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Buying a Home Spa in Connecticut? Consider a Dream Maker

Two people relaxing in a Dream Maker hot tub spa.

If you’re in the market for a hot tub or spa for your Connecticut home, consider a Dream Maker spa from Brothers Pool. Whether you want a new home spa as a cozy 2-person retreat for you and a loved one or as the centerpiece for a gathering of friends, a hot tub offers the ultimate in luxury and relaxation for any homeowner.

In addition to the appeal offered by any quality spa, Dream Makers offer a number of other benefits owing to their unique construction and design. Keep reading to learn more.

“Roto” vs. Conventional Acrylic

While many at-home spas are molded out of acrylic plastic, Dream Maker tubs are rotationally molded out of high-density polyethylene. This offers greater strength and durability, reduced weight (acrylic spas require heavy internal framing), and improved thermal retention to keep heat in the water where it belongs.

Compared to more acrylic spas with wood or resin fillers that are havens for bacterial growth, Dream Maker’s rotomolded spas are also the more sanitary choice.

Health Benefits

Relaxation is about more than just unwinding after a long day. Stress reduction has been proven to provide a number of therapeutic health benefits including increased blood flow and immune response. Regular hydrotherapy in a home spa provides heat, buoyancy, and massaging sensations that encourage the release of endorphins and improve the body’s natural healing processes.

Dream Maker spas are ergonomically designed to maximize the therapeutic benefits of warm water immersion. If you’re interested in using hydrotherapy to treat your stress, improve sleep, or simply enjoy the health benefits of a relaxing spa experience, a Dream Maker is an incredible place to start. Talk to your doctor or another medical professional to get specific advice.

Accurate Controls

Digital controls in Dream Maker spas ensure that water is always within one degree of your desired temperature – an important measure for comfort and safety alike. In addition, the stainless steel water jets use dual-port spinners and manual pressure controls to create a wholly customized spa experience.

Easy Installation

Unlike some other spas, Dream Maker spas require no special wiring or plumbing to install. Dream Maker hot tubs plug directly into an ordinary 110-volt outlet on its own circuit. To fill the tub, simply use a normal garden hose; draining is as easy as opening the drain valve at the bottom.

In addition to saving you the headache of custom hookups, this also means that your spa can be placed almost anywhere you want. As long as it’s level and the hose can reach, it’s an ideal location for your Dream Maker spa.

Why wait another minute? Call Brothers Pool at (203) 265-5980 or send us an email at to take the first step toward your new Dream Maker spa. With financing available through two companies for those who qualify, there’s nothing stopping you from treating yourself to the best.

Microsilk Hot Tub Accessories: Aging & Beauty Treatment

A woman relaxing in a Marquis hot tub with Microsilk.
If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time and effort taking care of your skin. Sunscreens, lotions, creams, and expensive spa treatments are all more popular than ever thanks to their purported anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Unfortunately, whether or not they work is still open to debate.

If you’re looking for an effective alternative to these anti-aging and skin-softening creams, consider a Marquis® hot tub with a MicroSilk® spa upgrade.

MicroSilk® is an advanced, unique hydrotherapy system that turns your home hot tub into a hydrotherapy spa. The MicroSilk® system oxygenates your hot tub’s water 70% more than normal tap water, using microbubbles small enough to enter your skin’s pores. This carries pure oxygen – a necessary building block of life and a metabolic booster – beneath the skin’s surface, exfoliating, improving hydration, increasing collagen production, and removing toxins in the process.

While normal hot tub bubbles float to the top of the water’s surface and release their heat into the air, MicroSilk® bubbles stay suspended and burst in the water itself. This creates a more consistent water temperature and enhances the hot tub’s sauna effect. The results? Improved circulation, increase opening of the pores, and even cardiovascular benefits.

MicroSilk® baths also cause microscopic anions to be released into the air from dissolving microbubbles. In high concentrations like those released by MicroSilk® microbubbles, anions have therapeutic effects caused by increased serotonin levels in the brain.

How does MicroSilk® work? The MicroSilk® process is created by a water jet system which superficially resembles that of any hot tub. The difference is that the specially-designed MicroSilk® pump takes in ambient air and dissolves it at elevated pressures into the water, creating its unique microbubbles. MicroSilk® jets produce microbubbles at such a high concentration that they form a cloud which surrounds the entire body, removing impurities and hydrating from head to toe.

In a nutshell, MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is a relaxing, non-invasive anti-aging and general skin health treatment that enhances metabolism and cell growth, eases wrinkles and fine lines, increases hydration, cleanses the pores, and more. If you want a way to truly take care of your skin without taking chances on over-the-counter creams or breaking the bank at an expensive day spa, MicroSilk® hydrotherapy is what you’ve been looking for.

To learn more about MicroSilk® hot tubs from Marquis® and take the first step toward getting one for your Connecticut home, contact Brothers Pool in Wallingford by calling (203) 265-5980 or sending an email to

Pool Cover Safety & Savings

pool safety cover

As Labor Day draws near, it’s time for pool owners to think about fall and autumn pool preparation.

This is a great time of year to reflect on the advantages of pool safety covers.

Let’s start with the aspect of safety. A quality pool safety cover is designed to protect small children and pets. Safety should, of course, be paramount when choosing a pool safety cover, so invest in a quality product. Don’t try and go the “cheap” route.

So how do you choose a reliable pool safety cover?

• Consider the type of pool you have. It should go without saying that an in-ground pool cover will probably not work with an above-ground pool. When you are shopping for a pool cover, always keep the phrase “pool covers vary” at the top of your list.
• Size and shape matter. Is your pool oval? Kidney-shaped? Rectangular? Make sure the cover will properly fit your pool.

You also need to understand that there are different types of pool covers as well. Some pool covers are designed to save energy. Nothing wrong there! Swimming pool heating costs can greatly be reduced by using a pool cover. A home swimming pool can lose energy in a variety of ways. Evaporation is near the top of the list. The evaporation rate can vary depending on a pool’s temperature, air temperature and humidity. This is especially important to remember in New England, where early fall weather can be a bit unpredictable. A good pool cover will minimize evaporation and help reduce pool heating costs.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the best pool safety cover for your home swimming pool, talk with the experienced team at Brothers Pool. Every member of the Brothers Pool team is trained to answer every question you have on home swimming pools and swimming pool safety.


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