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Pool & Spa Service Packages Save You Time

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When you own a pool, you want to spend as much time as possible enjoying it, not maintaining it. We offer several service packages to make owning and maintaining your pool as easy as possible.

Pool Openings

Whether you own an in-ground or above ground pool, opening it for the season can be time consuming. If you haven’t found the time yet this year, give us a call. (Or if you’ve already put in the work but you’re telling yourself “Never Again!” remember us next spring.) Our pool opening service includes:

  • Folding and storing your winter cover
  • Assembling and starting your filtration system
  • Installing handrails and ladder
  • Removing winter plugs and installing eyeball fittings.

For an additional fee, we can also clean the pool, clean the salt generator, clean the heater and more. Get the full details on our pool cleaning service here.

Pool Cleaning

We offer Spring Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning and Bi-Weekly Cleaning services. Our weekly cleaning includes:

  • Emptying skimmer baskets and skimming pool surface
  • Brushing walls and bottom of pool
  • Vacuuming pool
  • Filter maintenance
  • Chemicals

Spring cleaning services include weekly cleaning services plus killing and treating algae, scooping out leaves and clearing cloudy water.

Water Testing

Bring in a pool or spa water sample and we’ll quickly analyze it so you know exactly what chemical solution you need to add. We store your water test results in your Brothers Pool history.

Service Calls

Brothers Pool services all in-ground and above ground pools, and spas. We can assess your equipment and let you know what needs to be repaired or replaced. We stock a full list of parts from all major pool and spa manufacturers, and can order anything we don’t happen to have in stock.

We also offer in-store service on Aquabot automatic vacuum cleaners.

Pool Closing

When the season is over, let us close your pool down for you. Our pool closing service includes:

  • Blowing out and winterizing service lines
  • Installing winter plugs
  • Winterizing filtration system and heater
  • Removing handrails and ladder
  • Installing winter cover

For an additional fee, other services are available. Please review our Pool Closing page for details.

Do you need a new pool liner?

If you have a pool with a vinyl liner, eventually it will need to be replaced. It’s just a simple fact of pool ownership. With proper care and maintenance, today’s vinyl liners last about 10, maybe even 15 years and many won’t show any wear at all over this time. But eventually the sun’s rays and pool chemicals take a toll, causing the vinyl to begin to deteriorate.

Liner replacement is an investment, so it’s smart to know what signs to watch for.


Quality, modern liners typically resist stains and fading, but with constant exposure to sunlight and chemicals some fading must be expected. Severe fading, though, is a sign that the vinyl is beginning to deteriorate. Shortly it will become brittle, and brittle vinyl cracks, then leaks.

Cracking and Water Loss

If there are cracks or tears anywhere in your pool liner, you can pretty safely assume your pool is leaking water. If you only have one or two small cracks or tears you can attempt to patch them to postpone liner replacement, but if there are cracks and tears in several places, you likely have leaks in several places as well.

If you don’t replace the liner and allow the leaks to continue, the water could eventually wash out the backfill that supports your pool, corrode the pool walls and cause other damage. Trust us – that’s a MUCH more expensive repair than a new liner!

Slipping, Stretching and Wrinkling

As liners age they lose some elasticity. In this situation it’s common for the liner to slip out of the track along the top edge of the pool, and for fittings around the pump and skimmer to become loose. The sagging liner allows water to slip beneath it, causing wrinkles. Once liners reach this point they can’t be repaired.

We offer quality replacement liners with extra layers of thickness and more than 30 beautiful designs. If you have questions about liners for in-ground or above ground pools, give us a call.


Pool Remodel – Make it a Smooth Process


Your swimming pool has seen better days. In fact, your backyard overall could use some work. We realize that a backyard remodel, especially including a swimming pool, can be quite the commitment. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process go a little smoother so that you will be enjoying your backyard oasis sooner, rather than later.


Sooner Rather Than Later

Contacting us to start the remodel process now means that you will still have time to enjoy your swimming pool before summer is out. The earlier we get started the better, because we will not be dividing our time among as many customers as we do later in the season. Additionally, working on the remodel now means you’ll be enjoying sunshine and splashes in your own backyard.


Tell Us About It

Another way to make sure that your remodel goes smoothly is to clearly communicate your desires and expectations for the finished product. Whomever you hire to do your remodel, you need to ask them to show you design sketches and discuss all options until you come to an agreed-upon plan of action.


Additionally, you need to be open to changes and willing to compromise on a few things, simply to accommodate the layout of your backyard as well as available materials. You may find that your budget does not lend to luxurious waterfall features you were hoping for with your pool, but your contractor may be able to suggest other water features that will look nice and fit within your budget constraints.


Know How You’ll Fund It

Another element for a smooth backyard remodel is to make sure that your funds for the project are in order so that there are no delays. Whether that means saving up for the entire process ahead of time, saving up for a down payment, financing the entire project, or another payment strategy, funding needs to be ready and established before the shovel hits the ground. We have financing available if you need it and are happy to discuss how that works.


Brothers Pool would be honored to work with you to create an updated and luxurious backyard swimming pool oasis for you and your family. Give us a call or come by the showroom to discuss options and get started!

Build the Ultimate Father’s Day Grilling Package


Dads love to grill. It’s a fundamental fact of life. So this Father’s Day, give the dad in your life the ultimate grilling package. Just begin with the best grill on the market today – the Kamado Joe.

What makes the Kamado Joe so special?

These ancient, Asian-style grills have thick walls and controlled air flow that allow for unparalleled temperature control. The multi-level, half-rack design means you can cook a variety of foods at different temperatures at the same time. You’ve never seen this level of versatility in a grill before.

Classic 18 or Big Joe 24

The Classic 18 is the original Kamado Joe. It’s plenty big, with room for 10-12 chicken breasts at a time. If the dad in your life likes to cook for an even bigger crowd, the Big Joe 24 may be just what you need – it can handle 3 racks of ribs at once! Both models come with a heavy-duty rolling cart, so he can easily position his grill wherever he’d like.

Stand Alone

Available in the Classic 18 or Big Joe 24 size, the Stand Alone is meant to be integrated into a custom outdoor kitchen or one of our grilling tables. It’s perfect for a more permanent set-up.

Joe Jr.

Have a dad who’s on-the-go? The Joe Jr. is a portable Kamado Joe that’s just right for camping, tailgates, picnics, you name it.


Once you’ve selected the perfect grill, be sure to choose the right accessories to complete the package.

Kamado Joes work best with all-natural chunk charcoal that burns long and clean, so be sure to include that.

Add some smoking wood – Kamado offers apple, maple, oak, hickory, pecan and cherry – after all, the Kamado is a smoker, too.

To truly get the most from the Kamado, you’ll need a variety of cooking surfaces. Grates, griddles, a laser-cut stainless that’s perfect for veggies and fish, and more are available. There’s even a pizza stone, a chicken stand and a wok. (Yes, really! We told you the Kamado was versatile.)

Add some of his favorite sauces and seasonings, and you’ve just created the ultimate grilling/smoking/baking package for a Father’s Day that he’ll never forget.


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