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Get a Better Night’s Sleep Thanks to your Hot Tub

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the true question that haunts us as we fight the urge to turn to social media rather than counting sheep! For most Americans, it becomes less and less of a question and more of a quandary that we are unable to find the answer for. According to The Sleep Index, 11.6% of Americans have been told they have sleep apnea by a doctor. That is a large percentage of people who are having trouble sleeping! If you are apart of the 11.6 percent and own a hot tub, we have a solution for you! The answer lies beneath the bubbles of the warm waters of your hot tub

Hot tubs are the perfect natural remedy to help with your inability to fall asleep. Just twenty minutes of relaxation could change your endless night of tossing and turning! All you need to do is enjoy the warm water of your hot tub for twenty minutes or longer! The warm waters will increase your body’s core temperature and cause every muscle in your body to relax. About an hour after you have dried off,  your body temperature will cool and will naturally send signals to your brain indicating that its time to fall asleep. But wait, there’s more…

Not only will you fall asleep quickly but you will be more likely to sleep deeper than normal! A good night’s sleep is important for your body! Studies have shown that people who don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep also have a number of problems that conflict with their ability to cope with everyday situations. So, from now on forget about taking pills or counting sheep! Slip into your hot tub and get ready for the best night of your life. Dedicating a small portion of your time to resting and relaxing in your hot tub will enable you to have a great night’s rest and a better tomorrow.

Hot Tub Etiquette: House sitters and hot tubs

As a homeowner, going away for a weekend or more can be a challenge. For most homeowners, it puts their mind at ease to have someone they trust to stay at their home during their absence. Whether it is a mindful adult or a friend’s college-aged kid…having a hot tub will be a big draw for them to say yes when you need a house sitter. Having a general set of rules for your hot tub is always a smart idea and it is a GREAT idea for people who use it in your absence! Here are five rules that will help put your mind at ease and give your house sitter a guideline while you are absent.

Rinse Off

Did you know that things like sunscreen, lotion, hairspray…etc, can cause your hot tub’s chemical balance to go array? There is a big chance that your house sitter may not have the knowledge to keep your hot tub chemically balanced. The prevention can be simple, just ask your house sitter to rinse off before soaking.

Leave The Hot Tub Cover On

This is a preventive step that will ensure that your hot tub will stay clean and will prevent accidental drownings of little creatures. By keeping the hot tub cover on, you will help keep your electric bill down as well. The hot tub cover helps the water stay at a constant temperature, which makes it easier to reach higher temperatures.

No Alcohol Before or During 

The warm waters of your hot tub not only help you relax but can cause you to become drowsy as well. Drinking a few beers before or while enjoying your hot tub may sound like the best way to unwind but in reality…alcohol only heightens the sleepy effect you get. Asking your house sitter to abstain from drinking in your hot tub is a great preventive step.

No Snacking 

The no snacking in the hot tub request is simple…food and water do not mix well! You don’t want to come home to a hot tub filtering system that is filled with half-eaten pretzels, right?

A Covana Cover – Covers It All

Placing your hot tub in just the right spot can be precarious when you live in an area where there are neighbors on all sides. If you are in need of a little more privacy whether at home or at your vacation home, your search is over! The Covana Cover is everything you need for privacy and so much more!

The Covana Cover, at first glance, may seem like an ordinary hot tub cover, but with the switch of a key, it all changes! As the Covana Cover slowly rises, a beautiful cabana erects itself. Not only will it protect you from mother nature, but also from wondering eyes. You decide which sides need to be covered! You have the option of lowering just a few of the four screens down or all of them. Enjoy a quick dip in your hot tub during a snowy evening or during full sun. The Covana Cover will provide the protection you need!

Did I mention that it is also a hot tub cover? The Covana Cover is unlike any other hot tub cover you have ever owned. The gasket inside creates a tight seal so that your hot tub remains at a constant temperature while it is not being used. No more cleaning off the top of your cover to remove it. The Covana Cover gracefully glides upwards with absolutely no effort from you! No longer can unwanted guest use your hot tub while you are away. The Covana Cover is operated only by the switch of a key.

Whether you are looking for a way to protect your hot tub from the elements, trying to find a way to have a little more privacy, or in need of a new hot tub cover – eliminate all needs by purchasing a Covana Cover. You will be glad you did!

hot tub

Get a great start to the workweek in your hot tub

Waking up and getting ready for the day can be a big struggle. Mondays can be the toughest day of the week. Memories of a relaxing weekend are still fresh in your mind and the realization of all that awaits you at work is hindering every muscle in your body from getting out of bed. Have you ever started your workweek in a similar mood? Not even your first Cup of Joe will give you enough oomph to get you started? Why not start your week in your hot tub?

Ease your muscles awake

Your hot tub will help wake up your tired muscles and allow you to relax and forget about all of the papers that are awaiting you at work. But, don’t get too comfortable, the warm water may beckon your tired body to get back into your sleepy state. Your hot tub is similar to a warm blanket straight out of the drier, but don’t let the warm waters reclaim you! Spice up things by turning on the jets and allowing them to caress and slowly waken up your tired limbs and back! Set your timer so that you have a reminder not to linger too long!

Hydrate and Stretch

Now, before you go and grab that first, second or third Cup of Joe, make sure you drink a tall glass of water! I know your brain is yelling coffee but the truth is that you really should start every day with water! Our bodies are made up of 60% of water! You just slept a straight 8 hours without providing it with any water! Starting off your work week well-hydrated is one of the best steps for ensuring that your body and mind will be in tip-top shape! Combine a tall glass of water with a deep and long stretch and you are set!

Try this method of starting your day for thirty days and see if your work weeks go smoother. What do you have to lose? Maybe ten minutes of sleep but I don’t think you will even notice! Your day is sure to go smoother and the outlook of your week is sure to sweeten by starting it in your hot tub!


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