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Choosing a Pool Liner

pool linerIf you’ve never bought a pool liner before, or are in the market for a replacement liner after years of use from your first liner, it’s important to understand the process of buying a pool liner. In fact, it’s a good idea to review some pool liner basics.

Vinyl liners are the most common pool liners. Some vinyl liners also feature other synthetic material.

Vinyl liners are standard for above-ground pools. However, there are in-ground pools that are lined with vinyl.
Vinyl pool liners tend to be less expensive and require less maintenance than other kinds of pool liners. There are also several types of stylish liner patterns to choose from. Who doesn’t want a stylish pool liner pattern?

Did we mention durability? Vinyl pool liners tend to last several years. If the liner develops small holes or leaks, it should be able to be repaired with a pool liner repair kit. You can also talk with your pool installer about your pool liner repair options.

If you want answers from true professionals in the pool business, talk to the folks at Brothers Pool today. The Brothers Pool team has the experience to answer questions about above-ground and in-ground pools. They can help educate you on different types of pool liners and others accessories needed for your home swimming pool.

The Kamado Joe Father’s Day Grilling Special

Kamodo Outdoor Grill

Father’s Day is almost here. Are you still searching for that perfect gift? How about whetting Dad’s appetite for true grilling perfection?

Get him a Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill.

One quick look tells you this grill is a little different from all those other charcoal and gas grills. So why is a ceramic grill so important? Let’s compare ceramic to gas.

A gas grill may look great, but we are here to eat, not stare. Gas grills are made of metal and metal absorbs heat. That heat in the metal is drawing moisture from the food. One thing Dad does not want for Father’s Day is dry meat.

Plus, how are you going to get true charcoal taste from a gas grill? Here’s a hint: It’s not happening.

Kamado Joe grills are made of high-fire ceramic. This keeps the natural oils and moisture of the food…in the food.

Kamado Joe grills also use natural lump charcoals. It’s made from hardwoods and burns hotter than gas.

Stop into Brothers Pool this weekend, get Dad a grill and take advantage of the Father’s Day – Bonus Package. It includes:

• Kamado Joe Charcoal
• Fire Starters
• $50 Store Gift Card
• Standard Delivery (20-mile radius)
• 10% Additional Accessories at Time of Purchase.

The Importance of Testing Your Pool Water

pool water testingIf you are a pool owner, you should already have a strong understand of why regular testing of your pool water is so important.

If you are a relatively new pool owner, or are considering buying a home swimming pool, you need to gain that understanding so that your pool remains clean and safe for you and your family.

Make no mistake, testing the pool water can be confusing. It can be complex. A balanced pool keeps the water safe and can also keep your pool corrosion-free, adding to the life of your pool’s liner.

One of the first things to understand about water testing is understanding your pool water. If you are using a salt-based pool or a chlorine-based tablet pool, pH balance is crucial. Without proper balance, your pool sanitizer will likely not be as effective. In fact, pH levels that are too high can render your pool’s chlorine ineffective. This means your pool may be home to bacteria, even if it’s not visually apparent at first.

Balanced water is tied to your pool’s safety. Too much chlorine can be damaging to your skin and eyes.

Then there’s the cost-effective aspect of testing pool. Safe water means less chance of costly pool cleanup.

Talk to Brothers Pool today and find out about their unique, safe and easy ways to properly test pool water.

Inground or Above Ground Pools?

above ground poolThinking about making a splash by buying a family swimming pool? Sure, why not? However, before you jump in with both feet, you need to decide what kind of pool you want for your home.

The big decision boils down this: Do you want an inground or an above ground pool? Let’s dive in and take a look at the factors that are likely to shape your decision:

Think about your budget. An above ground pool will (usually) be less expensive than an inground pool. At the same time, think about the pool as a long-term investment. An inground will likely increase the value of your home, more so than an above ground pool. An above ground pool does not require the same commitment as an in-ground pool. An above ground pool can be removed or dismantled much easier than an inground pool.

brothers pool.pool slideWhat’s the Purpose? You also need to consider what’s more practical for your home. What’s your main purpose for having the pool? Presumably, swimming is near the top of the list. Is your yard able to handle an inground pool or would it be better served by an above ground pool?

The installation process. Above ground pools require less installation, excavation, supply and labor costs. Inground pools offer more flexibility for your swimming experience. There tends to be a deep and a shallow end and it’s much easier to regulate water temperature with an inground pool.

Brothers Pool offers vinyl and fiberglass inground pools. Brothers Pool is also part of United Aqua Group. We are a proud carrier of Viking pools, the finest inground fiberglass pools on the market.

If you are in the market for an above ground pool, Brother Pool has a full line of Doughboy Pools. These pools come with premium liners that are heavier and more durable than most above ground pool liners.

Save Big on Your Replacement Inground Pool Liner

pool liner

This time of year is when having a swimming pool really pays off.

If you own, or are thinking about owning a home swimming pool, you should understand the importance of pool liners. A great liner makes the pool safer and adds to the style of the pool.

Don’t ever skimp on an inground pool replacement liner. Ah, yes. Those two little words: replacement liners. Fact is, there’s a chance that your pool’s liner will need replacing at some point. Don’t take liner replacement lightly. Waiting to replace your pool’s liner can lead to more damage and possibly more expenses.

This is where the power of pool knowledge can really pay off. The team at Brothers Pool is trained to answer all questions about pools. They are ready to help you find the right pool replacement liner.

Brothers Pool delivers liners that go above and beyond the standard pool liner. This means carrying liners that feature extra layers of thickness to provide greater protection and durability. These liners improve and enhance the value of your home swimming pool. You’ll save money in the short term and in the long term. Plus, a better liner leads to a better pool experience.

Brothers Pool offers Latham inground pool liners. Latham features the exclusive Ultra-Seam™ process. This process makes the liner floor seams stronger. It also allows those seems to appear “invisible”. This means no lines to distract from the beauty of the pool.

Did someone say “beauty”? Latham offers more than 30 liner designs. Choose the look that matches your pool and your yard.

Latham inground liners are available in 20 and 27 mil.

Check out Brothers Pool and the new Latham Pool Renovation package. And if you have questions about big savings on replacement liners, talk to the Brothers Pool team. They’ll be happy to help.

Buying a Pool for the First Time?

brothers pool
If you see a new swimming pool in your future, you want to make sure to do all your homework before making a final decision on a home swimming pool.

Make no mistake. There is a lot to consider. What kind of pool do you want for your yard, and in-ground pool or an above-ground pool? Are you looking to improve the value of your home? A properly installed and well-maintained in-ground will add more value to a home than an above-ground pool. If it is an in-ground pool, will it be a fiberglass pool?

There are also safety issues that must be understood, no matter what kind of pool you choose.

Also, think about your lifestyle. Why are you buying a swimming pool? Once you can truly answer that question, you’ll have an easier time deciding on the style of pool for your home.

Above-ground pools tend to be less expensive than in-ground pools. This is because of the materials and the construction involved with an above-ground pool. There is also the mobility benefits with above-ground swimming pools. Some above-ground pools can be moved from one home to another, depending on the construction of the pool.
brothers pool.pool slide

As for in-ground swimming pools, there are two common types: Vinyl pools and fiberglass pools. Vinyl pools are built using vinyl liners. Vinyl swimming pools are less expensive than other types of in-ground pools and install faster.

Many fiberglass swimming pools are sturdy and can withstand the effects of the elements over several years.

Brothers Pool is a proud seller of Viking Pools, the best choice when it comes to fiberglass swimming pools.

Brothers Pool is the perfect place for first-time pool buyers. There are qualified personnel who can install the swimming pool and keep you educated every step of the way.

The Truth About Above Ground Pool Liners

doughboy summerville

Above ground pools are certainly different from in-ground pools.

Most of you probably knew that. Yet, maybe you didn’t know that a quality pool liner is just as important for an above ground pool as it is for an in-ground pool.

Take your above ground pool, and its liner, seriously. Brothers Pools is proud to offer extensive pool knowledge and assistance. Brothers Pool is a family business that never forgets why a residential swimming pool is a wonderful addition to a family’s home.

A Better Pool Liner

Brothers Pool is proud to be Connecticut’s exclusive supplier of Doughboy above ground pools. Doughboys are among the best above ground pools on the market. Part of that excellence can be traced to the outstanding quality that goes into every Doughboy above ground pool liner.

Thickness and Durability

When you walk into Brothers Pool, get ready to learn about our special vinyl formulation liners. Doughboy manufactures these liners to our detailed specifications.

Brothers Pool also exclusively features 20 and 25 Mil “True” Expandable Liners. These liners stand out because of their thickness and durability. The expandable liners are designed to expand into an OPTIONAL special purpose deep swimming area. This is very important: This special purpose deep swimming area is for underwater swimming only.

These liners are available in all types of designs and patterns. You’re bound to find one that’s the perfect fit for your above ground pool.


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