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Best Practices for Opening Your Pool

We’re approaching one of the most exciting times of the year: it’s almost time to open your pool! After a dreary winter, temperatures are warming up and soon it will be time for fun in the sun. Make sure your pool is ready for the first party of the season by following these best practices for opening your pool.


Clear Your Pool Cover

Leaves, debris, and puddles gather on your pool cover throughout the winter; you want to make sure all of this is cleared off before you open your pool in the spring. A pool cover pump is a great way to remove the standing water; however, the leaves, dirt, and debris can be a little trickier. Large piles of debris can be removed with a broom, but make sure you don’t use anything sharp or abrasive or it could damage your cover. Many customers remove the water, then wait a day for the cover to dry. A leaf blower is an effective way to remove dirt and debris from a dry pool cover. Remove your cover, making sure not to get any of the remaining debris in your pool water.

Clean & Store Your Winter Cover

Use soap, water, and a soft scrub brush to thoroughly wash your winter pool cover. There are winter cover cleaners available to use, too. Allow your cover to dry completely. Store your cover in a heavy-duty plastic container to keep bugs or rodents away, and to extend the life of your pool cover. If you secured your winter cover with water tubes, make sure they are empty and dry before you store them.


Prepare for Warm Weather

With cold temperatures a thing of the past, you can remove all of the winter plugs and replace the proper eyeball or jet fittings to your return lines. Remove the ice compensators from your skimmer buckets, and then replace the skimmer baskets. Now is also the time to re-install your deck equipment like ladders, diving boards, and step rails.

Fill Your Pool

Whether you drained your pool during winterization or it lost water over the winter, you’ll need to add more when you’re almost ready to start using your pool again. Fill your pool with a garden hose until the water level is above the midway point in the skimmer opening.

Prep Your Pump & Filter

Replace the drain plugs and the pressure gauge on your filter and on your pump. There’s one drain plug on your pump, and you might have one or two of those plugs on your filter. If you have a multiport valve, replace the pressure gauge, the sight glass, and the air bleeder. Reinstall all of your pool equipment, including your heater, chlorine dispenser, and booster pump.


Turn It On

Fire up your pump and filter to make sure they work properly. Check all around for leaks or drips. If the pump isn’t pulling water, prime it. Shut off the filter system, remove the lid of the pump, then fill the housing with water using your hose or a budget of pool water. Put the lid back on and turn it on; this should help get the pump working properly.

Clean and Shock Your Water

Remove any debris in your water using a plastic leaf net. Take your time so you remove as much of the debris as possible. Brush the walls and the floor of the pool with a pool brush to get the dirt off the walls where your filter will remove it. Bring a sample of your water to us for a professional analysis so we can help you make sure your pH and alkalinity are properly balanced. Add sanitizer to your water, and then double shock your pool using 2 pounds of shock (5 gallons of liquid chlorine) for every 10,000 gallons of water.

We are here to help you in any way we can with your pool opening. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, or we can do the work and open your pool for you. Give us a call today and let us know how we can help.

What Pool Chemicals & Accessories Do I Need for Winter?

A close-up image of shimmering pool water.

Like everything else in life, owning a pool in Connecticut has its ups and downs. Getting your pool ready for winter every year definitely qualifies as the latter.

Winter’s on the way, and if it’s your first year with a pool or you’ve never closed your own for the off-season, you may be at something of a loss to know what tool and chemicals you need. Winter pool chemicals can be confusing for sure, but at Brothers Pool we’re dedicated to keeping our customers educated. Take a look at our handy guide to closing your pool for winter, and then keep reading to get the full scoop on what pool chemicals and accessories you’ll need for the long winter ahead. Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Pool for Winter in CT

Ice on a branch.

Winter is coming in Connecticut, and that means (among other things) that it’s time to start getting your pool ready for the off-season. In addition to initial preparations, there are a lot of things necessary to maintaining your pool through the winter months. If it seems like a bit much, you can always rely on our professional pool closing services in Connecticut.

Steps to Preparing Your Pool for Winter

1) Remove all excess debris from the pool water. Vacuum, skim leaves, and empty all skimmers and pump baskets.

2) Get the pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, and other chemical aspects of the pool’s water in check. Levels should be in the higher range of normal.

3) Add winter treatment chemicals as recommended by Brothers Pool. It’s best to do this the night before you close the pool up for the season, as this gives the benefit of circulating them through the filter overnight.

4) Remove ALL toys, ladders, stairs, alarms, and anything else from the pool. Be diligent!

Steps to Preparing the Mod Media Cartridge Filter

1) Drain the water until it sits below the level of the skimmer. It’s possible to skip this step if you:

  • Attach the Aquador lid to its Aquador skimmer plate.
  • Remove return eyeball and insert 1 ½“ threaded plug into the return (or add the threaded cap to the return jet).

2) Make sure all hoses are disconnected from the filter and pump. Hoses should be left attached to the skimmer and return. Run all hoses away from the pool.

3) Remove all bottom drain plugs from the filter and the pump. The pump will have several drain plugs.

4) Remove the pressure gauge.

5) Remove the cartridge from the filter tank, hose it down, and place it in a plastic garbage can. Precise directions will be available on the label of the filter cleaner. After soaking, hose the cartridge down again at a 45-degree angle, and store indoors in the tank or a trash bag.

Steps to Prepare Your Sand Filter

1) Clean the sand by adding 10oz to 12oz of filter-X to the skimmer and backwash for two or three minutes. When the discharge water is clear, stop backwashing and rinse the filter.

2) Place the multiport into the winterize position. Note: NEVER move the handle while the pump is running.

3) Repeat the first for steps of the Mod Media directions. With the sand filter, however, you must drain all water from the tank by removing the drain plug. This is to ensure the tank will not crack when the water expands from winter cold.

4) Remove the sight glass from the multiport.

5) Leave the tank outside. If you try to move the tank indoors, you run the risk of breaking the lateral stand-pipe.

Covering Your Pool

Pool with Pillow Pool Pal

Pool with Pillow Pool Pal

1) Inflate your equalizer pillow to ¾ full.

2) Attach string to the corners and position it in the center of the pool. You can simply attach it lightly to the rails, but we recommend using a Pool Pillow Pal.

3) Apply the pool cover as directed. If you took Brothers Pool’s pool school demonstration, this should be a breeze.

Maintaining the Pool Cover in Winter

1) Remove any heavy snow, but do not chop or move ice. This could lead to damaging the cover or liner.

2) Pool covers need 2-3 inches of water on top to keep from blowing away, and the pool cover will always sink to the level of the water. One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they pump the water from the top of the pool cover out. Water should be placed BACK into the pool. Otherwise you’re going to have to add thousands more gallons in the spring, and spend a fortune on retreating it. Remove leaves and debris as necessary beforehand, and keep liquid shock on hand; shock water in the cover before adding it to the pool.

These are the basics of winterizing your pool in Connecticut. If you have any questions, or would rather leave this delicate work to the professionals, contact Brothers Pool today by calling (203) 265-5980 or sending an email to

Pool Cover Safety & Savings

pool safety cover

As Labor Day draws near, it’s time for pool owners to think about fall and autumn pool preparation.

This is a great time of year to reflect on the advantages of pool safety covers.

Let’s start with the aspect of safety. A quality pool safety cover is designed to protect small children and pets. Safety should, of course, be paramount when choosing a pool safety cover, so invest in a quality product. Don’t try and go the “cheap” route.

So how do you choose a reliable pool safety cover?

• Consider the type of pool you have. It should go without saying that an in-ground pool cover will probably not work with an above-ground pool. When you are shopping for a pool cover, always keep the phrase “pool covers vary” at the top of your list.
• Size and shape matter. Is your pool oval? Kidney-shaped? Rectangular? Make sure the cover will properly fit your pool.

You also need to understand that there are different types of pool covers as well. Some pool covers are designed to save energy. Nothing wrong there! Swimming pool heating costs can greatly be reduced by using a pool cover. A home swimming pool can lose energy in a variety of ways. Evaporation is near the top of the list. The evaporation rate can vary depending on a pool’s temperature, air temperature and humidity. This is especially important to remember in New England, where early fall weather can be a bit unpredictable. A good pool cover will minimize evaporation and help reduce pool heating costs.

In the meantime, if you have questions about the best pool safety cover for your home swimming pool, talk with the experienced team at Brothers Pool. Every member of the Brothers Pool team is trained to answer every question you have on home swimming pools and swimming pool safety.

Watch Out for Pool Algae


swimming_pool_maintenance_101_algaeEvery swimming pool owner knows about algae. Green and slimy, it is an unsightly presence in any pool.

It’s also dangerous.

Bacteria such as E. coli can find a home in a pool contaminated by algae.

Green is the color often associated with algae, but this slimy stuff comes in an assortment of colors. Red, brown, yellow, and teal. Yes, teal. These colors in the pool can all be indicators of algae.

So how does algae get in our swimming pool water? It starts with bad water balance. Algae tends to thrive in pools with unbalanced chemical and pH levels. This underlines clean pool water.

Your pool filtration system must be working properly for it to truly safeguard against algae. Uncirculated water is more likely to be a breeding ground for algae and bacteria.

If you do find algae in your pool, it’s vital that you run the filter system continuously while treating the pool for algae.

Stagnant water is also more likely to attract algae. Keep active in your pool, if at all possible. After all, that’s why you have the pool. Stirring the pool water will help keep it clean and bring any dirt and debris to the surface.

When you are not using the pool, make sure it is covered. There are many reliable automatic pool covers on the market.

Don’t forget about regular water testing. If you have questions, check with the team at Brothers Pool. Ask about how the Brothers Pool team can help with water testing.

We want to remind you how you can save money at Brothers Pool this August. Here are some of the deals happening right now:

• Get a free pool closing with the purchase of a new pool safety cover
• 10% off all Aquabot auto vacuums
• 15% off outdoor GreatRoom fire pit tables

These deals and more expire August 15th. Stop in to Brothers Pool and find out how to maximize your year-round fun in your yard.

Don’t Skimp on Pool Covers

pool coverWhen you buy a home swimming pool, you are obviously making a major investment. That’s why the money spent on pool equipment and pool accessories is money well-spent.

This certainly applies to pool covers. This is not a spot to go cheap or sacrifice in quality. Take the time to research, ask questions and choose the best pool cover for you and your family.

Outstanding pool cover quality is why Brothers Pool is proud to offer Coverstar Pool Covers. Coverstar offers mesh and solid safety pool covers. Choosing either a Coverstar mesh or solid safety cover means choosing a great pool safety tool for you and your family.

These pool covers are custom-built to fit your specific pool. A safe cover must be a strong cover. Coverstar uses the best, strongest material to delivery strength and durability. These are the reasons the pool covers are tops in the industry. The pool covers are protected by an exclusive 20-year warranty.

Safe pool covers can also be convenient. Coverstar offers automatic safety covers with push-button convenience without sacrificing safety. An automatic pool cover from Coverstar offers outstanding pool protection.

Because these covers are custom-built, they can be designed to fit any pool shape.

Other Coverstar safety features include:
• UV-Resistant Thread. This extra-durable thread is resistant to sun damage and pool chemicals.
• Custom Heavy-Duty Hardware. Stainless steel springs with overlap D-rings ensure your pool cover will lie flat to the deck and fits securely for maximum safety.
• Double Reinforcement. This provides additional strength to high-stress areas.


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