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Custom Pool Features

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and plan that custom pool you’ve been dreaming of…

Great! We can’t wait to help you design your dream and plan your project!

“You’ve come all this way,” as they say. You’re already going the custom route, you may as well splurge to make this pool your own, ultimate paradise.

Add A Spa

Everyone loves a good soak in a nice spa. It’s a wonderful way to recover after a swim workout. A spa soak is the best way to wind down after work. It sure is nice to jump into the hot spa when the pool is cold – and then back into the pool when you get too hot!

A custom pool really is incomplete without a spa. Check out our selection here!

Choose An Aesthetically Pleasing Pool Deck

You could go with stamped concrete, flagstone, or anything else that compliments the overall design and blends well with the colors of your house and yard. Sometimes, the best pool deck is an actual deck!

Don’t forget to plan where you’ll lay out that nice new outdoor furniture and firepit!

Grotto. Why Not?

Sounds lavish? Well a custom pool and backyard paradise ought to be! Build a grotto above your spa, tie in some water features, maybe run a slide off of it – the grotto is guaranteed to be the focal point.

Water Features

Spillways, waterfalls, fountains… Give them something to talk about and give yourself all the more reason to get your money’s worth out of this new pool. Sure, we can agree that all pools are pretty cool, but it’s the fun, unique pools that get the most use, give the most joy, and build the most value in a home.

Fun Accessories

Diving board, slide, volleyball net, basketball hoop – These are all items that you can design into your project from the start, or add later.

Can You See It?

Can you envision your own unique pool paradise yet? Will your pool’s aesthetic mimic a magical oasis? Will it be designed to facilitate some pool volleyball?

Whatever your idea of the perfect pool might be, Brothers Pool will see to it that your vision becomes a reality.

Beat the Rush – Plan Your Pool Project Now!

Now is the time to start planning your pool project. Once the temperatures start to consistently increase, we start getting an influx of telephone calls, emails and showroom drop-bys. They’re all ready to plan their designs for above ground pools for the upcoming season. Things start to get very busy for us at Brothers Pool around the beginning of May, with our schedule nearly full.

Now is the time to start the swimming pool design process so that you can beat the rush and have your pool ready to go early!

When Does Swimming Season Start?

Generally speaking, the official pool season starts around Memorial Day in late May each year. However, warmer temperatures each season mean that swimming pool projects are starting earlier and earlier so that they are ready as soon as it’s warm enough to swim. Of course, you can add in swimming pool accessories like a heater to extend your swimming season!

What About Pool Maintenance?

One of the most common reasons we see customers who want a pool delay on the design is because they just don’t want to keep up with the pool maintenance. They know that once the swimming pool installation happens, they’ve got to be on top of the maintenance.

Brothers Pool to the rescue again! We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that does all the necessary things to keep your swimming pool sparkling. We also offer pool opening and closing services each season!

You have no excuses – there’s no reason for delay! If you’re ready and determined that you want a swimming pool installation done in time for the summer, then don’t wait any longer. Get ahead of the crowd. The neighbors will be jealous that your pool is ready to go long before theirs!

How an Aquabot Vacuum will save you buckets of time this year!


Aquabots are a great investment to help you maintain your pool.


We are happy to say over the winter in addition to our service manager Dan, our parts manager Cliff is also certified for repairs by Aquabot, this means faster return time.

OFFER DETAILS: Bring your vacuum in for service and we will wave the diagnostic fee ($20.00 value) and give you 25% off the regular labor fee.  It is recommended that you replace your drive belts every year to prevent loss of use during the swimming season.  Please print out the coupon below and bring it in with you to take advantage of this offer OR show it to us on your phone. 


If you are not on our email list, sign up now!  By doing so, you will be able to take advantage of sales, special offers, pool care tips and special events.

Aquabot robotic pool cleaners are engineered with the *strongest pumps and finest filtration in the industry. They remove more debris and finer particulate to keep pools physically cleaner… substantially reducing the amount of chemicals needed. In addition to saving you time so you can enjoy your pool more, Aquabots are great for helping you save: water, chemicals, and energy.


Save on backwashing. All debris is self-contained in the unit and does not add strain to your filter system. It all adds up to less backwashing and meaningful savings.


Better water circulation with the finest filtration in the industry (down to 2 microns) help you save up to 30% on your total chemical usage (actual savings rates may vary based on cleaner type, pool size and usage)


Aquabots cleaning cycle costs about 5cents per hour, saving you almost 40% on your pool electric usage

*more efficient than a standard main pool filtration system
† 93% more efficient than a standard main pool filtration systems

An Aquabot will also save you something that you can’t put a price tag on… Time.

By using an Aquabot robotic pool cleaner, you can gain time back to enjoy your pool instead of worrying about it. You can spend more time with family, friends or even just some quiet time poolside relaxing.

We look forward to seeing you in our showroom to learn more about our Aquabot Vacuums or get yours repaired early to save 25% with this preseason special!


What are Pool Fence Laws in Connecticut? (updated August 2018)

A clip art illustration of a brown picket fence.

An outdoor pool should be the jewel in your backyard! Its sapphire waters draw everyone who sees it! Jump in and enjoy its refreshing waters! Like any precious jewel, it really needs a protective barrier to keep others from taking advantage of it while you are not looking. A fence is essentially the first defense from keeping your pets, children, or uninvited guests from entering your oasis! Most states require a swimming pool barrier such as a fence and Connecticut has very clear requirements for your pool’s barriers.

Here is a break down of these requirements…

1. Your fence must be four feet tall from the grade. This is the minimum height required. The opening at the bottom measured from the ground should not exceed two inches.

2. If your fence has any openings, this includes slats, it should be narrow enough not to allow a four-inch sphere in diameter to pass through.

Illustration Demonstrating Connecticut Pool Fencing Laws Regarding Horizontal Members

3. It must be a solid barrier! Your fence should be smooth not having any indentations or protrusions. So, building your fence with stone is a no-no!

4. If you are building a fence that has “the horizontal and vertical members” that are 45 inches or less apart…the horizontal members should be on the pool side of the fence and no more than 1 ¾” apart. (By doing so you prevent someone using them as an aid to climb over the fence.) If the fence has any decorative cutouts they should be no bigger than 1 ¾”.

(There is just one subtle difference between #4 and #5-the difference is the measurement between the horizontal members. #4 covers 45 inches and less and #5 covers 45 inches and more.)

5. If you are building a fence that has “the horizontal and vertical members” that are 45 inches or more apart…the horizontal members should be on the pool side of the fence and no more than 1 ¾” apart. (By doing so you prevent someone using them as an aid to climb over the fence.) If the fence has any decorative cutouts they should be no bigger than 1 ¾”.

6. When using a chain linked fence to enclose your pool, the mesh size should not exceed 2-¼”. The slats that fasten at the top and bottom should reduce to 1 ¾”.

7. Fences made of a criss-cross or lattice nature should have openings no larger than 1 ¾”.

8. Access gates should lock and have self-latching devices. When the latch is located less than 54” inches above the bottom of the gate, you must put the closing mechanism on the pool side of the fence. At least 3 inches from the top of the gate.

9. ”Dwelling wall part of barrier meeting one of the following:

9.1 Powered safety cover per ASTM F1346

9.2 Doors accessing pool: Audible alarm for door & screen, 30 sec auto reset. Manual deactivation for single opening. Deactivation switch min. 54″ high

9.3 Other means of protection acceptable of protection not less than 9.1 or 9.2”

The Breakdown

There are two options for building your pool fence…

1. Build it yourself…build a fence that is forty-eight inches tall and meets all the other requirements depending on what type of materials you use to create the said fence. Your enclosure needs to have a self-locking mechanism and secure!

2. Ask a pro to do it…If all of the above seems daunting to you, you may want to ask a professional! They will know the laws and can save you a lot of headache in the end!

To see Connecticut’s swimming pool requirements for yourself click on the link below:

For more information about professional pool fence construction in Connecticut, in addition to pool construction, pool service, pool cleaning, and more, contact Brothers Pool in Wallingford.

Let’s Talk Heat Pumps

brothers pool aquacal heat pump

There is plenty to know about your home swimming pool.

In the summer, a home swimming is the perfect place for family fun, exercise and relaxation. After all, what’s better than a dip in the pool during one of those dog days of summer?

So saying you might want a heat pump for your swimming pool sounds a little weird, does it not? Who wants to be thinking about something called a heat pump in July?

Relax. It’s all going to make perfect sense in a few minutes.

Not every day is going to be a summer scorcher, but you still may find yourself itching to jump in the pool. A heat pump does not turn your swimming pool into a big hot tub. It just helps regulate temperature.

Heat pumps use electricity to capture and move heat from one area to another. As a swimming pool’s pump circulates the pool water, the water passes through a filter and the heat pump heater.

AquaCal is the leader for swimming pool and spa heat pumps. Brothers Pool is proud to offer AquaCal heat pumps. Talk to the experienced team at Brothers Pool today to discover how a quality heat pump can pay off for your pool, even during the dog days of summer.


Want a Marquis Spa?

Man and Woman Enjoying Spa

Marquis spas are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, contact Brothers Pool to help you get started.

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