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The 7 Best Swimming Pool Workout Moves for Staying Fit

An underwater photo of several people jumping into a pool feet-first.There’s a lot to love about owning a backyard swimming pool: it’s great to relax, keeps you cool through the dog days of summer, and makes you the envy of your pool-less friends and neighbors. But one benefit of pool ownership that too-often goes overlooked is how useful a pool can be for staying fit.

Not only is simple swimming one of the best exercises out there (an hour of casual freestyle swimming will burn almost 500 calories for a person who weighs 155 pounds), but there are a lot of other, more targeted exercises you can do in the water as well. Exercising in the water increases resistance to strengthen muscles, while also reducing stress on joints and providing an increased range of motion. All things considered, it’s amazing more people don’t use the pool and their go-to exercise studio!

If you don’t believe us, take a look at this list of our 7 favorite swimming pool workout moves for staying fit and feeling great. Continue reading

How Will Flooding Affect My In-Ground Pool?

A FEMA flood warning sign surrounded by flood waters in Georgia.Extreme weather is becoming more and more common across the United States, including in Connecticut. With extreme weather comes heavy rains, winds, and snowmelts – all of which can lead to flooding. If you’re a Connecticut homeowner, you’re no doubt aware of the risks flooding can pose to your house and yard.

But what about your in-ground swimming pool? It’s full of water anyway, so a little flooding couldn’t hurt, right? Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s take a look at some of the ways flooding can damage your pool, and how to prepare in case flooding becomes likely. Continue reading

How to Lower Your Hot Tub’s Energy Costs

A person's hand writing 'save' on a blackboard.There are few things during a cold Connecticut winter than stepping into a relaxing hot tub or home spa. The vast majority of hot tub owners will tell you without hesitating that the experience of owning one is worth every penny. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no good reason to keep the costs of having one to a minimum, especially during the winter when home heating and other expenses can put a strain on many household budgets.

After the initial purchase costs and regular maintenance, the most significant expense associated with a home hot tub is from the increase in energy usage. If you want to enjoy the experience of owning (and using) a home spa or hot tub while minimizing he effect if has on your wallet, take a look at these tips for lowering your hot tub’s energy costs. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know about Outdoor Fireplaces

An outdoor fireplace.

Via flickr (link)

If you’re a Connecticut homeowner, you take pride in your home and you want to make sure it provides as much joy to you, your family, and friends as possible. That means taking care of the essentials like maintenance, but it also means treating yourself with some home improvements from time to time as well. With Connecticut’s temperate climate, one great addition to any home in the state is an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces help turn your backyard into an open air living room, extending your yard’s usable period into the colder months and adding a beautiful conversation piece. Continue reading


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