperature. Digital temperature controllers monitor and regulate the temperature during the cooking process.

The insulation of that heat and moisture means a delicious end result when grilling or smoking. The egg shape of the ceramic grill allows for a more thorough and uniform cooking process.

Brothers Pool is proud to feature Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills as part of our Outdoor Living Division.

Is it Time for a New Pool Liner?

brothers pool

The unofficial start to summer is almost here. Yea!

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk business. Pool business. The pool season will soon be in full swing and you want to be certain that your home swimming pool is in tip-top shape.

It’s important to always be aware of the condition of your pool liner. A great pool liner should last for years. Still, there may come a time when you need to deal with pool liner replacement.

Vinyl pool liners can deteriorate over time due to long-term exposure to UV rays and the constant contact with pool chemicals. It’s a good idea to inspect your vinyl pool liner a few times during the pool season. Look for signs of cracking.

You should also check for signs of significant fading. Fading can be a sign of brittle vinyl and brittle vinyl is more susceptible to punctures, leaks and tears.

If you think you are losing more water than normal, check the pool liner. If you are losing more than an inch of water per week, you may have a hole or tear in the liner. If the tear or hole is small, you may be able to patch it without replacing the whole liner.

Let’s Talk Heat Pumps

brothers pool aquacal heat pump

There is plenty to know about your home swimming pool.

In the summer, a home swimming is the perfect place for family fun, exercise and relaxation. After all, what’s better than a dip in the pool during one of those dog days of summer?

So saying you might want a heat pump for your swimming pool sounds a little weird, does it not? Who wants to be thinking about something called a heat pump in July?

Relax. It’s all going to make perfect sense in a few minutes.

Not every day is going to be a summer scorcher, but you still may find yourself itching to jump in the pool. A heat pump does not turn your swimming pool into a big hot tub. It just helps regulate temperature.

Heat pumps use electricity to capture and move heat from one area to another. As a swimming pool’s pump circulates the pool water, the water passes through a filter and the heat pump heater.

AquaCal is the leader for swimming pool and spa heat pumps. Brothers Pool is proud to offer AquaCal heat pumps. Talk to the experienced team at Brothers Pool today to discover how a quality heat pump can pay off for your pool, even during the dog days of summer.

Don’t Skimp on Pool Covers

Pool CoversWhen you buy a home swimming pool, you are obviously making a major investment. That’s why the money spent on pool equipment and pool accessories.

This certainly applies to pool covers. This is not a spot to go cheap or sacrifice in quality. Take the time to research, ask questions and choose the best pool cover for you and your family.

Outstanding pool cover quality is why Brothers Pool is proud to offer Coverstar Pool Covers. Coverstar offers Mesh and Solid Safety pool covers. Choosing either a Coverstar mesh or solid safety cover means choosing a great pool safety tool for you and your family.


These pool covers are custom-built to fit your specific pool. A safe cover must be a strong cover. Coverstar uses the best, strongest material to delivery strength and durability. These are the reasons the pool covers are tops in the industry. The pool covers are protected by an exclusive 20-year warranty.

Safe pool covers can also be convenient. Coverstar offers automatic safety covers with push-button convenience without sacrificing safety. An automatic pool cover from Coverstar offers outstanding pool protection.

Because these covers are custom-built, they can be designed to fit any pool shape.

Other Coverstar safety features include:

  • UV-Resistant Thread. This extra-durable thread is resistant to sun damage and pool chemicals.
  • Custom Heavy-Duty Hardware. Stainless steel springs with overlap D-rings ensure your pool cover will lie flat to the deck and fits securely for maximum safety.
  • Double Reinforcement. This provides additional strength to high-stress areas.

Have a Great Grilling Season with Kamado Joe

Kamodo Outdoor GrillSpring is here! Let’s throw in another exclamation point! After all, the arrival of spring is always exciting. Get outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

Spring also means the start of grilling season. Hey, what a great time to enjoy a Kamado Joe ceramic grill.

Wait, you don’t know about ceramic grills? Man, are you missing out. There is no better grill than a Kamado Joe ceramic grill.

Do you love delicious food? You do? Then let’s talk about the ways you can enjoy a Kamado Joe grill.

A Kamado Joe grill allows you to do more than just grill. You can grill, smoke and sear. Think you need a bunch of additional accessories? Nope. Kamado Joe comes with everything you need.

Let’s start with grilling. The Kamado Joe grill insulates, which means less heat is needed to grill and cook. This allows means moister meats with no loss of the flavor you want from your grilling experience. The shape of the ceramic grill allows the heat to circulate throughout the grill. You use whole lump charcoal chunks and build a mound just below the top of the fire ring.

When it comes to smoking, the Kamado Joe grill has the ability to control temperature. The lump charcoal used in Kamado Joe grills can burn effectively for hours. This is how the grill can work as a smoker or slow cooker.
So where to go for a Kamado Joe Grill? Talk to the team at Brothers Pool.

What is a Salt Generator?

brothers pool

What’s a salt generator? Glad you asked. Step right up. It’s time for some pool education.

Life is about choices (well, actually, life is about a lot of things and choices is right up there). If you choose to have an outdoor swimming pool installed, you’ll have to choose the make and model of the pool. You will also choose what chemicals and cleaning methods you will use to maintain your pool.

Hopefully, you will use the knowledge available to you and make the right choices. After all, this stuff is important.

For instance, maybe you’ll decide a salt chlorinator is the way to go for your pool chlorinating needs. This brings us back to that original question: What is a salt chlorinator?

Let’s answer that question by taking a closer look at salt. When the ions of salt are passed over the specially-coated blades found in a salt chlorine generator and induced with a low-voltage electricity charge, the salt is converted into chlorine. This process is similar to the one that converts seawater into laundry detergent. It’s a natural process that pays wonderful dividends for your pool.

AutoPilot has been doing this salt chlorine generator thing for nearly 40 years. This goes back to education. Know what you want for your family swimming pool. If you want to talk to experts, talk to the team at Brothers Pool. Every member of the Brothers Pool team is trained to answer all your questions. Brothers Pool carries AutoPilot generators and other AqauCal products.

Understanding the Costs of Swimming Pools

installation-completed-poolIf you are serious about buying a swimming pool for you and your family, you need to go into the process with eyes wide open.

You may have an initial idea about costs, yet the education process into the true cost of the swimming pool and the maintenance associated with a home swimming pool may be daunting, if you run into an unexpected cost.

First of all, do your homework. This means accepting the fact that you don’t know everything about swimming pools.Talk to an experienced team of swimming pool experts.

This is important. Think of a pool like a house in that every family has different wants and priorities. There is no “cookie cutter” pool or a pool with a fall cost. Installation costs will depend on the yard and the landscaping situation.

There might some “hidden” costs associated with buying the pool and pool installation. However, these costs will not be hard to find as long as you educate yourself.

  • Hauling dirt. Dirt needs to be moved when an in-ground pool is installed. You need find out the cost associated with dirt removal.
  • Electricity. Ask if there is a cos associated with any electrical hookups.
  • Retaining walls. These walls can be expensive.
  • Fencing. See above and replacing “walls” with “fencing”.



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