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Cold Weather Hot Tub Tips

Living in the north probably means that you are fairly accustomed to extreme cold and a soak in the hot tub during these bitter winter days might actually sound heavenly, but the logistics of a soak can seem a bit daunting. Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out, with some extra precautions during the winter months, you can make sure that you are safe while you enjoy your hot tub in the cold. There are two main concerns safety concerns when it comes to hot tubbing in the winter.

Dry Hands

The first goes back to that old double dog dare found in the movie The Christmas Story when things can stick to cold metal. When you get out of your hot tub, you will want to make sure that your hands are completely dry before you touch anything metal, including doorknobs, cover lifters, and other metal surfaces. Keeping this safety precaution in mind will definitely save your skin after that winter hot tub soak.

Body Temperature

The second precaution is even more of a concern, keeping your internal body temperature from getting too hot. The extreme cold can sometimes play tricks on your internal temperature alarm. It is never recommended to have your water temperature above 104°F, actually, during the winter it is safer to turn that temperature down to 100°F. Because the temperature outside is so chilly, the water should still feel plenty warm even if it is a few degrees cooler. It is also recommended that you limit your soaks to 15 minutes rather than the usual 20-30 minutes. With your body submerged in warm water and your head and shoulders still exposed to the elements your sense of body temperature can be very skewed. This can easily lead to you becoming overheated without you even realizing it. Limiting your hot tub time and lowering your water temperature will help to ensure that you do not overheat. Wearing a stocking cap while hot tubbing in the winter, may not be a great fashion statement, but it is a great way to regulate your body temperature when it is extremely cold.

Keeping these winter weather tips in mind this season will keep you safe so you can continue to enjoy your hot tub even in the extreme cold. If a warm soak on a cold day sounds great, but you haven’t invested in a hot tub yet, come out to our showroom and let our staff at Brother’s Pool show you what you have been missing out on.

5 Strokes you can practice in your swim spa

If you have been thinking about investing in a Marquis Swim Spa, but just aren’t sure if you will have enough room to do what you want to do, let us put your mind at ease. A swim spa may not be big enough to practice a dive entrance or flip turns, but they are certainly large enough to provide a great workout for anyone from a beginner to an avid swimmer. Here are 5 strokes that you can practice with plenty of room in your Marquis Swim Spa:

Front Crawl

The front crawl is a great stroke to use when targeting your arms. Although there is some movement from your legs, the majority of the work comes from bringing your arms out of the water then pushing back against the water to propel yourself forward. The front crawl can also be used to increase speed and strength, when trying to improve your overall swimming ability.


Most images that you see of people using a swim spa, shows them using some kind of forward stroke with their head in the water, but swim spas are also great for doing the backstroke. The backstroke is a perfect resting stroke because you move at a slower pace and your head is out of the water. You are still working your arms, as well as, your back muscles, but it is not as intense. Because it is not as intense of a stroke as many others you will want to turn down the swim jets when you switch to the back stroke.


The breaststroke is another stroke that you will want to keep the swim jets low for. It is a slower stroke but it works the legs as well as the arms, as you move both in a circular motion to propel yourself forward. The key to a good breaststroke is to not break the surface tension.


Sidestroke is also not known for its speed, but it is a great way to work out the sides of your core. In addition you are working both your arms and your legs during this stroke, the only thing you need to watch for is to make sure that you are spending an equal amount of time on each side.

Butterfly Stroke

This is more of an advanced swimming stroke that does require more room for its wide range of motion, but there is certainly plenty of room for it in your Marquis Swim Spa. Like the breaststroke you are moving your arms in a circular motion, but unlike the breaststroke you are using such force and large motion that your chest is actually lifted out of the water with each stroke. It is a fast stroke that definitely adds an anaerobic element in addition to the intense workout for your arms and core.

As you can see, there are plenty of strokes that fit perfectly into a Marquis Swim Spa making them an ideal choice for those who enjoy swimming for leisure or for intense workout. Marquis Swim Spas also offer those nice relaxing spa seats, so you can get a full recovery after your workout. Still not sure? Stop by to visit us at Brothers Pool and let our team show you all of the amazing features on a Marquis Swim Spa.

Custom Pool Features

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and plan that custom pool you’ve been dreaming of…

Great! We can’t wait to help you design your dream and plan your project!

“You’ve come all this way,” as they say. You’re already going the custom route, you may as well splurge to make this pool your own, ultimate paradise.

Add A Spa

Everyone loves a good soak in a nice spa. It’s a wonderful way to recover after a swim workout. A spa soak is the best way to wind down after work. It sure is nice to jump into the hot spa when the pool is cold – and then back into the pool when you get too hot!

A custom pool really is incomplete without a spa. Check out our selection here!

Choose An Aesthetically Pleasing Pool Deck

You could go with stamped concrete, flagstone, or anything else that compliments the overall design and blends well with the colors of your house and yard. Sometimes, the best pool deck is an actual deck!

Don’t forget to plan where you’ll lay out that nice new outdoor furniture and firepit!

Grotto. Why Not?

Sounds lavish? Well a custom pool and backyard paradise ought to be! Build a grotto above your spa, tie in some water features, maybe run a slide off of it – the grotto is guaranteed to be the focal point.

Water Features

Spillways, waterfalls, fountains… Give them something to talk about and give yourself all the more reason to get your money’s worth out of this new pool. Sure, we can agree that all pools are pretty cool, but it’s the fun, unique pools that get the most use, give the most joy, and build the most value in a home.

Fun Accessories

Diving board, slide, volleyball net, basketball hoop – These are all items that you can design into your project from the start, or add later.

Can You See It?

Can you envision your own unique pool paradise yet? Will your pool’s aesthetic mimic a magical oasis? Will it be designed to facilitate some pool volleyball?

Whatever your idea of the perfect pool might be, Brothers Pool will see to it that your vision becomes a reality.

Eating well in 2018? It’s easy with a Kamado Joe!

Christmas cookies.

Pumpkin pie – with whipped cream, of course.

Turkey and ham dinners with all the trimmings.

Snacks by the dozen.

Parties with friends – and tasty appetizers.

Is it any wonder more people choose healthy eating as a New Year’s Resolution than anything else? If this year, that’s you – turn to your Kamado Joe from Brothers Pool for help!

Because you can grill, roast, smoke and bake on a Kamado Joe, you can prepare an incredibly wide variety of healthy, tasty foods with ease. Try these recipes to get started: All the delicious taste of fajitas, but with the ease of skewers and preparation on your Kamado Joe.


Paella is delicious, filling and healthy. It’s a rare combination in a dish. To prepare it best, you’ll need a paella pan.

Honey-Soy Cedar Planked Salmon

This salmon recipe is full of flavor, and easy to make. Serve it with the green beans prepared according to directions, and you’ll have a full meal.

Sweet Tea Brined Chicken

Chicken is a lean protein that can be part of most any healthy eating plan. Brining adds flavor and keeps meat tender and moist. Sweet tea brine is an interesting twist.

Pan Roasted Chicken and Veggies

Here’s another great chicken recipe for your Kamado Joe, that’s actually a one-dish meal. Healthy AND easy. You can’t beat that.

Soapstone Swordfish

If you don’t have a soapstone slab, you can use your griddle to prepare delicious swordfish to perfection on your Kamado Joe.

Sweet Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts

Adding more vegetables to your diet is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your diet. Preparing them on your Kamado Joe adds unique flavor to what might otherwise be a bland side dish.

Give some of these recipes a try, and let us know what you think. And if you’re missing an accessory called for in a recipe, just stop by. We’ll hook you up!


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