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5 Benefits of a Fiberglass Pool

This is the time of year when demand goes up for in-ground pools. Customers who want their pools ready for summer are starting the process now! As you start your own pool process, consider fiberglass as an option. Over the past 10 years, the popularity of fiberglass pools has increased dramatically. If you’re considering taking the plunge on your very own in-ground pool, fiberglass may be the best bet for you.


Benefit #1: Easy Maintenance

For a maintenance routine that won’t make your head spin, consider fiberglass as an option for your in-ground pool. Maintenance requirements are easy to manage when it comes to chemicals and cleaning products, which means you spend less in the long run. Fiberglass pools require very few repairs, as well, making them an incredibly cost-effective option if you’re looking for an in-ground pool.

Benefit #2: They’re Beautiful

Recent technological advancements means fiberglass pools look stunning in your backyard. In the past, white was the only finish available. Today, different color finishes as well as new design innovations means your pool will look unique and inviting. Your brand new fiberglass in-ground pool will be the envy of all the neighbors.


Benefit #3: Durability

Fiberglass pools are designed to withstand all climates, even the crazy weather we have in Connecticut. The flexibility of the fiberglass makes these in-ground pools remarkably durable and resilient whether temperatures outside are hot or cold. When a pool is durable, you’re less likely to pull out your wallet and pay for potentially expensive repairs. Instead, you’re more likely to spend time enjoying your pool with family and friends.  

Benefit #4: Easy Installation

Fiberglass pool molds are created in advance so they can perfectly fit the space that you have in your yard. The process of creating the mold takes about two weeks. It’s delivered directly to your house, and the process of installing the mold in your yard takes much less time than a concrete pool.


Benefit #5: Smooth Surfaces

Pool surfaces are notorious for scraping hands and knees because of the rough texture. That problem is eliminated when you choose a fiberglass in-ground pool. The surface of a fiberglass pool is smooth to the touch, which is a perfect option if you have sensitive skin or young children in and out of your pool.

If you’re considering an in-ground pool for your backyard, let us show you the numerous colors and design options available with a fiberglass pool. Give us a call today!

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How an Aquabot Vacuum will save you buckets of time this year!


Aquabots are a great investment to help you maintain your pool.


We are happy to say over the winter in addition to our service manager Dan, our parts manager Cliff is also certified for repairs by Aquabot, this means faster return time.

OFFER DETAILS: Bring your vacuum in for service and we will wave the diagnostic fee ($20.00 value) and give you 25% off the regular labor fee.  It is recommended that you replace your drive belts every year to prevent loss of use during the swimming season.  Please print out the coupon below and bring it in with you to take advantage of this offer OR show it to us on your phone. 


If you are not on our email list, sign up now!  By doing so, you will be able to take advantage of sales, special offers, pool care tips and special events.

Aquabot robotic pool cleaners are engineered with the *strongest pumps and finest filtration in the industry. They remove more debris and finer particulate to keep pools physically cleaner… substantially reducing the amount of chemicals needed. In addition to saving you time so you can enjoy your pool more, Aquabots are great for helping you save: water, chemicals, and energy.


Save on backwashing. All debris is self-contained in the unit and does not add strain to your filter system. It all adds up to less backwashing and meaningful savings.


Better water circulation with the finest filtration in the industry (down to 2 microns) help you save up to 30% on your total chemical usage (actual savings rates may vary based on cleaner type, pool size and usage)


Aquabots cleaning cycle costs about 5cents per hour, saving you almost 40% on your pool electric usage

*more efficient than a standard main pool filtration system
† 93% more efficient than a standard main pool filtration systems

An Aquabot will also save you something that you can’t put a price tag on… Time.

By using an Aquabot robotic pool cleaner, you can gain time back to enjoy your pool instead of worrying about it. You can spend more time with family, friends or even just some quiet time poolside relaxing.

We look forward to seeing you in our showroom to learn more about our Aquabot Vacuums or get yours repaired early to save 25% with this preseason special!


Start Thinking About Summer: Preschedule Your Pool Project

Summer will be here before we know it, so now is the time to start thinking about that pool project you’ve been dreaming of. If you want to have your in-ground pool ready to use by summer, get started on this checklist today.


Write Your Wish List

Most people have been dreaming of that perfect in-ground pool for years. Now is the time to get those thoughts and ideas out on paper. Research the latest technology and see what options are available that you didn’t know about. It’s the perfect time to dream big, so put all your thoughts out there.

Make an Idea Book

It’s natural to have ideas about the pool you want, but not be able to vividly describe them. It’s okay! Take some time to put together visuals to show your pool specialist. You can print out some of your favorite photos, cut pictures out of magazines, or even compile digital photos in a Google Drive or on Pinterest. Showing your builder the style of pool you want will help both of you know that you’re on the same page.

Research Your Investment

An in-ground swimming pool is an investment; you want to make sure you purchase the product that works best for you. Just like you would research information about a new car purchase, take some time to look into different options for pools. Would a concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass pool be best for you? What type of filtering system are you interested in? Do you want any artistic finishing touches? Doing a little research will help you and your builder communicate effectively and efficiently throughout the entire process.


Determine Your Pool Shape

A rectangular pool is perfect if you want a timeless, classic look; however, that’s not the only option when it comes to pool shapes. Free-form swimming pools or those shaped like a kidney are a great way to enhance your landscaping so the pool looks and feels more natural. Waterfalls and grottos look beautiful on free-form and kidney shaped pools, but they can also work well if you opt for a more traditional rectangle. No matter the shape you choose, make sure it matches the design you want to achieve and the function you need for your family.  

Determine the Function of Your Pool

Why are you installing an in-ground pool? Is it for entertaining? For your kids? An architectural statement? A place to relax? A fitness option? Knowing what you expect to achieve from your swimming pool will help you determine the kind of features you want in your pool. For example, a swimming pool for young families might include a wading area. On the other hand, a pool that helps you relax might include a dynamic water feature or lighting. You’ll be your builder’s best friend when you let him know exactly what you want.

Discover Your Pool Season

Connecticut has all four seasons, so there will be times of year when it’s too cold for you to operate your pool. However, you can choose add-ons like enclosures or heaters that will help you prolong your pool season every year.

Set the Budget

This is when you have to look at your wish list and decide what’s important and what’s not. Your pool specialist will help you get a sense of what your project will cost, and you can adjust your plans accordingly. Make sure to ask about long-term maintenance and chemical costs so you can factor that into your budget. Call your insurance agent as well to find out if owning a pool will affect your insurance policy.


Check Local Building Codes

Your pool specialist will help you with this, but it’s a good idea for you to know the codes yourself. Building permits, restrictions, and property tax concerns should also be checked out when you want to install an in-ground pool. Above and beyond the required safety codes, consider the type of measures you want to take for your family. Child-proof locks and alarms are options.

Consider Your Landscaping

Your pool will be the focal point of your yard; consider the type of landscaping you choose to be around it. You don’t want messy trees (sycamores, gums, and pecans) or trees with shallow roots (birches, cypress, oak) near your pool. Instead, opt for perennial bushes that don’t grow as tall and are easy to move if you ever need to relocate them.

Plan Your First Party

Invite your friends and family over to enjoy your new pool! Make sure you have toys, games, floats, and patio furniture so your guests of all ages can have a good time. Pull out the grill and enjoy the summer evening you dreamed about all throughout the planning process.

We’re excited to help you get started on your journey to create a backyard oasis. Give us a call today so we can have your pool ready by summer.

10 Ways Owning a Pool Will Change Your Life in 2016

There are numerous advantages to having your own pool. Whether you go with above ground or in ground pool or swim spa, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the perks of swimming pool ownership. If you’re still on the fence wondering if a swimming pool is right for you, consider these ten ways that owning a pool or swim spa will change your life this year.


1. Everyone Sleeps Better (Including the Kids)

When you spend part of your day in a swimming pool, you’ll sleep better at night. Whether you are swimming, exercising, or just playing in the pool, you will fall asleep faster and sleep deeper. Do you have difficulty getting your children to bed on time? Consider a swimming pool to tire them out, and they may start asking you when it’s time to go to bed!

2. Be the Hangout House

Installing a swimming pool in your home means that your house will be the place to be. From church groups and community activities to your kids’ friends, your house will be the hot spot where everyone wants to hang out.

3. Enjoy a Vacation Without Leaving Town

“Staycation” is a trending word that means you stay at home while you’re on vacation. When you have the luxury of a swimming pool right at your fingertips, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars for your time off to feel like you’re at a resort. Eat at your favorite restaurants, enjoy your favorite local attractions, and spend lots of time in your own pool to save money and enjoy a great time!


4. Fitness at your Fingertips

The fitness component of a swimming pool is a selling feature for many adults, but they often don’t realize that kids need that kind of exercise too. Instead of filling their time off with snacks and video games, kids and adults alike look forward to time spent in the pool! If you’re looking to establish a lifetime habit of physical activity, a swimming pool is your best bet.

5. Enjoy the Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

Time spent in a swimming pool is good for your cardiovascular system, but swimming pools have healing properties that work on other parts of your body too. Aquatic therapy is often used as a pain management technique. Swimming pool owners who struggle with joint pain or certain issues like fibromyalgia and cerebral palsy can experience tremendous relief by regularly using a swimming pool.

6. Increase the Value of Your Home

According to the National Association of Realtors, in ground fiberglass and concrete pools increase home values by about 5%. That means if you have a $500,000 home, you’re swimming pool will add $25,000 in value. This isn’t always the case, but it’s certainly an added perk.


7. Better (and More) Family Time  

If you’re looking to pull every member of your family a little bit closer, consider installing a swimming pool. In this information age, family members young and old are distracted by the latest and greatest technology. One of the greatest things about swimming pool ownership is that there are no distractions. Your teenager won’t be surfing social media when she’s in the pool. Instead, she will be full of smiles, games, and laughter as she enjoys time with family.

8. You Know How Clean It Is

You can afford many trips to the water park for what you pay to install a swimming pool in your yard. However, you cannot guarantee that the water you and your family are swimming in is clean and safe. Illnesses ranging from E.coli to athlete’s foot are common in any wet environment. Even worse, the Centers for Disease Control found that 58% of public pools contain fecal matter. The swimming pool in your backyard will have less traffic (and we know you’re committed to keeping it clean), so it’s far less likely that your pool will be a cesspool of germs.

9. See More of the Grandchildren

Time spent with grandchildren is truly wonderful. When you own your own swimming pool, there’s always a reason to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. In fact, you’ll not only get to spend time with your grandchildren, but you’ll also be a favorite hangout for their friends too. Spending time around a pool is a great way to make these precious bonds even stronger.

10. Relieve Your Stress

A relaxing dip in your swimming pool is it good investment in your family, but it’s also a good investment for your mental health. Being in and around water is known as one of the most natural ways to relieve stress. It’s a tactic used in cultures across the world. If you are trying to be a better version of yourself, taking time to relax and de-stress should be a top priority. And when you use a swimming pool, you’ll quickly find that the stress and worry simply washes away.

No matter your budget or your lifestyle, our team is here to help you increase your quality of life when you install a pool. Give us a call today and let’s see if we can find something that’s perfect for you and your family.


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