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How to Choose the Perfect Safety Cover for Your Pool

A pool cover is a safety feature that cannot be overlooked. Besides being the first defense against accidents, a cover serves several purposes: it protects your pool from debris, helps your pool retain heat, cuts down on chemical use, and slows down evaporation to conserve water. Not all pool covers are created equal, though! Many pool covers are designed to help with maintenance and energy costs much more than safety. If safety is an important pool cover feature for you, go for one of these:


Mesh safety covers are the lightest weight safety cover option (although, we’re still talking a substantial amount of weight) and when installed and used correctly, they can hold hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Tightly woven, with a trampoline-like design, they allow water to drain through but keep leaves, bugs, and debris out. When it comes to weight, a mesh cover is the lightest option and storage is relatively easy since it will fold up pretty neatly.

On the down side, mesh will still allow dust and dirt to filter through, so while you won’t have sticks and leaves on the bottom of your pool when you reopen it, you will have fine sediment to vacuum. Since rain and melted snow will drip through, you will probably need to pump out your pool periodically.They also allow sunlight to filter in, which encourages algae to grow during the winter months, although the highest quality mesh covers will block nearly all sunlight to minimize this issue.

Solid top

Solid top covers are usually made of heavyweight vinyl and their solid design makes them an effective barrier against water, sunlight, bugs, yard debris and leaves, even dust and particles. While heavier than mesh, they still fold up and store pretty easily.

On the down side, water will puddle in the center and you’ll need to pump it off periodically. If you don’t, it can break down your cover, shortening its life and quality. Plus, water puddled in the center can even become a drowning risk. You can make things easier with an automatic pump that will live in the center of your pool cover and turn on as needed.


A nice blend between solid top and mesh covers, hybrid covers might be a good option for you. They have a design that’s mostly solid with a line of mesh in the middle to allow water to drain away. Again, all debris will be kept out. You won’t need to pump water off the cover, thanks to the mesh in the center. While some sunlight will filter through, the hybrid cover blocks most of it, so algae growth usually won’t be a problem.

Automatic solid top

The mac daddy of pool covers! Once properly installed, they provide the highest level of protection against accidents. They’re also the easiest to operate. They simply roll open or closed on a track by turning a key or pressing a button. You’ll still need to pump water off the center when it accumulates and sweep off debris.

How to choose

As we said, not all pool covers are designed for safety. If you need a safety cover, this rules out solar covers and tarps.These types of covers either float on your pool or drape over it. Actual safety covers are stretched taught, anchored, and strapped into place.  

Now that you know what not to buy, how do you choose which safety cover is perfect for you? Consider which features are most important to you and then check out this ranking:

  • Most budget-friendly: mesh covers
  • Best for custom pools or ones with water features: mesh, solid top, or hybrid.
  • Easiest to open and close pool: automatic solid top

We carry a range of mesh, solid, and automatic safety covers, and would love to help you find the right one for you! Our bestseller, the Coverstar® 7000MS™ High Shade Mesh Cover, offers 99% shade protection to inhibit sunlight and algae growth, comes with a 20-year warranty, and can be custom designed to fit any shape pool.

In the same family, but more budget friendly is the 5000S™ Standard Shade Mesh safety cover. It’s strong, lightweight, easy-to-install, and comes with a 15 year warranty. Want the strongest mesh cover with the best protection? The 9000MX™ Max Shade Mesh is the cover for you! It comes with a whopping 25 year warranty.

More interested in a solid top or automatic option? We’ve got you covered. Click here to discover more about our selection, and then if you have questions or would like a free estimate on a cover for your pool, contact us, and we’d love to help!

Custom Pool Features

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and plan that custom pool you’ve been dreaming of…

Great! We can’t wait to help you design your dream and plan your project!

“You’ve come all this way,” as they say. You’re already going the custom route, you may as well splurge to make this pool your own, ultimate paradise.

Add A Spa

Everyone loves a good soak in a nice spa. It’s a wonderful way to recover after a swim workout. A spa soak is the best way to wind down after work. It sure is nice to jump into the hot spa when the pool is cold – and then back into the pool when you get too hot!

A custom pool really is incomplete without a spa. Check out our selection here!

Choose An Aesthetically Pleasing Pool Deck

You could go with stamped concrete, flagstone, or anything else that compliments the overall design and blends well with the colors of your house and yard. Sometimes, the best pool deck is an actual deck!

Don’t forget to plan where you’ll lay out that nice new outdoor furniture and firepit!

Grotto. Why Not?

Sounds lavish? Well a custom pool and backyard paradise ought to be! Build a grotto above your spa, tie in some water features, maybe run a slide off of it – the grotto is guaranteed to be the focal point.

Water Features

Spillways, waterfalls, fountains… Give them something to talk about and give yourself all the more reason to get your money’s worth out of this new pool. Sure, we can agree that all pools are pretty cool, but it’s the fun, unique pools that get the most use, give the most joy, and build the most value in a home.

Fun Accessories

Diving board, slide, volleyball net, basketball hoop – These are all items that you can design into your project from the start, or add later.

Can You See It?

Can you envision your own unique pool paradise yet? Will your pool’s aesthetic mimic a magical oasis? Will it be designed to facilitate some pool volleyball?

Whatever your idea of the perfect pool might be, Brothers Pool will see to it that your vision becomes a reality.

Beat the Rush – Plan Your Pool Project Now!

Now is the time to start planning your pool project. Once the temperatures start to consistently increase, we start getting an influx of telephone calls, emails and showroom drop-bys. They’re all ready to plan their designs for above ground pools for the upcoming season. Things start to get very busy for us at Brothers Pool around the beginning of May, with our schedule nearly full.

Now is the time to start the swimming pool design process so that you can beat the rush and have your pool ready to go early!

When Does Swimming Season Start?

Generally speaking, the official pool season starts around Memorial Day in late May each year. However, warmer temperatures each season mean that swimming pool projects are starting earlier and earlier so that they are ready as soon as it’s warm enough to swim. Of course, you can add in swimming pool accessories like a heater to extend your swimming season!

What About Pool Maintenance?

One of the most common reasons we see customers who want a pool delay on the design is because they just don’t want to keep up with the pool maintenance. They know that once the swimming pool installation happens, they’ve got to be on top of the maintenance.

Brothers Pool to the rescue again! We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that does all the necessary things to keep your swimming pool sparkling. We also offer pool opening and closing services each season!

You have no excuses – there’s no reason for delay! If you’re ready and determined that you want a swimming pool installation done in time for the summer, then don’t wait any longer. Get ahead of the crowd. The neighbors will be jealous that your pool is ready to go long before theirs!

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How a Pool Heat Pump uses Electricity

heat pumps

If you are a swimming pool owner, you already know the importance of a swimming pool heat pump. If you are in the market for a home swimming pool, you’re likely going to get an education in heat pumps.

There are lots of things to know about pool heating pumps. The first thing deals with cost. We all want to keep our energy bills at a reasonable cost, so one of the first questions will likely be, “How much energy is needed for this heat pump?”

It’s a fair question. Yet, it’s important to understand how energy consumption factors into the overall cost of a swimming pool heat pump. It’s also important to be aware of the impact the heat pump will have on the environment.

Pool heat pumps tend to be very efficient, at least compared to fuel and gas burners. The reason for this efficiency starts with the design process. Pool heat pumps use the surrounding air to heat the swimming pool. The air is pulled into the heat pump by a motor turning a fan blade. The motor consumes only a small amount of electricity. This allows for an energy-efficient and cost-effective method of swimming pool heating.

If you have questions about a pool heat pump, stop in to Brothers Pool. The team at Brothers Pool is prepared to provide answers to your heat pump inquiries.

Protect Your Heat Pump during an Electrical Storm

heat pumps

A heat pump is an important part of any home swimming pool. You want to make sure you invest in a high-quality heat pump and take steps to protect the pump.

Summer in the Northeast means hot, humid weather and the occasional heavy thunderstorm. It’s important to know how to protect the heat pump during an electrical storm.

• One of the simplest ways to protect the heat pump is to disconnect the pump from the power distribution system. That system can potentially be damaged by lightning strikes. Turning off the circuit breaker at the breaker panel will protect the pump from any surge that would enter from electrical power supply lines.
• It’s a good idea to turn off the circuit breakers to all pool equipment, including the heat pump, filter and chlorinator. All these things could come in contact with water during a strong thunderstorm.
• Consider installing a surge protector. This safeguard that could really pay off. There are surge protectors designed specifically to protect compressors. A surge protector will give you an extra feeling of security because it offers 24/7 protection. However, it’s important to remember that the surge protector only protects the compressor, not the entire heating unit. A surge protector will also protect the unit compressor from damage that occurs when a lightning strike hits a tree or another object near the swimming pool.

Shutting off the circuit breaker and having a surge protector should help ease your mind about pool protection during an electrical storm.

If you have questions, don’t guess.

The Importance of Testing Your Pool Water

pool water testingIf you are a pool owner, you should already have a strong understand of why regular testing of your pool water is so important.

If you are a relatively new pool owner, or are considering buying a home swimming pool, you need to gain that understanding so that your pool remains clean and safe for you and your family.

Make no mistake, testing the pool water can be confusing. It can be complex. A balanced pool keeps the water safe and can also keep your pool corrosion-free, adding to the life of your pool’s liner.

One of the first things to understand about water testing is understanding your pool water. If you are using a salt-based pool or a chlorine-based tablet pool, pH balance is crucial. Without proper balance, your pool sanitizer will likely not be as effective. In fact, pH levels that are too high can render your pool’s chlorine ineffective. This means your pool may be home to bacteria, even if it’s not visually apparent at first.

Balanced water is tied to your pool’s safety. Too much chlorine can be damaging to your skin and eyes.

Then there’s the cost-effective aspect of testing pool. Safe water means less chance of costly pool cleanup.

Talk to Brothers Pool today and find out about their unique, safe and easy ways to properly test pool water.

The Truth About Above Ground Pool Liners

doughboy summerville

Above ground pools are certainly different from in-ground pools.

Most of you probably knew that. Yet, maybe you didn’t know that a quality pool liner is just as important for an above ground pool as it is for an in-ground pool.

Take your above ground pool, and its liner, seriously. Brothers Pools is proud to offer extensive pool knowledge and assistance. Brothers Pool is a family business that never forgets why a residential swimming pool is a wonderful addition to a family’s home.

A Better Pool Liner

Brothers Pool is proud to be Connecticut’s exclusive supplier of Doughboy above ground pools. Doughboys are among the best above ground pools on the market. Part of that excellence can be traced to the outstanding quality that goes into every Doughboy above ground pool liner.

Thickness and Durability

When you walk into Brothers Pool, get ready to learn about our special vinyl formulation liners. Doughboy manufactures these liners to our detailed specifications.

Brothers Pool also exclusively features 20 and 25 Mil “True” Expandable Liners. These liners stand out because of their thickness and durability. The expandable liners are designed to expand into an OPTIONAL special purpose deep swimming area. This is very important: This special purpose deep swimming area is for underwater swimming only.

These liners are available in all types of designs and patterns. You’re bound to find one that’s the perfect fit for your above ground pool.

Don’t Skimp on Pool Covers

Pool CoversWhen you buy a home swimming pool, you are obviously making a major investment. That’s why the money spent on pool equipment and pool accessories.

This certainly applies to pool covers. This is not a spot to go cheap or sacrifice in quality. Take the time to research, ask questions and choose the best pool cover for you and your family.

Outstanding pool cover quality is why Brothers Pool is proud to offer Coverstar Pool Covers. Coverstar offers Mesh and Solid Safety pool covers. Choosing either a Coverstar mesh or solid safety cover means choosing a great pool safety tool for you and your family.


These pool covers are custom-built to fit your specific pool. A safe cover must be a strong cover. Coverstar uses the best, strongest material to delivery strength and durability. These are the reasons the pool covers are tops in the industry. The pool covers are protected by an exclusive 20-year warranty.

Safe pool covers can also be convenient. Coverstar offers automatic safety covers with push-button convenience without sacrificing safety. An automatic pool cover from Coverstar offers outstanding pool protection.

Because these covers are custom-built, they can be designed to fit any pool shape.

Other Coverstar safety features include:

  • UV-Resistant Thread. This extra-durable thread is resistant to sun damage and pool chemicals.
  • Custom Heavy-Duty Hardware. Stainless steel springs with overlap D-rings ensure your pool cover will lie flat to the deck and fits securely for maximum safety.
  • Double Reinforcement. This provides additional strength to high-stress areas.


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Man and Woman Enjoying Spa

Marquis spas are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space, contact Brothers Pool to help you get started.

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