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Beat the Rush – Plan Your Pool Project Now!

Now is the time to start planning your pool project. Once the temperatures start to consistently increase, we start getting an influx of telephone calls, emails and showroom drop-bys. They’re all ready to plan their designs for above ground pools for the upcoming season. Things start to get very busy for us at Brothers Pool around the beginning of May, with our schedule nearly full.

Now is the time to start the swimming pool design process so that you can beat the rush and have your pool ready to go early!

When Does Swimming Season Start?

Generally speaking, the official pool season starts around Memorial Day in late May each year. However, warmer temperatures each season mean that swimming pool projects are starting earlier and earlier so that they are ready as soon as it’s warm enough to swim. Of course, you can add in swimming pool accessories like a heater to extend your swimming season!

What About Pool Maintenance?

One of the most common reasons we see customers who want a pool delay on the design is because they just don’t want to keep up with the pool maintenance. They know that once the swimming pool installation happens, they’ve got to be on top of the maintenance.

Brothers Pool to the rescue again! We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that does all the necessary things to keep your swimming pool sparkling. We also offer pool opening and closing services each season!

You have no excuses – there’s no reason for delay! If you’re ready and determined that you want a swimming pool installation done in time for the summer, then don’t wait any longer. Get ahead of the crowd. The neighbors will be jealous that your pool is ready to go long before theirs!

3 Reasons to Schedule a Wet Test

Would you buy a new mattress without trying out a few different models in the store? Lying down on them, seeing what’s comfortable, what best fits you?

Would you buy a new car without taking different models for a spin? Evaluating what seats are most comfortable, where the blind spots are, horsepower, safety systems, even the stereo?

Of course not! And buying a spa shouldn’t be any different. Here are the top three reasons why a wet test is so important:

Reason 1 – The Water

Settle into the hot tub and fully experience the water. Notice how fresh and clean it smells. Ask the sales representative about aromatherapy options that can be added to the water to add to the experience.

Two of our wet test spas feature MicroSilk technology, microbubbles of oxygen that improve circulation and cellular respiration leaving your skin glowing while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll leave your test soak with skin that feels silky smooth.

Be sure to ask about the chemicals used in the spa, too. That way you can create the same feeling and scent in your spa at home.

Reason 2 – The Seats & Jets

While you’re enjoying the warm, soothing water, be sure to take note of the seats and jets – they really aren’t all the same, you know.

You’re going to want seats that are deep enough that the spa water covers your shoulders. After all, Connecticut winters are cold (and spring and fall are awfully chilly). It’s important that your spa “fits” you and keeps you warm.

It’s also important that the seats are comfortable, for everyone who will regularly use it. Most hot tubs today – including those we have available for testing – offer multi-level testing so people of all ages and sizes will be comfortable. Be sure to test the lounge seat, too, if that’s a feature you’re interested in.

Jet location is extremely important. During your wet test, pay attention to where the jets in each test model are located. Are they where you most often have aches and pains? Are there a variety of jets? Popular areas for jet placement include targeting the back, shoulders, calves – and even the feet.

Reason 3 – The Size of the Spa

No matter how much you like the features of a spa – they won’t matter much if the hot tub is too big for your home, or too small for your family. While you’re conducting your wet test, be sure to think realistically about the space you have available (bring a tape measure if you want to), and think about the number of people who’ll be enjoying your spa with you on a regular basis.  

At Brothers Pool, we have four hot tubs filled and ready for your private wet test. Just call us to schedule an appointment – and don’t forget your bathing suit and towels!

Spa Water

Clearance spa buyers guide

As we head into the winter months, many hot tub companies will be clearing out last year’s models and offering “great” deals, but how do you know if you are actually getting a great deal? This guide will give you some tips to help make sure that you really are getting a great deal!

Buy Brick and Mortar

Nearly all retailers are going to be discounting at least some of their hot tubs. That means that you have no reason to purchase from an online retailer or a traveling gig that is only in town for a short time. You can find a great deal at your local dealer who is going to be there for the long haul. If long term support isn’t part of the package, you really aren’t getting a great deal.

Know What is Included

As you are looking for that great deal, be sure you know what is included with the discounted price. It is especially important to find out if delivery and installation are included. If they are not included in the price, be sure to find out what the fees will be so that you know what your bottom line will actually total.


You want to make sure that you know up front if your discounted hot tub still comes with a warranty. Some could come with limited warranties or no warranties at all. This could set the stage for a great deal that actually ends up costing you in the long run.

Don’t Sacrifice

When looking at discounted hot tubs, don’t sacrifice the things that you want out of a hot tub just because you can get a great deal. Ultimately, if the tub you purchase doesn’t fit your needs, you won’t be satisfied. Buyer’s remorse can ruin best of deals.  Go into your purchase with a clear mind, knowing what features you want and why you need those features. Buying a hot tub that actually meets your needs will ensure that you enjoy it for years to come, getting a great deal is just icing on the cake.

At Brother’s Pool, we are here year round to answer your questions and help you find the perfect hot tub for your family.

Spa Bonus Package

Welcome the new year in style, with our Spa Bonus Package! Buy a spa, and you’ll receive:

  • A $100 Brothers Pool gift card
  • A cover and cover lifter for your new spa
  • A chemical kit
  • 10 percent off in-store for 12 months
  • Free water testing
  • AND 50 percent off your first drain, clean and refill!

Man, that’s a deal. So why are we doing it? Owning a spa can add so many benefits to your life – pain and stress relief, family fun, relaxation and more – that we want everyone to experience it.

A Spa for Everyone

Dream Maker Spas are an excellent value, designed to be durable and long-lasting. Check out the Stonehenge and Crossover collections for options in size, style, hydrotherapy and more.

Marquis Spas offer the ultimate hot tub experience. Browse the unique configurations and options.

Celebrity Spas are known for quality, performance and ease of ownership. Celebrate your life in a Celebrity hot tub!

Still need convincing? Picture yourself in a hot tub – and take advantage of our Spa Bonus Package while it lasts!


Want a Marquis Spa?

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