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How to Choose the Perfect Safety Cover for Your Pool

A pool cover is a safety feature that cannot be overlooked. Besides being the first defense against accidents, a cover serves several purposes: it protects your pool from debris, helps your pool retain heat, cuts down on chemical use, and slows down evaporation to conserve water. Not all pool covers are created equal, though! Many pool covers are designed to help with maintenance and energy costs much more than safety. If safety is an important pool cover feature for you, go for one of these:


Mesh safety covers are the lightest weight safety cover option (although, we’re still talking a substantial amount of weight) and when installed and used correctly, they can hold hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Tightly woven, with a trampoline-like design, they allow water to drain through but keep leaves, bugs, and debris out. When it comes to weight, a mesh cover is the lightest option and storage is relatively easy since it will fold up pretty neatly.

On the down side, mesh will still allow dust and dirt to filter through, so while you won’t have sticks and leaves on the bottom of your pool when you reopen it, you will have fine sediment to vacuum. Since rain and melted snow will drip through, you will probably need to pump out your pool periodically.They also allow sunlight to filter in, which encourages algae to grow during the winter months, although the highest quality mesh covers will block nearly all sunlight to minimize this issue.

Solid top

Solid top covers are usually made of heavyweight vinyl and their solid design makes them an effective barrier against water, sunlight, bugs, yard debris and leaves, even dust and particles. While heavier than mesh, they still fold up and store pretty easily.

On the down side, water will puddle in the center and you’ll need to pump it off periodically. If you don’t, it can break down your cover, shortening its life and quality. Plus, water puddled in the center can even become a drowning risk. You can make things easier with an automatic pump that will live in the center of your pool cover and turn on as needed.


A nice blend between solid top and mesh covers, hybrid covers might be a good option for you. They have a design that’s mostly solid with a line of mesh in the middle to allow water to drain away. Again, all debris will be kept out. You won’t need to pump water off the cover, thanks to the mesh in the center. While some sunlight will filter through, the hybrid cover blocks most of it, so algae growth usually won’t be a problem.

Automatic solid top

The mac daddy of pool covers! Once properly installed, they provide the highest level of protection against accidents. They’re also the easiest to operate. They simply roll open or closed on a track by turning a key or pressing a button. You’ll still need to pump water off the center when it accumulates and sweep off debris.

How to choose

As we said, not all pool covers are designed for safety. If you need a safety cover, this rules out solar covers and tarps.These types of covers either float on your pool or drape over it. Actual safety covers are stretched taught, anchored, and strapped into place.  

Now that you know what not to buy, how do you choose which safety cover is perfect for you? Consider which features are most important to you and then check out this ranking:

  • Most budget-friendly: mesh covers
  • Best for custom pools or ones with water features: mesh, solid top, or hybrid.
  • Easiest to open and close pool: automatic solid top

We carry a range of mesh, solid, and automatic safety covers, and would love to help you find the right one for you! Our bestseller, the Coverstar® 7000MS™ High Shade Mesh Cover, offers 99% shade protection to inhibit sunlight and algae growth, comes with a 20-year warranty, and can be custom designed to fit any shape pool.

In the same family, but more budget friendly is the 5000S™ Standard Shade Mesh safety cover. It’s strong, lightweight, easy-to-install, and comes with a 15 year warranty. Want the strongest mesh cover with the best protection? The 9000MX™ Max Shade Mesh is the cover for you! It comes with a whopping 25 year warranty.

More interested in a solid top or automatic option? We’ve got you covered. Click here to discover more about our selection, and then if you have questions or would like a free estimate on a cover for your pool, contact us, and we’d love to help!

Are You a Square? Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Swimming Pool

When you decide to install an in-ground swimming pool, the whole family is undoubtedly caught up in the excitement. The kids are probably imagining pool parties and lazy summer days floating away the hours. You might be picturing family water sports, swimming laps for exercise before work, or just relishing the idea of your kids playing outside instead of staring at their phones all day. Before you get started on the build though, one big design decision needs to be made: What shape swimming pool should you choose?

With almost limitless design choices, that can be a hard decision if you don’t already have a clear idea of your dream pool in mind. Not to worry, we have a couple of tips to help make that decision easier! When it comes down to it, there’s two things you should really take into consideration.

The first aspect of a great pool design is including the shape of your yard and landscaping. From lagoon-inspired natural designs to classic lap-style swimming pools, the size and shape of your yard matters. As you consider the lines of your yard, it might be obvious to you that a particular style will work best, but if not, don’t worry. We help you through every step of the installation process, including the planning phase! When you’re ready to begin the process, call us at 203-265-5980 or email for an in-home appointment.

The second thing to consider in picking your pool shape is how it will be used and your lifestyle in general. Some designs are best for swimming laps and training. Some allow more room for splashing, playing, and family sports. Some shapes will even make it more obvious to little swimmers where the deeper end begins so it’s easy for them to stay in the shallows.

As you think about the shape of your yard, plus your lifestyle needs, here’s a few styles to consider:



This classic shape complements many properties. If your yard is generally square or rectangle, this shape is probably a great choice for you. It also tends to work well in smaller yard designs. It’s excellent for swimming laps and comes in a range of lengths and depths.



L or Lazy-L

A great choice for the family looking for both room to swim laps plus a designated shallow area for kids to play in, the L and Lazy-L designs are rectangle swimming pools with a short leg that forms an L shape, or in the case of the Lazy-L, a diagonal angle. The short side provides an easy visual for kids to see their safe zone.




An oval swimming pool with an indentation on one side, a kidney-shaped pool is great for homeowners going for a more natural looking pool. It fits aesthetically into most yards, and lends itself to many design styles. You could add an in-ground spa to the indentation; use that space for eye-catching landscaping; or make it a patio with comfortable seating so you can see the entire swimming pool, and all swimmers, while relaxing.


brothers pool.pool slide

Free Form

When you picture your dream swimming pool, do you see a lagoon oasis with a waterfall? If so, a free form pool is for you! A free form swimming pool can take nearly any shape and is designed to blend into the elements of an existing area, or when starting from scratch, to give your yard a nature-inspired design. There’s countless free form options, and this type of pool is a lovely choice for bringing character to your home, and showcasing your personality.


These are just a few of our favorite choices, but there are so many designs—you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your space! To see more swimming pool shapes, check out our Fiberglass Pools here, and our Vinyl selection here.

swimming pool

The 5 Essential Ingredients of the Perfect Pool Company

When you’re ready to buy a pool, visions of summer days packed full of family fun are probably dancing in your head, but nervous butterflies might be dancing in your stomach, too. We understand! After all, it’s a big investment and crooked contractors can turn your dream pool into a nightmare. So, how can you be sure you’re picking a great pool company? Well, ahem, we do happen to know a good one who’d love to build your pool, but here are a few tips you can use to vet any company or contractor!

Verify they have a license

Your cousin’s friend’s great uncle might be willing to install your new pool for pennies, but we’d ask to take a look at his license. A license not only indicates you’re dealing with a professional and cuts your chances of ending up in a nightmare situation, but if things do go wrong, you’ll be in a better position to be compensated.

What do other customers have to say?

One of the great things about the digital age we live in is that feedback and reviews are easy to find for almost any company! Check Yelp, Google, the Better Business Bureau, and the company’s website for reviews and ratings. If a customer has a very bad experience with a company, chances are good that they will take the time to share their story so others might be warned.

Experience makes a difference

Every company gets their start somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but hiring a new contractor who gained years of experience working with a reputable company before branching out on his own is a lot different than hiring a newbie with no work experience to speak of.

Speaking of experience, did you know we’ve been in the business since 1988? We pride ourselves on our well-trained, exceptional staff, but even so, there always is, and has been, a family member on every job. Every. Single. One.

Check references

This is a biggie! For most people, after receiving great service, they’re happy to pass that info along to other potential customers. Any company you want to work with should be happy to give you a list of references.

When you call the reference, ask questions like:

  • Were you happy with the experience?
  • Would you choose that company again in the future?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Do you still use them for maintenance and service and for opening and closing the pool?

Ever felt like you didn’t matter anymore after a company won your sale? Not to our customers! We’ll never bounce on you after we get your business. We’ll be here when you need maintenance and service or when you have questions about pool ownership.

Are you excited about their designs?

One of the funnest parts about picking your pool is finding the design that you love and works with your yard. We love that part, too! Here at Brother’s Pool, we have creative designers who are sold out on making your pool wishes happen. Whether you go for an in-ground or above ground pool, we love finding the solutions to get you the pool you want.

Does your chosen company tick all 5 of these boxes?

If so, you should probably feel pretty confident to move ahead with your pool. Ready to have Brothers Pool design your perfect pool? Contact us and we’d love to help you plan and select yours!

Why Shopping at a Local Pool and Spa Store is Best

If you were given the choice between buying vegetables from the local farmers’ market or buying from the nearest box store, which would you choose? Most people would choose the farmers’ market. Why? Well for one, most veggies and fruits just taste better when you buy from the local market. But also, the overall experience is better, too. The smells, the smiles, the polite chit chat about the products being offered can be a great influence on your decision of what to buy and where you shop. Why should buy your next hot tub, pool, spa, or even the chemicals you use to maintain them be any different? 

Not only does “shopping local” make a world of difference in the products you buy, it also offers a boost to the local economy. Now more than ever, keeping money local can have a big impact on how your local area grows. Purchases from local shops mean local jobs, a strong local tax base, and more!

The other upside is that when you buy from your local mom and pop pool supply store, you are creating the opportunity for a beautiful relationship to develop. Just think about it! The moment you walk through the doors of a local store, you should be treated with A+ customer service. Why? Because they want you to continue coming back! Over time a friendship develops and much like the opening song from the old sitcom “Cheers”, you become a valued customer and everyone will know you by name. So, the next time you have a question about your hot tub, pool or spa, you know exactly where to go. Simply go see “your” pool guy and you’ll get the answer with a smile.

Having trouble with your pool or spa chemical balance? Bring in a sample of your pool water and we’ll determine what you need to get your pool or spa back to the way it should be. Come into Brother’s Pool today!

above ground pool

Expected Longevity of my Above Ground Pool?

All of the decisions about buying a pool are behind you and you are content with your decision on buying an above ground pool. The sparkling water has become the hangout for the entire family! An above ground pool is a great investment for your family! But how long can you expect your pool to last? These type of pools normally last between 10-20 years. Now, I know what you are thinking…”the gap between ten and twenty years is pretty large!” The variables that decrease the life expectancy of your above ground pool are easily avoided with a little bit of TLC. Here are three ways to keep your pool in its best condition, so that you can get the most out of your investment.

Pool Liner

Your pool liner is not expected to last the length the life of your above ground pool. It will, however, last between 5-10 years, with great care and attention. Having a regular maintenance check of your liner will not only increase the life expectancy of your liner but also your pool. A leak can cause damage to the inside of your above ground pool! It will be under the liner and in a place that will be hard for you to discover. Make sure to keep your liner repaired and replace it when needed.

Pool Rails

It’s a natural thing for little kids and sometimes even adults to hang on the rails of your pool but this can cause damage to the structure of your pool. Try to minimize how much weight is put on the rails. This will help to keep your pool standing strong and will prevent your railings from sagging.


If you discover rust anywhere, make sure to tend to it in a timely manner. Early discovery can prevent it from spreading and getting out of control. When you replace your liner, make sure to check every inch of your pool. If you find a rust spot, sand away any rust. Painting your pool can give older pools a new look and help fight off the potential of rust!

Just a little TLC goes a long way to make sure you get the most out of your investment. If you have any questions stop by our showroom today.

Doughboy Pools is a Green Choice

Go green! Mother earth is changing with each passing year. The years of neglect are beginning to take its toll. Forests are beginning to disappear as a result of humans invading the land that once belonged to the animals. Along with it, species of animals are disappearing as a result of their habitat being invaded. The whole domino effect is out of control and as a earth loving human, you may have decided to make changes in your life to help our home planet. You probably buy glass bottles to reduce the number of plastic water bottles from ending up in the landfill. When you go to the grocery store you probably even bring your own canvas bags to reduce the amount of plastic bags that will end up in the ocean. You drive cars that will emit less carbon monoxide into the air we breathe…the list goes on and on.

What about your pool? How are you going green with your pool? My pool? You may ask…Yes, your pool! Did you purchase your pool from a company that makes just as big of an effort to help protect our planet as you do? If you didn’t purchase your pool from Doughboy Pools the answer may be no!

Doughboy Pools is very earth conscious of how they use their facilities and how they make their products. From using LED lights inside and the location of their plants, they make a huge effort into making their footprint on Mother Earth as small as possible. Their pools are made to last, which means they will not be filling the landfills! Doughboy Pools recycles their plastic and vinyl waste so that it can be used again!

Go green with your next pool purchase…go with Doughboy Pools! Mother Earth thanks you.

For more information check out their website.

dough for doughboy

Cook up some summer fun during our Dough for Doughboy event

Baseball and apple pie. Backyard cookouts. Fireworks on the Fourth of July. Neighborhood games of tag under the glow from the streetlamps.

Some things just say “summer.”

But there’s one thing that quintessentially expresses the season. One thing that, when you see it,  when you hear it – you just KNOW summertime fun is about to be had.

A backyard pool!

And now, thanks to the Dough from Doughboy event, getting that backyard pool is easier than ever! With a $100 deposit, you can save $500 on a complete Doughboy above ground pool package. That’s the pool, liner, pump AND filter – everything you need to enjoy months of belly flops, Marco Polo, splashing-and-relaxing summer fun.

Plus, with a Doughboy you know you’ll be enjoying that pool every summer for years and years to come. Just read what Doughboy owners have to say! Some people still have the same American-made pool they bought in the 70’s! (How crazy is that!?!)

Are you ready to take your summer fun to the next level? Call or come by today to take advantage of the Dough for Doughboy offer!

Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine it. When you look back 20 years from now, what will be your favorite memory …

Your son’s 13th birthday party. Sure, they could have played video games, but instead, everyone spent the entire afternoon in and out of the pool. The boys had the time of their lives while you grilled up more hot dogs and burgers than you ever thought possible. Your son still talks about that day sometimes.

That big Labor Day party, when all your friends came over and Dave fell in. (He was alright). You made that delicious pulled pork, and everyone brought a dish. Remember Nancy’s “Hawaiian Delight” dessert? Even she isn’t quite sure what was in it.

How about your daughter’s sleepover right before the girls all headed off to different colleges? They spent all day in the sun, and all night in their sleeping bags in the backyard. The weather was perfect.

Don’t let another summer go by before you start making memories of your own. Come by the showroom and get Dough for your new Doughboy today!

Activities for your above ground pool

Imagine yourself spending your summer relaxing poolside, while your kids enjoy splashing around with their friends. Now, imagine that scene without having to endure a lengthy pool building project. That carefree feeling is exactly what you will get when you invest in a Doughboy above ground pool. Don’t worry, skipping out on the building project doesn’t mean you have to skip out on the fun. Above ground pools still offer fun activities that are available to you with in-ground pools.

Water Activities

Many people think that the size of an above ground pool will limit what can be done in the pool. We beg to differ. Doughboy pools come in sizes up to 41’x21’ that can accommodate pretty much any activity you can think of. If sports are your thing, you can get a floating basketball goal or volleyball net that can instantly turn your pool into the court of your choice. Want something with a little slower pace? Get a floating ping pong table and show off your mad ping pong skills in the pool. Floating tables and waterproof cards can make your above ground pool the perfect place for a poker night. Lap swimming more your style? Doughboy pools can be special ordered in a couple of sizes specifically designed for lap swimming. What more could you want from a pool?

Poolside Activities

We’ve convinced you that the water activities are the same, but what about poolside activities? After all, sunbathing while you stare at a pool wall definitely doesn’t give you the same vibe as laying right next to the crystal blue water of an in-ground pool.

Fortunately, there are some great options for your poolside activities. The main way that you can accommodate these activities is with proper decking. Well-planned decking around your Doughboy Pool can provide the same pool surround space that you would get from an in-ground pool patio. You can have a space for your lounge chairs and pool toys. You can even create a great flow from your pool area to your Kamado Joe and your outdoor eating area.

If the raised decking of an above ground pool is still not speaking to you, there is another option. Recessed pools are becoming more popular. Basically, part of your pool is set in a dug out area of your yard and the other part is still exposed. Think of a walkout basement design but for your pool. It is a great option if you have a sloped backyard. The recessed pool gives you a smaller, less expensive building project, when compared to an in-ground pool, but still allows you to have an even elevation across all of your outdoor areas.

No matter what option you choose, an above ground Doughboy pool is sure to deliver all of the fun and relaxation that your family is looking for along with superior quality and durability. Best of all, you get to spend your summer enjoying your pool, rather than stressing over a building project. Our skilled staff at Brothers Pool would be happy to help you design the perfect pool for your family.

How to choose the perfect diving board

Sit back, close your eyes, and think back to all your favorite summertime swimming pool memories …

  • Your favorite song playing on the radio (Maybe even on cassette tape!)
  • The smell of tanning oil in the air (Who thought about sunscreen in those days?)
  • Sipping on a soda while your friends swim and play, competing to see who can make the biggest splash jumping off the diving board.

That’s right – a diving board. It wasn’t all that long ago that nearly every backyard pool had one. But these days, they’ve become hard to find. Pool trends and concerns about safety (even though fewer than 10 percent of all pool diving injuries involve a diving board) are mostly to blame. But now, diving boards are beginning to make a come back. If you’re thinking about including a diving board in your pool project, here are some things to think about.

Not all types of diving boards work with all types of pools. Or all types of divers.

The type of board – its size, shape and “springiness,” must be appropriately matched with the dimensions of your pool. So, too, must it be matched with the divers who’ll be using it. For example – small children probably won’t have the necessary coordination to use an exceptionally springy board with success. Divers who are quite tall or those with excellent diving skills may need a diving platform instead, to lessen the chance that they’ll come in contact with the pool bottom.

Types of diving boards

Diving Platforms – these are rigid boards on rigid stands that provide no bounce. Platforms are a good choice for divers who don’t want (or don’t need) the extra thrust a “springy” board provides when they enter the water. They may also be a good option for pools that don’t quite have the specific dimensions of a true diving well that a bouncy diving board requires.  

Diving Boards – diving boards are flexible boards on rigid stands. They may be made of aluminum or wood, and the board provides a small amount spring.

Flexible Diving Boards/Jump Boards – these flexible boards on flexible stands provide a significant amount of spring. They should be used exclusively for jumping, or only by experienced divers in pools built to accommodate them.

As you’re planning your backyard oasis, we can help you plan your pool to accommodate the diving board you want most. Then, you can start re-creating those summertime memories with your own family. Cassette player not included.

Custom Pool Features

You’re finally ready to take the plunge and plan that custom pool you’ve been dreaming of…

Great! We can’t wait to help you design your dream and plan your project!

“You’ve come all this way,” as they say. You’re already going the custom route, you may as well splurge to make this pool your own, ultimate paradise.

Add A Spa

Everyone loves a good soak in a nice spa. It’s a wonderful way to recover after a swim workout. A spa soak is the best way to wind down after work. It sure is nice to jump into the hot spa when the pool is cold – and then back into the pool when you get too hot!

A custom pool really is incomplete without a spa. Check out our selection here!

Choose An Aesthetically Pleasing Pool Deck

You could go with stamped concrete, flagstone, or anything else that compliments the overall design and blends well with the colors of your house and yard. Sometimes, the best pool deck is an actual deck!

Don’t forget to plan where you’ll lay out that nice new outdoor furniture and firepit!

Grotto. Why Not?

Sounds lavish? Well a custom pool and backyard paradise ought to be! Build a grotto above your spa, tie in some water features, maybe run a slide off of it – the grotto is guaranteed to be the focal point.

Water Features

Spillways, waterfalls, fountains… Give them something to talk about and give yourself all the more reason to get your money’s worth out of this new pool. Sure, we can agree that all pools are pretty cool, but it’s the fun, unique pools that get the most use, give the most joy, and build the most value in a home.

Fun Accessories

Diving board, slide, volleyball net, basketball hoop – These are all items that you can design into your project from the start, or add later.

Can You See It?

Can you envision your own unique pool paradise yet? Will your pool’s aesthetic mimic a magical oasis? Will it be designed to facilitate some pool volleyball?

Whatever your idea of the perfect pool might be, Brothers Pool will see to it that your vision becomes a reality.


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