If you live in the United States, you’ll move 12 times in your lifetime. At least that’s what the U.S. Census Bureau estimates for the average American. Most of us associate moving with packing and asking the question: what can come with us? When it comes to your hot tub, that question becomes a little easier to answer with a Dream Maker spa.


When moving, heavier items are always the most dreaded ones to maneuver. Did you know that an average three-seated couch weighs approximately 350 pounds? The lightest hot tub from Dream Maker Spas, the 2-person Fantasy Spa, only weighs 270 pounds, making it a lot easier to move than your old sofa! In fact, we have four other models that all weigh less than that couch: the EZ Spa, EZL Spa, Big EZ, and Odyssey. Our entire line of spa models including the six-person Crossover 730L is designed to weigh hundreds — or even thousands — of pounds less than traditional acrylic or fiberglass hot tubs.


In the world of hot tubs “Portable” covers a broad and sometimes confusing category. Any hot tub that is self-contained (meaning everything needed to operate the hot tub is housed within the spa itself) is considered portable.

The catch is that many of these “portable” hot tubs are so heavy that they require heavy equipment and possibly a crane to move. Truly portable hot tubs from Dream Maker Spas are easy to move with just two adults and the help of a hand truck or moving dolly. This translates to a lot of savings when it comes to moving costs — just imagine the cost of a crane compared to the help of a friend. What’s more, Dream Maker Spas can fit on a flatbed truck or in a moving truck.

Finding a Place in your New Home

Finding a place for your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas will be easy. Because of their simple fill and plug design, you won’t need an electrician or plumber to set up your hot tub after you move. Just place your spa on an approved surface near an electrical outlet, fill with water, plug in, and enjoy!

We’ve even seen Dream Maker Spas enjoyed on balconies. Remember that it’s important to have a site inspection of your balcony to ensure that it can support the weight of the spa plus water along with the weight of the spa users.

When considering how easy it is to transport your hot tub from Dream Maker Spas, it only makes sense to bring it with you during your next move.

Information provided by Dream Maker Spas – Makers of the best and most popular lightweight spas on the market today. Dream Maker Spas are available through Brothers Pools. Call us today and find out more!



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