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Tackle Pain with Hydrotherapy

Throughout history, people have recognized the healing power of soaking in soothing, warm water. Just look at examples from ancient Rome and Japan, and even some Native American cultures. Then, people could trek for miles to natural hot springs or elaborate man-made structures in an attempt to relieve their discomfort. Today, you can enjoy the effective pain relief of hydrotherapy in your very own hot tub, right outside your own back door.

hot tub water

How does it work?

Warm water has the same soothing effect of a heating pad on a sore muscle. But when you’re submerged in a hot tub, the warmth surrounds your entire body and loosens muscle tightness everywhere.

But it’s the jets that really make things interesting.

Most hot tubs are designed with strategically placed jets to massage your muscles in key locations – usually your feet, back and legs. Some spas, however, include jets that allow you to customize your experience, and your relief.

Dream Maker Spas include adjustable jets in arrangements designed to pinpoint muscle groups that commonly hold pain and discomfort. Marquis Spas include technologically advanced jet systems and High-Output Therapy Massage Zones to target pain hot-spots. Both combine these ultimate jet systems with adjustable water temperatures so you can achieve the combination of heat and massage that is perfect for you.

The heat of the water also dilates your blood vessels, increasing your blood flow and delivering oxygen and enzymes to your aching muscles and joints.

The end result? Reduced pain.

Finally, studies have shown that using a hot tub for about 20 minutes, about 90 minutes before you go to bed, can help you get a better night’s sleep. And scientists believe that getting more sleep – aim for a full 8 hours – can reduce inflammation in your body, which may reduce pain.

So if you suffer from pain – whether you overdid your weekend bike ride, or it’s something more chronic – a hot tub may provide some relief. Plus, it just feels great!

Cook it all This Easter on Your Kamado Joe

What’s the Easter bunny bringing you this year? If you’re lucky, along with a few candy-filled eggs and chocolate bunnies, you might find a new Kamado Joe grill on your patio. And that opens up a whole new world of possibilities for your family’s Easter dinner.

Asian-style grills have been around for hundreds of years. The Kamado Joe modernizes that ancient, tried-and-true cooking method with quality craftsmanship, plus accessories and cooking surfaces that make it more flexible than ever. Try this menu to make Easter dinner from start to finish on your new Kamado Joe!

Start the day with breakfast – Bjorn’s Cinnamon Rolls are the perfect choice, and after the dough rises they only take about 20 minutes to bake.

Or, if you’re looking for something that can be ready a little more quickly, try Blueberry Bread Pudding. It’s delicious!

For dinner, try a twist on the traditional Easter ham with the Kamado Joe Double-Smoked Ham.

Or, for something a little different serve the family Restaurant-Style Prime Rib.

Don’t forget that, thanks to the flexibility of the Kamado Joe, you can prepare side dishes on your grill, too. For Easter, Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts are a great choice.  

So are Hasselback Potatoes and Smoked Onions . These have Gruyere cheese – yummy! 

Make sure everyone saves room for dessert, because your Kamado Joe isn’t done yet! Did you know you can actually bake a cheesecake in your grill? This recipe comes together quickly, and bakes in about an hour at 350. Once it cools, top it with whatever you’d like. Or, create a cheesecake bar and let your family create their favorite slice. Set out strawberries, blueberries, chocolate – whatever your family prefers.

This Easter, use your Kamado Joe to create an Easter meal your family will never forget!

How to Spend Your Extra Hour of Daylight

Marquis Spa

Marquis Spa

On Sunday, March 12, you receive a gift. Daylight Savings Time! Yes, you lose an hour of sleep, but you get an extra hour of daylight! No more coming home from work in the dark. No more feeling tired in the evenings because it gets dark so early. So, celebrate! After all, it means summertime fun is just around the corner. What will you do with your extra hour of daylight this year? We have some suggestions …

Enjoy a hobby.

Do you like to cook? Spend a little time making a special dish for your family on your Kamado Joe Grill. If you’re an early riser, make a Breakfast Frittata. This recipe calls for bacon, bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomato, and parmesan cheese, but feel free to substitute your favorite ingredients.

If lunch or dinner is more your speed, how about Jalapeno Popper Chicken? It’s unique and delicious.

Enjoy a workout.

If fitness is your thing, spend some time in your Marquis Spas Swim Spa. The Aquatic Training Vessels line is designed with extra space so you can swim, do aerobic exercise, or perform seated resistance/strength exercises without accidentally kicking or banging into the walls. Plus, the four-foot depth and open, level, textured floor gives you more stable footing during your aerobic workouts.

Maybe you prefer a different type of workout in the great outdoors, take a hike or bike ride with the family. Search out a new route and take in some new sites together. Then, when you get back …

Enjoy some relaxation.

Unwind in your hot tub.  A soothing water massage feels great anytime but is especially relaxing following a workout. Let the warm water and powerful jets ease away your aches and your stress.

This year, live that extra hour of daylight to the fullest. Whether you spend it on yourself or on those you love, there are so many things you can do with that gift!

Four Fun Ways to Invest Your Tax Return

Each year, it’s like a little gift – your tax return. The internet is full of suggestions for what you should do with it, like save it for a rainy day or pay down some debt. Those are perfectly fine suggestions, but it’s OK to have some fun with it, too. May we suggest …

Fire Pits

A fire pit can extend your outdoor enjoyment into the early spring and late fall, while providing a fun gathering place for the entire family. You’ll be surprised at the variety of styles that are available, from classic wicker and wood-bases to ultra-modern styles.

Outdoor Furniture

Round out your fire pit area with a new set of quality outdoor furniture. This isn’t the cheap stuff that only lasts a season or two. Furniture like this is an investment and will last your family for years. From Adirondack styles to comfy couches and dining sets, choose a set that matches your style to complete your outdoor living space.

Hot Tubs

There’s really nothing like having your own hot tub to enjoy anytime you want. If you’re new to hot tub ownership, Dream Maker Spas are a great place to start. Engineered to be easy-to-use and maintain, affordable, and simple to install, the Dream Maker line includes models that seat up to 6 people, so there’s sure to be one that will fit your home.

Above Ground Pools

If you really want to bring the family together, use your tax refund toward a new backyard pool and enjoy hours of active fun in the sun. Above ground pools come in round and oval shapes in a variety of sizes. We can help you choose the pool that will best fit your needs, your yard, and your budget.

This year, consider doing something a little different with your tax refund. Invest in something you and your family will enjoy for years to come.


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