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Why Shopping at a Local Pool and Spa Store is Best

If you were given the choice between buying vegetables from the local farmers’ market or buying from the nearest box store, which would you choose? Most people would choose the farmers’ market. Why? Well for one, most veggies and fruits just taste better when you buy from the local market. But also, the overall experience is better, too. The smells, the smiles, the polite chit chat about the products being offered can be a great influence on your decision of what to buy and where you shop. Why should buy your next hot tub, pool, spa, or even the chemicals you use to maintain them be any different? 

Not only does “shopping local” make a world of difference in the products you buy, it also offers a boost to the local economy. Now more than ever, keeping money local can have a big impact on how your local area grows. Purchases from local shops mean local jobs, a strong local tax base, and more!

The other upside is that when you buy from your local mom and pop pool supply store, you are creating the opportunity for a beautiful relationship to develop. Just think about it! The moment you walk through the doors of a local store, you should be treated with A+ customer service. Why? Because they want you to continue coming back! Over time a friendship develops and much like the opening song from the old sitcom “Cheers”, you become a valued customer and everyone will know you by name. So, the next time you have a question about your hot tub, pool or spa, you know exactly where to go. Simply go see “your” pool guy and you’ll get the answer with a smile.

Having trouble with your pool or spa chemical balance? Bring in a sample of your pool water and we’ll determine what you need to get your pool or spa back to the way it should be. Come into Brother’s Pool today!

Beat the Rush – Plan Your Pool Project Now!

Now is the time to start planning your pool project. Once the temperatures start to consistently increase, we start getting an influx of telephone calls, emails and showroom drop-bys. They’re all ready to plan their designs for above ground pools for the upcoming season. Things start to get very busy for us at Brothers Pool around the beginning of May, with our schedule nearly full.

Now is the time to start the swimming pool design process so that you can beat the rush and have your pool ready to go early!

When Does Swimming Season Start?

Generally speaking, the official pool season starts around Memorial Day in late May each year. However, warmer temperatures each season mean that swimming pool projects are starting earlier and earlier so that they are ready as soon as it’s warm enough to swim. Of course, you can add in swimming pool accessories like a heater to extend your swimming season!

What About Pool Maintenance?

One of the most common reasons we see customers who want a pool delay on the design is because they just don’t want to keep up with the pool maintenance. They know that once the swimming pool installation happens, they’ve got to be on top of the maintenance.

Brothers Pool to the rescue again! We offer a weekly pool cleaning service that does all the necessary things to keep your swimming pool sparkling. We also offer pool opening and closing services each season!

You have no excuses – there’s no reason for delay! If you’re ready and determined that you want a swimming pool installation done in time for the summer, then don’t wait any longer. Get ahead of the crowd. The neighbors will be jealous that your pool is ready to go long before theirs!

What Pool Chemicals & Accessories Do I Need for Winter?

A close-up image of shimmering pool water.

Like everything else in life, owning a pool in Connecticut has its ups and downs. Getting your pool ready for winter every year definitely qualifies as the latter.

Winter’s on the way, and if it’s your first year with a pool or you’ve never closed your own for the off-season, you may be at something of a loss to know what tool and chemicals you need. Winter pool chemicals can be confusing for sure, but at Brothers Pool we’re dedicated to keeping our customers educated. Take a look at our handy guide to closing your pool for winter, and then keep reading to get the full scoop on what pool chemicals and accessories you’ll need for the long winter ahead. Continue reading

Why Water Quality is So Important to a Swimming Pool

pool water testingWhether you are in the market for a pool or are a “seasoned” swimming pool owner, you’re going to hear plenty about water quality.

But what does water quality really mean? Sure, you want clean water. This is a given. Yet what are the real reasons and details behind water quality? If you own a home swimming pool, it’s a good idea to educate yourself on this topic.

This is also a good idea to talk to the qualified staff at Brothers Pool. The folks at Brothers Pool are in the business of pool education.

Good water quality goes way beyond eliminating visibly dirty water. If pool water is not properly maintained, your swimming pool can become a comfortable home to things like germs, bacteria and algae. Not all these things can be seen with the naked eye.

Regular pool maintenance means maintaining and checking the pool’s pH balance and chlorine levels of the pool water on a consistent basis.

This does not mean we just dismiss what we see with the naked eye. The eye test can be helpful. When you look at your swimming pool, make sure the water is clear. You should be able to see the bottom of the pool. The water should look clear on a day-to-day basis.

To learn more about swimming pools and pool water quality, talk to Brothers Pool. Bring in a water sample from your pool and discover how Brothers Pool can ensure your pool water quality is where it needs to be.

Watch Out for Pool Algae


swimming_pool_maintenance_101_algaeEvery swimming pool owner knows about algae. Green and slimy, it is an unsightly presence in any pool.

It’s also dangerous.

Bacteria such as E. coli can find a home in a pool contaminated by algae.

Green is the color often associated with algae, but this slimy stuff comes in an assortment of colors. Red, brown, yellow, and teal. Yes, teal. These colors in the pool can all be indicators of algae.

So how does algae get in our swimming pool water? It starts with bad water balance. Algae tends to thrive in pools with unbalanced chemical and pH levels. This underlines clean pool water.

Your pool filtration system must be working properly for it to truly safeguard against algae. Uncirculated water is more likely to be a breeding ground for algae and bacteria.

If you do find algae in your pool, it’s vital that you run the filter system continuously while treating the pool for algae.

Stagnant water is also more likely to attract algae. Keep active in your pool, if at all possible. After all, that’s why you have the pool. Stirring the pool water will help keep it clean and bring any dirt and debris to the surface.

When you are not using the pool, make sure it is covered. There are many reliable automatic pool covers on the market.

Don’t forget about regular water testing. If you have questions, check with the team at Brothers Pool. Ask about how the Brothers Pool team can help with water testing.

We want to remind you how you can save money at Brothers Pool this August. Here are some of the deals happening right now:

• Get a free pool closing with the purchase of a new pool safety cover
• 10% off all Aquabot auto vacuums
• 15% off outdoor GreatRoom fire pit tables

These deals and more expire August 15th. Stop in to Brothers Pool and find out how to maximize your year-round fun in your yard.

The Importance of Testing Your Pool Water

pool water testingIf you are a pool owner, you should already have a strong understand of why regular testing of your pool water is so important.

If you are a relatively new pool owner, or are considering buying a home swimming pool, you need to gain that understanding so that your pool remains clean and safe for you and your family.

Make no mistake, testing the pool water can be confusing. It can be complex. A balanced pool keeps the water safe and can also keep your pool corrosion-free, adding to the life of your pool’s liner.

One of the first things to understand about water testing is understanding your pool water. If you are using a salt-based pool or a chlorine-based tablet pool, pH balance is crucial. Without proper balance, your pool sanitizer will likely not be as effective. In fact, pH levels that are too high can render your pool’s chlorine ineffective. This means your pool may be home to bacteria, even if it’s not visually apparent at first.

Balanced water is tied to your pool’s safety. Too much chlorine can be damaging to your skin and eyes.

Then there’s the cost-effective aspect of testing pool. Safe water means less chance of costly pool cleanup.

Talk to Brothers Pool today and find out about their unique, safe and easy ways to properly test pool water.

What is a Salt Generator?

brothers pool

What’s a salt generator? Glad you asked. Step right up. It’s time for some pool education.

Life is about choices (well, actually, life is about a lot of things and choices is right up there). If you choose to have an outdoor swimming pool installed, you’ll have to choose the make and model of the pool. You will also choose what chemicals and cleaning methods you will use to maintain your pool.

Hopefully, you will use the knowledge available to you and make the right choices. After all, this stuff is important.

For instance, maybe you’ll decide a salt chlorinator is the way to go for your pool chlorinating needs. This brings us back to that original question: What is a salt chlorinator?

Let’s answer that question by taking a closer look at salt. When the ions of salt are passed over the specially-coated blades found in a salt chlorine generator and induced with a low-voltage electricity charge, the salt is converted into chlorine. This process is similar to the one that converts seawater into laundry detergent. It’s a natural process that pays wonderful dividends for your pool.

AutoPilot has been doing this salt chlorine generator thing for nearly 40 years. This goes back to education. Know what you want for your family swimming pool. If you want to talk to experts, talk to the team at Brothers Pool. Every member of the Brothers Pool team is trained to answer all your questions. Brothers Pool carries AutoPilot generators and other AqauCal products.


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