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Stylish Hot Tub Accessories

When you create your backyard oasis, you certainly want it to look stylish, especially if you like to entertain frequently. So we thought we’d make some recommendations for hot tub accessories that are both functional and appealing.



Cover Lifter

When it comes to functionality, a cover lifter is a must. And it certainly makes you look more smooth when you use it to get your hot tub cover off quickly and easily – as opposed to straining to get it off the hot tub without a lifter to help (that generally can’t be constituted as smooth in any sense of the word). You get the added bonus of a cover lifter stowing the cover away, off to the side of the hot tub so that it’s not an unsightly eye sore when your Marquis Spa is in use.


In case you didn’t already know with your own hot tub in place, most are about three feet off the ground, which means that steps are probably nice to have available for use. Want to make sure it looks good? Then be certain what you purchase is made from all-weather outdoor material so it stands the test of time and weather. You can also look for steps with cabinetry for extra storage, or even a sound system installed within.

A Deck

Another stylish “accessory” for your hot tub would be surrounding it with a beautiful wooden deck (complete with stairs, of course) to expand your entertaining space, adding outdoor furniture, games and maybe even a little bar or mini fridge for drinks. Nice landscaping can also add some visual appeal.  Fortunately, the hot tubs we offer at Brothers Pool have a variety of eye-catching designs that fit into the overall design of your backyard well. Give us a call or come by our showroom to see for yourself.

Are Salt Sanitizing Systems Good for Hot Tubs?

As our society moves toward a more health conscious mentality, many pool owners are opting for salt sanitizing systems because it’s a more natural process of sanitizing chemical creation for their pool. Additionally, salt systems make maintenance easier because you don’t have to spend as much time testing the water and adding chemicals to balance it out.


Since salt sanitizers have such great reviews from pool owners, many hot tub owners (like yourself) are considering salt systems for their hot tubs as well. However, there are a few very important factors you should be aware of before making this transition.

First of all, pools and hot tubs are not the same. Consider the following:

  • Hot tubs are typically 400 gallons, which is significantly smaller than a swimming pool.
  • Swimming pools are typically cooler water (approximately 70-80°F) than hot tubs (typically 104°F).
  • Hot tubs have covers, which traps the chemicals and keeps UV light out.
  • Hot tubs have metal components (such as the heater).
  • The amount of people per cubic foot of water is much more condensed in a hot tub than in a pool.

As you can imagine, pool and hot tub water maintenance is not the same due to all of these factors. First of all, a smaller amount of water in a hot tub means a smaller amount of sanitizer is necessary. Marquis Spas and most other hot tubs have ozone generators, which decrease the amount of chemicals necessary even further.

A salt system in a hot tub may not produce enough sanitizing chemicals when bathers are in the hot tub because the elements they bring into the water consume the sanitation chemicals already there, and a salt generator may not be able to keep up with the need while bathers are present (in fact, some salt system manufacturers state that you may have to add chemicals anyway).

Alternatively, left running, a salt system may produce too many chemicals when a hot tub is not in use regularly, because the cover seals the chemicals inside, thus causing them to continue to multiply without venting. This can corrode exposed metal, since sodium is a by-product of a salt system. Additionally, if reducing hot tub maintenance is a motivator for switching, it’s important to know that salt systems in a hot tub require quite a bit of maintenance too in order to keep the sodium build-up from causing problems.

Brothers Pools believes that the best option for a hot tub system is smaller, controlled doses of bromine or chlorine, an ozone generator and possibly minerals to soften the water.

A Colorful Pool Brings Vibrancy to your Yard

Your backyard oasis doesn’t have to be drab and boring. While natural hues are fitting to the environment, sometimes pops of color can make your space more tranquil because it’s all your own. After all, color design are how we showcase our own personalities in our home. Whether you’re renovating your current pool or looking to build, you can design your new colorful pool in a number of ways.


Bright Colorful Pool Accents

A great way to infuse color into your backyard designs is by placing bright color accents against natural color tones, which is easily incorporated whether you have a Viking in-ground pool or are using a Doughboy above ground pool. For example, if you’re going with the traditional blue color for your pool structure, then orange or yellow are great accent colors that will stand out well in any season. Implement one (or both) of these colors in the cushions for your outdoor furniture, flowers for the accenting flower beds, and decorative items such as paver stones or outdoor lights.

Really, any accent color that fits your personality and preferences will due, whether that’s orange, teal, red or even purple. However, green is probably a color you want to avoid for spring and summer because it blends with the grass and the trees, which means it won’t stand out much against those natural backgrounds.

Color the Water

As you build or renovate your pool, consider adding colored lights. You can get some that float, sure, installed accent lighting around the rim of the pool will look beautiful. Much like the soft light in a diffuser, the colored light dispersing through the water molecules brings a soothing and relaxing element to any night-swim experience.

For an in-ground pool, you can also get a little variety in your walkway concrete around the pool by adding color. In most cases, you’re looking more at natural hues, but there are also concrete stains available with a slightly broader color palette. Both acid wash and water-based stains are available and include reds, blues and yellows among them.

While the easiest way to add color to your pool design is through accents, here at Brothers Pool we’re happy to help you incorporate color in a variety of ways to make the space your own.

Kamado Joe Recipes That Will Make Your Valentine’s Day

Looking for a way to impress your girl on Valentine’s Day? Or to show your guy that you know the way to his heart starts with a full stomach and happy palette? Why not keep your Valentine’s celebration private and romantic, with a candlelight dinner prepared on your fancy Kamado Joe? Consider one of these impressive Kamado Joe recipes; they may require a little extra prep time, but the effort is just as important as the taste:


Paella – This seafood dish requires a two to three hour simmer to create fish stock before getting started with the rest of the dish, but it adds so much flavor. You’ll need a diffuser plate with your Kamado with this recipe.

Bleu Cheese Filet Mignon with Tequila Scallops – The two hour tequila marinade is well worth the prep on this fancy surf and turf dish. And that seared flavor from the Kamado grill can make anyone’s taste buds sing.

Honey Soy Cedar Planked Salmon – Adding the flavor that comes from a cedar plank on the grill makes this a salmon dish you’ll have to make again and again.

Brown Sugar and Bourbon Salmon with Crushed Crab Potatoes – The seafood dishes keep coming, but seafood and a romantic meal tend to go hand-in-hand. The special twist of crab in the potatoes will make you look more like a skilled chef!

Scallop Filled Chicken Breast – Wow! Even the presentation on this dish should leave the one you love in awe, not to mention the flavor! A quick and easy dish, this spin on chicken cordon bleu is sure to impress.

You can turn any dish on the Kamado into something romantic. If pizza is his favorite or mac’n’cheese is hers, then do it KJ style! That pizza will taste fire grilled for sure! Of course, we recommend steering clear of ribs or something of the like because the last thing you want is to get barbecue sauce all over your face, hands and fancy shirt for a special Valentine’s date. Then again, maybe we’re wrong!


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