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The Best Tailgating Recipes for Kamado Joe

There’s always a reason to celebrate, so bring out your Kamado Joe and enjoy some great tailgate party recipes. We’ve scoured the Internet and found some tailgating recipes that are sure to be your favorites, too.

White Pizza

It’s pizza, with a twist! Game day will be even better when you serve up a Kamado Joe White Pizza with your favorite toppings.

Texas Style Brisket

If you want to bring a brisket to the game with a BIG and BOLD feel, try out this TEXAS STYLE beef brisket with a salt and pepper rub next time you fire up your Kamado Joe Grill!


It’s time to pull out your pizza stone and build this amazing Stromboli! This recipe is easy, fun, and can be used as a game day appetizer. Give it a whirl!

Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Check out this super outstanding Monte Cristo sandwich recipe on your Joe!

Buffalo Mac & Cheese

Here’s a new spin on a great side dish. Everyone loves smoked macaroni and cheese, so here’s a recipe kicked up to the next level with the addition of some hot sauce, BBQ rub and bread crumbs on top!


Kamado Joe vs. A Big, Green Marketing Campaign

The Chinese have been using clay cooking pots for at least 3,000 years. Today, modern chefs around the world have re-fallen in love with ceramic smokers called kamado grills. No other cooking system allows food to retain its moisture better than a kamado, and no grill offers precision control over heat and air flow like a heavy ceramic smoker.

The best known and best-selling brand by far is the Big Green Egg, which got its name, well, because it looks like a big green egg.

It is the undisputed industry giant. But sometimes, the most popular and well-known brand is not actually the best (we’re looking at you, Absolut vodka!).

What Eggheads (yes, the Big Green Egg actually has legions of loyal fans who eagerly embrace this title and attend parties called Eggfests) are reluctant to admit is that Kamado Joe is undoubtedly a superior product. Eggheads didn’t buy a better grill, they bought a fantastic marketing campaign.

Simmer down, Eggheads. Facts are facts … read on.


First and foremost, there is the issue of price. Eggheads are not only loyal, they are apparently also very well heeled. Kamado Joe ceramic grills are significantly less expensive upfront.

Also, if you’re into overpaying, the Big Green Egg is the gift that keeps on giving. What Eggheads realize shortly after buying is that to complete their setup, they are required to buy a whole bunch of extra accessories.

To be fair, the Big Green Egg does come with the grill.

Kamado Joe also comes with the grill — and a heat deflector, a grate-removal tool, an ash tool and the “Divide & Conquer” flexible cooking system. In fact, the only thing that isn’t included is charcoal.

Again, with the Egg, you get the grill. And nothing else.

Let’s get back to that thing with the wacky name we just mentioned. The Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System is a half-rack, multi-level design that lets you cook different foods at different temperatures in different styles simultaneously.

It is, in a word, amazing. Or delicious. Or way better than the Big Green Egg. Take your pick.

Come see for yourself at Kamado Joe Weekend, a special promotional event we’re hosting where we will back up all the claims we just made in this post. We’ll be offering:

  • $50.00 gift card on Classic Size
  • $75.00 gift card on Big Size
  • $100.00 gift card on Tables
  • $150.00 gift card on Kamado Joe in a Table
  • Charcoal, wood chunks and chips — buy one, get one 30 percent off
  • Kamado Joe accessories, buy one get one 25 percent off

To throw a bone to the Eggheads, we’ll also offer a 75 percent off closeout on Big Green Egg accessories. They’re gonna need them if they actually ever want to use that thing.

The Kamado Joe Father’s Day Grilling Special

Kamodo Outdoor Grill

Father’s Day is almost here. Are you still searching for that perfect gift? How about whetting Dad’s appetite for true grilling perfection?

Get him a Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill.

One quick look tells you this grill is a little different from all those other charcoal and gas grills. So why is a ceramic grill so important? Let’s compare ceramic to gas.

A gas grill may look great, but we are here to eat, not stare. Gas grills are made of metal and metal absorbs heat. That heat in the metal is drawing moisture from the food. One thing Dad does not want for Father’s Day is dry meat.

Plus, how are you going to get true charcoal taste from a gas grill? Here’s a hint: It’s not happening.

Kamado Joe grills are made of high-fire ceramic. This keeps the natural oils and moisture of the food…in the food.

Kamado Joe grills also use natural lump charcoals. It’s made from hardwoods and burns hotter than gas.

Stop into Brothers Pool this weekend, get Dad a grill and take advantage of the Father’s Day – Bonus Package. It includes:

• Kamado Joe Charcoal
• Fire Starters
• $50 Store Gift Card
• Standard Delivery (20-mile radius)
• 10% Additional Accessories at Time of Purchase.

What is a Ceramic Grill?

Kamodo Outdoor Grill

A new grilling season is always a good reason to get excited.

There’s always a debate about what’s the best way to grill, gas or charcoal. These two choices should not be the end of the argument. In fact, why argue at all? There’s another way to grill.

How about a ceramic grill? What’s that? What’s a ceramic grill and how does it work? No problem, here’s a little education on the ceramic grill and its history.

A ceramic grill has a shape that resembles an egg and has an outer shell often made of high fire ceramic and other materials such as traditional terra cotta and crushed lava rock. This material allows the grill to lock in heat and smoke while cooking the food inside. The ceramic grill has a bowl at the bottom to hold wood lump charcoal (the best charcoal for a ceramic grill). There are two vents in the grill, one at the bottom near the charcoal bowl and one at the top of the lid. The vent at the bottom allows air to be drawn into the cooker, around the charcoal. It is then released as smoke into the cooking grate. The grill’s ceramic lid keeps heat and moisture inside the cooking area of the grill. The heat and moisture are released when the top vent is opened. The more air that goes into the grill, the higher the temperature. Digital temperature controllers monitor and regulate the temperature during the cooking process.

The insulation of that heat and moisture means a delicious end result when grilling or smoking. The egg shape of the ceramic grill allows for a more thorough and uniform cooking process.

Brothers Pool is proud to feature Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills as part of our Outdoor Living Division.


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