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Your Hot Tub Warranty Is Only As Good As Your Service Provider

When people race to buy hot tubs at the lowest price they can find online, they often think they got a great deal — until something goes wrong.

Spas sold by a reputable professional come with a promise, and that promise is a hot tub warranty.

Marquis Spas

Take the Marquis Owner Protection Plan, for example. One of the most comprehensive warranties in the entire industry, the plan is a promise that the spa you purchase will function as it’s designed to function reliably and without defects.

When it comes to registering your warranty, your choice of dealer matters. You have to trust your dealer to service your tub as much as you trust the manufacturer that made it. Your warranty is only as good as the pool professional who answers the warranty call.

Marquis is a fantastic company, but they have no control over whether or not the service provider shows up on time, treats you fairly and works with integrity and experience — that’s up to the company that registers the warranty. Is the company you register with even going to be in business in 10 years to answer the call?

We will be.

We’re a family company that’s four generation strong. We trade on our reputation. We’re open all year round and we have a fleet of service trucks, so we can get to you fast.

You made a good choice by choosing a Marquis spa, but back it up by registering your warranty with a company whose service is good enough for your tub.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy in Marquis Hot Tubs

Marquis spas lead the industry in hot tub hydrotherapy, specifically because of its High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zones. It’s one reason we recommend a test soak before you buy, because you can feel the difference between our products and what you’ll find at other stores.

Jets, Jets, Jets

The high-flow, low pressure jetting systems on Marquis hot tubs are the perfect balance of therapy and relaxation. The jets drive heat deep into your muscles without blasting you out of the hot tub. The result is relief without pressure. It’s not only about the number of jets; it’s how they work. You have control over the intensity and direction of the jets so you can focus them exactly where you need them. The footwell therapy system addresses your achy feet and calves while other jets gently massage your neck, shoulders, arms, back, thighs, and even wrists. Plus, dual-speed pumps allow you to choose a soothing slow-speed, invigorating high-speed, or a peaceful soak massage.

Zone Controls

The Marquis Therapy System features the industry’s most sophisticated configuration of zone controls. 3-2-1 Zone Control is the umbrella system for our spas, and many models have Tri-Zone valves that let you control flow into three separate zones. Zone in on your upper-body, then zone to your mid-body, and finish up with the lower-body to massage your aching feet. This revolutionary system is worthy of a test soak today! Other models feature Dual Zone valves or Single Zone flow, which diverts the flow to two or one zone respectively. The design and alignment of these zones system provide flexibility and targeting so you can enjoy a superior hydrotherapy experience.

H.O.T. Zone Jets

Smaller jets allow them to be clustered to provide concentrated, penetrating massage to shoulder, lumbar, pillar and foot zones. Plus, you won’t find another spa that offers therapy to your interior muscles in the front of your body. The High Output Therapy (H.O.T.) Zone pillar jets allow you to isolate areas such as your chest, arms and front of thighs to bring relief to those muscle groups. You can really feel the difference this small jet delivers – bigger isn’t always better.

Schedule Your Test Soak

You can see and feel the hydrotherapy difference when you sit in a Marquis hot tub, which is why we want all of our clients to schedule a test soak. Try one of our Marquis spas and you’ll experience the hot tub hydrotherapy you’ve always wanted.

Backyard Fire Pit Inspiration

There was a time when a backyard fire pit was just a metal ring and a stack of wood. Not anymore! You can create a fire pit that reflects your personality and complements your landscaping. Our team can work with you to help determine the type and style of fire pit that would work best for you. Consider these ideas for inspiration.


Fire & Water

Poolside fire pits can be as simple as a raised area, or you could go for a dramatic flare with cauldrons placed around the perimeter. Love the campfire feel? Consider adding a fire pit in the middle of your hot tub so it sits slightly above the water level.

Rustic & Wood Burning

Brick or stone fire pits with mortar always create a classy look that work well with almost any decor. Combine it with log furniture for the classic fire pit look that’s been turned up a couple of notches. Brick or stone combined with wood is always a great look.

Intimate Gathering Area

Install a fire pit away from the pool to create a secluded, gathering area. Tall plants around the perimeter will help keep conversation intimate.

Sunken Fire Pit

A sunken fire pit surrounded by a swimming pool is a great way to bring swimmers and non-swimmers together for some campfire conversation. Lower the level of the seating area so the fire pit feels secluded, and so guests have a place to set their drinks around the pool.

Natural Gas Grill

Combine the best of both worlds by adding grill grates to a natural gas or propane fire pit. It’s a great way to turn your outdoor fire into a cooking space. It’s a great way to give your backyard an area where friends and family can gather.

Your Own Inspiration

Do you have your own ideas for a backyard fire pit? Find inspiration on our website and stop by for a consultation. We’re thrilled to help you create the backyard you’ve always dreamed of. When done right, there’s no limit to the creativity you can express through your backyard fire pit.

The Best Tailgating Recipes for Kamado Joe

There’s always a reason to celebrate, so bring out your Kamado Joe and enjoy some great tailgate party recipes. We’ve scoured the Internet and found some tailgating recipes that are sure to be your favorites, too.

White Pizza

It’s pizza, with a twist! Game day will be even better when you serve up a Kamado Joe White Pizza with your favorite toppings.

Texas Style Brisket

If you want to bring a brisket to the game with a BIG and BOLD feel, try out this TEXAS STYLE beef brisket with a salt and pepper rub next time you fire up your Kamado Joe Grill!


It’s time to pull out your pizza stone and build this amazing Stromboli! This recipe is easy, fun, and can be used as a game day appetizer. Give it a whirl!

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Check out this super outstanding Monte Cristo sandwich recipe on your Joe!

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

Here’s a new spin on a great side dish. Everyone loves smoked macaroni and cheese, so here’s a recipe kicked up to the next level with the addition of some hot sauce, BBQ rub and bread crumbs on top!



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