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Non-Chlorine Pool Cleaners

brothers pool burning eyes

We know the role chlorine plays in keeping swimming pools clean and safe. The downside is the possibility of irritated eyes and skin.

There are options when you are shopping for pool cleaners.

Baquacil and Poolside, both offered by Brothers Pool, gives you some of those non-chlorine pool-cleaning options.

Baquacil allows you to transform your home’s swimming pool into a chlorine-free environment, without sacrificing safety. Baquacil contains a unique chemical structure that offers stability and reliability. Not only is it free of chlorine, it is also unaffected by pH fluctuations, sunlight and temperature.

Baquacil offers protection against swimming pool bacteria. Sanitzer by Baquacil can control bacteria levels for 10-14 days.

One of the products offered by Baquacil is a three-step pool care system that is completely free of chlorine. Stop into Brothers Pool today to find out more.

Brothers Pool is also proud to offer a full line of Poolife pool care products. Poolife features a non-chlorine oxidizer. This pool care products is designed to fight off organic molecules that accumulate in the pool over time. A strong, non-chlorine oxidizer will destroy soluble organic containments and add to the cleanliness and safety of your swimming pool.

Brothers Pool is committed to pool excellence and pool education. We welcome you to stop into our store and talk to an experienced member of the Brothers Pool team.

Protect Your Heat Pump during an Electrical Storm

heat pumps

A heat pump is an important part of any home swimming pool. You want to make sure you invest in a high-quality heat pump and take steps to protect the pump.

Summer in the Northeast means hot, humid weather and the occasional heavy thunderstorm. It’s important to know how to protect the heat pump during an electrical storm.

• One of the simplest ways to protect the heat pump is to disconnect the pump from the power distribution system. That system can potentially be damaged by lightning strikes. Turning off the circuit breaker at the breaker panel will protect the pump from any surge that would enter from electrical power supply lines.
• It’s a good idea to turn off the circuit breakers to all pool equipment, including the heat pump, filter and chlorinator. All these things could come in contact with water during a strong thunderstorm.
• Consider installing a surge protector. This safeguard that could really pay off. There are surge protectors designed specifically to protect compressors. A surge protector will give you an extra feeling of security because it offers 24/7 protection. However, it’s important to remember that the surge protector only protects the compressor, not the entire heating unit. A surge protector will also protect the unit compressor from damage that occurs when a lightning strike hits a tree or another object near the swimming pool.

Shutting off the circuit breaker and having a surge protector should help ease your mind about pool protection during an electrical storm.

If you have questions, don’t guess.

Caring for Your Hot Tub Water

hot tub water

If you are thinking about adding a hot tub to your home, congratulations. It’s an awesome addition. Hot tubs are terrific all year round, from cold winter days to long summer nights.

Let’s not overlook the therapeutic benefits of a hot tub. Warm, soothing, pulsating water can wash away the day’s stress and sooth the body and soul.

Buying a hot tub is a major purchase and there needs to be education with that purchase.

A hot tub may not require the maintenance of a swimming pool, yet proper hot tub water care is very important.

What You Need

A sanitizer and oxidizer will keep the hot tub water clean and safe. Most hot tubs on the market have a water management system incorporated into the hot tub. Ozone units remove and oxidize organic materials. However, the ozone unit is a two-step process. A residual sanitizer must also be used. The two most common sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. Chlorine is convenient. It come in granular form and can be used in smaller doses. Bromine has a different scent and is mild.

It’s important to follow the owner’s manual. The instructions will likely include a few words about always maintaining your sanitizer. The warm water we love in our hot tubs can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. This can come from bacteria in our bodies, airborne mold spores and algae.

Minerals can be used to keep hot tub water clean. Minerals often work with in-line systems. Here’s an example: An in-line system is built right into the plumbing line and integrates the mineral and bromine cartridge directly into the spa’s plumbing. This makes for safe and convenient treatment.

If you are a first-time hot tub buyer, you are obviously going to have lots of questions. Don’t go it alone. Head to Brothers Pool and talk to a team dedicated to helping you find the best hot tub for your home. Each team member is trained to answer all your questions and guide you through the buying process.

Don’t Skimp on Pool Covers

pool coverWhen you buy a home swimming pool, you are obviously making a major investment. That’s why the money spent on pool equipment and pool accessories is money well-spent.

This certainly applies to pool covers. This is not a spot to go cheap or sacrifice in quality. Take the time to research, ask questions and choose the best pool cover for you and your family.

Outstanding pool cover quality is why Brothers Pool is proud to offer Coverstar Pool Covers. Coverstar offers mesh and solid safety pool covers. Choosing either a Coverstar mesh or solid safety cover means choosing a great pool safety tool for you and your family.

These pool covers are custom-built to fit your specific pool. A safe cover must be a strong cover. Coverstar uses the best, strongest material to delivery strength and durability. These are the reasons the pool covers are tops in the industry. The pool covers are protected by an exclusive 20-year warranty.

Safe pool covers can also be convenient. Coverstar offers automatic safety covers with push-button convenience without sacrificing safety. An automatic pool cover from Coverstar offers outstanding pool protection.

Because these covers are custom-built, they can be designed to fit any pool shape.

Other Coverstar safety features include:
• UV-Resistant Thread. This extra-durable thread is resistant to sun damage and pool chemicals.
• Custom Heavy-Duty Hardware. Stainless steel springs with overlap D-rings ensure your pool cover will lie flat to the deck and fits securely for maximum safety.
• Double Reinforcement. This provides additional strength to high-stress areas.

Is a Saltwater System the Best Option for a Hot Tub?


testingIf you are a first-time hot tub buyer, the idea of saltwater in a hot tub may seem a bit strange. In reality, saltwater hot tub systems have been gaining steam for years. Yet, is this the best way to produce clean, sanitized hot tub water?

We already know about pools that incorporate saltwater technology. Why should hot tubs be any different?

First, let’s look at the saltwater system background. Saltwater systems for swimming pools have been around for about 35 years. The process involves the use of electrolysis to convert salt to chlorine or bromine. It’s a simple concept: The salt-generating system creates a chemical to sanitize the water.

So we know this system is being used successfully in pools. Yet, we need to be cognizant of the differences between hot tubs and pools.

A pool is a much larger body of water than a hot tub. Pool water, even in heated pools, tends to be much cooler than the water in a hot tub. When a hot tub is not in use, it is covered. This does not allow the chemicals to vent. A hot tub also tends to have more metal components than a swimming pool. This means a greater chance of corrosion because of the salt. Also, salt contains sodium, which could build up in the hot tub.

At the end of the day, you are going to choose the hot tub that’s best for you and your home. The idea of “different” technology might seem appealing at first. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself on the maintenance and cleaning needs of a hot tub.

You don’t have to go it alone. The team at Brothers Pool is dedicated to helping people learn about swimming pools and personal spas. Brothers Pool takes tremendous pride in pool education and customer service.

Common Pool Mistakes

Being a home swimming pool owner is a tremendous amount of fun. However, pool ownership also comes with a deep amount of responsibility.

If you are in the market for a home swimming pool, or already own a pool, it’s easy to fall into some common mistakes. Making corrections to these mistakes will result in a safer pool and better overall pool experience for you and your family:

1. Use your eyes. The first one sounds simple because it IS simple. Trust your eyes. Take a look at your pool every day it is open, even on those days when the pool is not being used. Look excessive dirt or clumps of leaves or tree debris.
2. Stay balanced. The proper chemical balance of your pool water is crucial for a healthy pool and a safe swimming environment. You should be checking the pH balance of your pool water on a regular basis (at least once a week, more if the pool is in heavy use).
3. Keep the circulation in motion. The pool pump should be running enough so that the pool water is circulating and the water flow is adequate enough to maintain chemical balance.
4. Ask questions. There should be no guessing when it comes to pool safety and pool water quality. You want to have support to make sure your pool is safe for you and your family.

This is why it’s great idea to talk to the dedicated team at Brothers Pool. Brothers Pool is a family business that values the importance of communication. Every team member is trained to answer any and all questions you may have about your home swimming pool.

Save Big on Variable Speed Pumps

variable speed pumpIf you already own a pool, maybe you’ve heard about variable speed pool pumps. If you are thinking about adding a swimming pool to your home, why not take this time to learn about these pumps?

Every inground pool needs a pump. Single speed pumps are considered “the old standby” in the swimming pool industry. There’s nothing wrong with them. They work fine. Until a few years ago, most inground pools were sold with single speed pumps. Yet, there’s a better option.

Variable speed pumps offer more. These pumps utilize what is known as a permanent magnet motor. Many variable speed pool pumps can be programmed to operate at set speeds to correct the direct flow for each job they perform. Some pumps have built-in constant-flow software. This maximizes the positives of the variable speed pump. A constant-flow pump can sense the resistance being added to the system as the filter collects dirt and other debris.

Come into Brothers Pool this month to find out more about variable speed pumps. Bothers Pool features the new SuperMax VS variable speed pump. These pumps can cut pool energy costs by up to 80 percent. They also include premium features like:

• 24-hour real-time clock
• Easy-to-read display
• Three operating speed settings

Stop by Brothers Pool by July 31st and receive 100 Fun Pass Points with the purchase of a variable speed pump.

What is Hardscaping?

brothers pool hardscapingWant to add a little flash to your yard, garden or patio? Consider hardscaping.

So what is hardscaping? Maybe a better question is, what do you want it to be?

Think of it as a relative of landscaping. Concrete or brick patios with patterns and designs can all be classified under hardscaping.

If landscaping takes care of the softer, more movable parts of the yard, hardscaping deals with the harder, man-made areas of a yard and garden.

Hardscaping projects can be great spring or summer projects. This is often a time when people think about adding something new to a home or yard. A big part of the appeal of hardscaping is how it adds beauty and value to your property. Think about how great a carefully crafted paved stoneway or patio would look near your pool.

Brothers Pool knows a little something about a version of hardscaping. It’s called stamped concrete. It’s a way to add beauty and style to your pool area. Stamped concrete is tremendously versatile. Brothers Pool can use that versatility to design custom walkways, outdoor living areas, pool walkways, front walkways, patios and more.

When you feel like adding a sense of beauty and style to your home, talk to the team at Brothers Pool about stamped concrete.

Get Ready to Save this July 4th

dream maker spasThe Fourth of July is this weekend, time for swimming pools and cookouts as we celebrate the birth of our nation.

It’s also a great time to save on home spas and swimming pool essentials.

Dream Maker home spas are among the most popular home spas on the market today. Dream Maker also offers the Stonehenge Collection of spa filters and filter cartridges. Take advantage of a great Independence Day Special. Great a free DreamWave Audio and Cover Lifter with any Stonehenge Collection Spa purchase through July 5th. Prices start at $2,999.

A custom spa is a great addition to any home. Just because it is summer does not mean you can’t add a new hot tub to your home. If you are considering a custom home spa and have never bought one before, you probably have a few questions.

First, understand that cost should not be the only factor in your hot tub decision. Dream Maker delivers custom spas that will enhance your home without messing up your budget or emptying your bank account.

Brothers Pool is proud to offer Dream Maker spas. Stop into Brothers Pool this weekend and find out about these great deals. It’s a great way to spend your July 4th weekend.


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