What Do I Do to My Swimming Pool After a Flood?

As Alexander Graham Bell said, “Preparation is the key to success.” So, to help you be prepared to handle a flooded pool should the need ever arise, we’ve put together a list of the key issues you might encounter in that situation, and how to manage them.

Electrical Dangers

One of the biggest dangers when flooding occurs is from electrical hazards. In fact, according to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals®, electrocution is responsible for many deaths after a storm. Your very first step, before even evaluating what clean up efforts will be required, is to disconnect the power to your pool at the circuit breaker. This includes the power to all pool and spa equipment, outdoor outlets, lighting fixtures, and appliances. Ensure you don’t touch the circuit breaker with wet hands or while standing in water. For safety, use a plastic or rubber tool to flip the switch, and use only one hand. If the fuse box is damaged, contact an electrician to inspect it before you handle it.

Even if wires and electrical equipment have dried out, they still present a fire hazard. You can anticipate that you’ll need to have all electrical components replaced by a professional electrician.

Contaminated Water

If flooding occurs, you’ll almost certainly see murky or cloudy water in your pool; however, even if it appears pretty clear, don’t use the water or let your pets swim in it. A catastrophic flood will contaminate your water with hazardous chemicals like fertilizer, and other dangerous contaminants like sewage. While the water can be rehabilitated in some instances of flooding, in the case of storm surge or catastrophic flooding, the water can’t be salvaged. It will need to be drained, the pool and all hardscaping cleaned, and the plumbing lines purged before the pool can be refilled.

It is important the contaminated pool water is disposed of according to the guidelines of local water and sewage regulations. Additionally, if groundwater levels are high, it isn’t safe to drain your pool. Believe it or not, doing so in that case can cause an inground pool to “pop” out of place and cause major structural damage. If you have any questions about whether it’s safe to drain your pool, contact us to verify or to let us handle draining the pool for you.


For our Florida friends, a flood can mean discovering alligators and poisonous snakes enjoying your pool when you return. Which, makes it good to live in Connecticut! While we don’t have to worry about alligators, mosquitoes love stagnant water and not only are the little buzzers annoying, they can carry infectious diseases. So, the sooner you can deal with a flooded pool and rid it of mosquitoes the better. If you’re unable to rehabilitate the pool immediately, you can use a larvicide or pesticide in the water, which would then make it a requirement to drain the pool completely.

For more information and further directions about handling a flooded pool, please read this fact sheet from the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Most importantly, remember that when you buy a pool from Brothers Pool, you become part of the family, so should a flood occur, we’ll be here to help you handle the situation safely, in the most cost effective way!

15 Fun Facts About Swimming Pools

Historically Speaking

*One of the earliest known structures similar to modern inground swimming pools called a “public water tank” is the Great Bath, which was found in the ruins of the Indus Valley Civilization in Pakistan and built in the 3rd millennium BC. It was lined with bricks and covered with a sealant made from tar.

*But people have been swimming much longer! Egyptian drawings from 2,500 BC show swimmers using an over-arm stroke much like the front crawl.

*Swimming and enjoying pools as recreation was very popular in ancient Greece. In fact, it was Greek philosopher Plato that said, “A man is not learned until he can read, write, and swim.”

*Ancient Roman baths included cold water pools, tepid water pools, and heated pools. We’ll pass on the cold pool, thanks!

*The Deep Eddy swimming pool in Austin, Texas is the first recorded concrete pool. First established as a swimming hole in 1915, you can still visit the Deep Eddy today.


One for the Books

*The swimming pool at San Alfonso Del Mar resort in Chile is the longest in the world, measuring in at more than 3,000 feet long and covering 20 acres. At its deepest, it’s 115 feet deep.

*Perhaps the most unusual pool you’ll ever see, the Library Resort’s Blood-Red Pool in Koh Samui, Thailand is as red as you might expect from its name. The color comes not from anything done to the water itself, but from the red, orange, and yellow mosaic tiles used in the pool. How’s that for unique tile selection?

*Which US state is home to the largest backyard pool in the world? Texas, of course! Larger than most community pools, the Mobley Family pool in El Campo, Texas, holds 600,000 gallons of water and includes a lazy river and 6 waterfalls!


By the Numbers

*There are more than 10 million residential pools in the United States.

*A bit more than 50% of those pools are in-ground.

*An estimated 65% of Americans don’t know how to swim.

*One of the most popular pool additions? Diving boards! 38% of pools have one.

*According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, swimming and other water exercises are the 4th most popular exercises in the US, behind walking, weightlifting, and using cardio machines like the treadmill.

*Swimming is a great workout! Depending on your pace and your body weight, you can burn 100 to more than 500 calories in 30 minutes. Not only does swimming work all the major muscle groups at once, but it’s also low-impact!

*The average person swims in a pool 6 times per year. Thankfully, you don’t have to be average! Add a pool to your own backyard and you can enjoy a daily swim all summer long.

5 Must-Know Tips for Opening Your Swimming Pool

If you’re like us, the thought of summer and pool season has you bouncing with excitement. We just have to get through spring and then we’re there! Speaking of spring, that is actually the perfect time to get your pool opened and ready for the upcoming season. Follow these tips, and your pool will be ready and waiting for you to jump in as soon as that summer sun comes out.

Remove, Clean, and Store Your Pool Cover

The first step in removing your cover is to clear off all the leaves and debris that’s accumulated on top. You don’t want any of that gunk to fall in the pool and make your job any harder, so use a broom or pool scraper to pull it all off. You’ll also need to use a pool cover pump to remove any standing water.

Here’s an expert tip for you on this one: remove the water first and then wait for the cover to dry for a day or two. Then you can use a leaf blower to blow off most of the debris from your pool cover and around the pool.

When it’s relatively clear, have a friend (or more!) help you remove it. As you pull it off, you can fold it inside on itself, accordian style to keep the leftover debris from falling into your pool.

Lay out the cover and clean it with a winter cover cleaner or soap and a gentle scrub brush. Inspect the cover as you clean it for any damage. Once clean, let it dry thoroughly before you fold it for storage. Pro tip: sprinkle it with talcum powder to prevent it from sticking. Store it in a plastic container to protect it until next winter.

Reinstall Your Equipment

Remove the winter plugs and replace the eyeball or jet fittings to the return lines. Next, out come the ice compensators, and then you can replace the skimmer baskets. Clean and install the drains. Clean and inspect your filter, pump, heater, automatic cleaner, and any other equipment. Then reconnect.

Inspect, clean and reattach hand rails, diving boards, ladders, etc. Pro tip: lubricate bolts, screws, and o-rings now. You’ll kick yourself for skipping this step if they rust over the summer!

Add Water to Your Pool

Assuming you didn’t drain your pool for winterization, you’ll just need to top it off with water until it’s at the appropriate level (right above the halfway point in the skimmer opening). Or, if your pool was drained, fill it up.

Prep and Turn On the Pool

Start with replacing the drain plugs and the pressure gauge on your filter and pump. Before you hit the power, make sure the valves are in the open position. Prime the pump by filling it with water, and make sure air is purged from the plumbing. Once the circulation system is going, check your pool for cracks, damaged hoses, and leaks. If there’s any damage, shut off the power and call us for service.

Clean the Pool, Shock Your Water, and Add Algaecide

Clean leaves and other debris from the bottom of the pool with a telescoping brush. Let your filter run for at least 12 hours to circulate the new water you added into the old. Then, take a water sample and bring it by for professional testing. Pro tip: to get a good sample, you should reach about elbow deep (around 18” inches) and fill a clean bottle with water. When you bring it in for testing, we’ll give you advice and recommendations on how to get your pH and alkalinity balanced.

You’ll want to first adjust alkalinity, next pH, and lastly calcium hardness. This is a good point to run your pool vacuum and brush your pool. That will start taking care of any algae in your pool and make the shock more effective. Then let your filtration system run overnight.

Finally, it’s time to sanitize and shock your water. For opening your pool, always do a double shock. Use 2 pounds of shock for every 10,000 gallons of water. Pro tip: use safety goggles and gloves when shocking your pool. Once shocked, let the filter run for a minimum of 2 hours before adding algaecide, an important step to prevent scale and stains.

Once you’ve done the shock and added algaecide, let the filter run another 24 hours and then test your water. Your pool should be ready to dive in at this point!

Our final tip is to call in the pros! If you have any questions throughout the opening process, or run into any issues, contact us, or if you prefer, let us open your pool for you so you won’t have to worry about a thing.

pool furniture

What’s in Style in Pool Furniture for 2019?

Your pool and patio furniture should be a reflection of your personal style, just like your home. But more than make a statement about your aesthetic, the pool furniture you pick for your outside can expand your living spaces and even inspire your family to spend more time together. We love helping our customers find the perfect furniture to create that outdoor oasis they’ve been dreaming of.

Far from the metal lawn chairs you might remember from your youth, some of our favorite style trends from 2019 can help you transform your space so it really feels like a part of your home!

Neutral color palettes

yarmouth-glider-w-cushionWhite, pale gray, cream, slate: this year’s most popular color palettes are neutral. If you want to try out this trend, add interest with graphic but neutral patterns like stripes, or global patterns; or texture with woven or other tactile pieces; or add in a few pops of your favorite color as an accent


One of our favorite things about outdoor furniture is that today, unlike when most of us were growing up, outdoor spaces are really an extension of your home. Soft, comfy cushions; sectionals that hold the whole family; conversation areas that encourage spending quality time together. There is no limit on how you can design your outdoor oasis—you can really build your family’s dream space!


Daybeds, hammocks, and hanging chairs are popular this year and that makes perfect sense! In general, Americans work harder and are under more stress than ever, but more and more, we’re building time to relax into our lives with lounging furniture in our outdoor spaces, man caves and she-sheds, and hot tubs. When you add a daybed or a hammock to your yard, you may just find chilling at home is the best vacation you could take!

Fire pits

Brooks_CWhen you install a pool and build an outdoor space you love, you want to enjoy it for as long as you can! Fire pits not only allow you to stay outdoors on chilly spring and fall nights, but they create a lovely, functional focal point in your conversation area.


yarmouth-adirondackAnother fun trend making a big splash in 2019 is classic nostalgic pieces that remind you of family cookouts and vacations at the lake. To incorporate this style into your own yard, add classic Adirondack chairs overlooking the pool, a pair of rocking chairs near the back door, or a retro picnic table on the patio.


Large, statement planters filled with overflowing greenery, pots of kitchen herbs, or bold floral prints on your cushions; however you do it, greenery is in this year. Would you love to have overflowing planters, but you lack a green thumb? Try easier-to-grow plants like aloe and succulents, or fill your planters with the never-die plastic variety (we’ll never tell!).


We love that it’s easy to find beautiful outdoor furniture that stays in line with your sustainable values these days. More of our customers are moving to eco-friendly furniture that’s made from recycled materials, and we carry a large variety of eco-friendly pieces because sustainability is important to us, too!

Whether you take a tiny bit of inspiration from this year’s style trends or go all out with a complete makeover, we hope you’ll be inspired to incorporate some of these styles into your pool area. Are you ready to check out some of these styles (plus more!) in person? Stop in and see us, contact us to talk to one of our experts, or download a brochure.

safety cover

How to Choose the Perfect Safety Cover for Your Pool

A pool cover is a safety feature that cannot be overlooked. Besides being the first defense against accidents, a cover serves several purposes: it protects your pool from debris, helps your pool retain heat, cuts down on chemical use, and slows down evaporation to conserve water. Not all pool covers are created equal, though! Many pool covers are designed to help with maintenance and energy costs much more than safety. If safety is an important pool cover feature for you, go for one of these:


Mesh safety covers are the lightest weight safety cover option (although, we’re still talking a substantial amount of weight) and when installed and used correctly, they can hold hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Tightly woven, with a trampoline-like design, they allow water to drain through but keep leaves, bugs, and debris out. When it comes to weight, a mesh cover is the lightest option and storage is relatively easy since it will fold up pretty neatly.

On the down side, mesh will still allow dust and dirt to filter through, so while you won’t have sticks and leaves on the bottom of your pool when you reopen it, you will have fine sediment to vacuum. Since rain and melted snow will drip through, you will probably need to pump out your pool periodically.They also allow sunlight to filter in, which encourages algae to grow during the winter months, although the highest quality mesh covers will block nearly all sunlight to minimize this issue.

Solid top

Solid top covers are usually made of heavyweight vinyl and their solid design makes them an effective barrier against water, sunlight, bugs, yard debris and leaves, even dust and particles. While heavier than mesh, they still fold up and store pretty easily.

On the down side, water will puddle in the center and you’ll need to pump it off periodically. If you don’t, it can break down your cover, shortening its life and quality. Plus, water puddled in the center can even become a drowning risk. You can make things easier with an automatic pump that will live in the center of your pool cover and turn on as needed.


A nice blend between solid top and mesh covers, hybrid covers might be a good option for you. They have a design that’s mostly solid with a line of mesh in the middle to allow water to drain away. Again, all debris will be kept out. You won’t need to pump water off the cover, thanks to the mesh in the center. While some sunlight will filter through, the hybrid cover blocks most of it, so algae growth usually won’t be a problem.

Automatic solid top

The mac daddy of pool covers! Once properly installed, they provide the highest level of protection against accidents. They’re also the easiest to operate. They simply roll open or closed on a track by turning a key or pressing a button. You’ll still need to pump water off the center when it accumulates and sweep off debris.

How to choose

As we said, not all pool covers are designed for safety. If you need a safety cover, this rules out solar covers and tarps.These types of covers either float on your pool or drape over it. Actual safety covers are stretched taught, anchored, and strapped into place.  

Now that you know what not to buy, how do you choose which safety cover is perfect for you? Consider which features are most important to you and then check out this ranking:

  • Most budget-friendly: mesh covers
  • Best for custom pools or ones with water features: mesh, solid top, or hybrid.
  • Easiest to open and close pool: automatic solid top

We carry a range of mesh, solid, and automatic safety covers, and would love to help you find the right one for you! Our bestseller, the Coverstar® 7000MS™ High Shade Mesh Cover, offers 99% shade protection to inhibit sunlight and algae growth, comes with a 20-year warranty, and can be custom designed to fit any shape pool.

In the same family, but more budget friendly is the 5000S™ Standard Shade Mesh safety cover. It’s strong, lightweight, easy-to-install, and comes with a 15 year warranty. Want the strongest mesh cover with the best protection? The 9000MX™ Max Shade Mesh is the cover for you! It comes with a whopping 25 year warranty.

More interested in a solid top or automatic option? We’ve got you covered. Click here to discover more about our selection, and then if you have questions or would like a free estimate on a cover for your pool, contact us, and we’d love to help!

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All day long, you can enjoy:

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♦ A Pizza Truck Lunch for all of our valued Fun Pass Holders!

♦ Free Raffles

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♦ Fun for All!

Also, at 10 AM, Noon & 1 PM, catch our special Pool School, where we’ll go over How to Summerize your Above-Ground Pool. Whether you own a pool or are considering one, this is valuable FREE information you won’t want to miss.

Please RSVP, so we can prepare for all our guests.

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Are You a Square? Choosing the Perfect Shape for Your Swimming Pool

When you decide to install an in-ground swimming pool, the whole family is undoubtedly caught up in the excitement. The kids are probably imagining pool parties and lazy summer days floating away the hours. You might be picturing family water sports, swimming laps for exercise before work, or just relishing the idea of your kids playing outside instead of staring at their phones all day. Before you get started on the build though, one big design decision needs to be made: What shape swimming pool should you choose?

With almost limitless design choices, that can be a hard decision if you don’t already have a clear idea of your dream pool in mind. Not to worry, we have a couple of tips to help make that decision easier! When it comes down to it, there’s two things you should really take into consideration.

The first aspect of a great pool design is including the shape of your yard and landscaping. From lagoon-inspired natural designs to classic lap-style swimming pools, the size and shape of your yard matters. As you consider the lines of your yard, it might be obvious to you that a particular style will work best, but if not, don’t worry. We help you through every step of the installation process, including the planning phase! When you’re ready to begin the process, call us at 203-265-5980 or email lisa@brotherspool.com for an in-home appointment.

The second thing to consider in picking your pool shape is how it will be used and your lifestyle in general. Some designs are best for swimming laps and training. Some allow more room for splashing, playing, and family sports. Some shapes will even make it more obvious to little swimmers where the deeper end begins so it’s easy for them to stay in the shallows.

As you think about the shape of your yard, plus your lifestyle needs, here’s a few styles to consider:



This classic shape complements many properties. If your yard is generally square or rectangle, this shape is probably a great choice for you. It also tends to work well in smaller yard designs. It’s excellent for swimming laps and comes in a range of lengths and depths.



L or Lazy-L

A great choice for the family looking for both room to swim laps plus a designated shallow area for kids to play in, the L and Lazy-L designs are rectangle swimming pools with a short leg that forms an L shape, or in the case of the Lazy-L, a diagonal angle. The short side provides an easy visual for kids to see their safe zone.




An oval swimming pool with an indentation on one side, a kidney-shaped pool is great for homeowners going for a more natural looking pool. It fits aesthetically into most yards, and lends itself to many design styles. You could add an in-ground spa to the indentation; use that space for eye-catching landscaping; or make it a patio with comfortable seating so you can see the entire swimming pool, and all swimmers, while relaxing.


brothers pool.pool slide

Free Form

When you picture your dream swimming pool, do you see a lagoon oasis with a waterfall? If so, a free form pool is for you! A free form swimming pool can take nearly any shape and is designed to blend into the elements of an existing area, or when starting from scratch, to give your yard a nature-inspired design. There’s countless free form options, and this type of pool is a lovely choice for bringing character to your home, and showcasing your personality.


These are just a few of our favorite choices, but there are so many designs—you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your space! To see more swimming pool shapes, check out our Fiberglass Pools here, and our Vinyl selection here.

swimming pool

The 5 Essential Ingredients of the Perfect Pool Company

When you’re ready to buy a pool, visions of summer days packed full of family fun are probably dancing in your head, but nervous butterflies might be dancing in your stomach, too. We understand! After all, it’s a big investment and crooked contractors can turn your dream pool into a nightmare. So, how can you be sure you’re picking a great pool company? Well, ahem, we do happen to know a good one who’d love to build your pool, but here are a few tips you can use to vet any company or contractor!

Verify they have a license

Your cousin’s friend’s great uncle might be willing to install your new pool for pennies, but we’d ask to take a look at his license. A license not only indicates you’re dealing with a professional and cuts your chances of ending up in a nightmare situation, but if things do go wrong, you’ll be in a better position to be compensated.

What do other customers have to say?

One of the great things about the digital age we live in is that feedback and reviews are easy to find for almost any company! Check Yelp, Google, the Better Business Bureau, and the company’s website for reviews and ratings. If a customer has a very bad experience with a company, chances are good that they will take the time to share their story so others might be warned.

Experience makes a difference

Every company gets their start somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but hiring a new contractor who gained years of experience working with a reputable company before branching out on his own is a lot different than hiring a newbie with no work experience to speak of.

Speaking of experience, did you know we’ve been in the business since 1988? We pride ourselves on our well-trained, exceptional staff, but even so, there always is, and has been, a family member on every job. Every. Single. One.

Check references

This is a biggie! For most people, after receiving great service, they’re happy to pass that info along to other potential customers. Any company you want to work with should be happy to give you a list of references.

When you call the reference, ask questions like:

  • Were you happy with the experience?
  • Would you choose that company again in the future?
  • Was the project completed on time?
  • Were there any surprises?
  • Do you still use them for maintenance and service and for opening and closing the pool?

Ever felt like you didn’t matter anymore after a company won your sale? Not to our customers! We’ll never bounce on you after we get your business. We’ll be here when you need maintenance and service or when you have questions about pool ownership.

Are you excited about their designs?

One of the funnest parts about picking your pool is finding the design that you love and works with your yard. We love that part, too! Here at Brother’s Pool, we have creative designers who are sold out on making your pool wishes happen. Whether you go for an in-ground or above ground pool, we love finding the solutions to get you the pool you want.

Does your chosen company tick all 5 of these boxes?

If so, you should probably feel pretty confident to move ahead with your pool. Ready to have Brothers Pool design your perfect pool? Contact us and we’d love to help you plan and select yours!

Stress-eating this holiday? Your hot tub may help!

Whether it’s a hard day at work or bad news on the television – if your first reaction is to down a bag of your favorite chips or to dig up some old candy in the bottom of your desk drawer – you may be a stress eater!

While it likely makes you feel awful, it’s actually a very common way for humans to deal with stress. (Don’t believe us? Rent a popular chick flick and watch as the friend of the girl who just got dumped grabs a pint of ice cream and two spoons!) Unfortunately, food and stress seem to be linked together. But why? Why do we go straight for our comfort foods as soon as something stressful happens?

Our bodies have developed a number of ways of dealing with stress. One key response is when your adrenal glands release cortisol, a hormone that can increase your appetite. This would all be well and good if we craved carrot sticks when we’re stressed out, but unfortunately we usually crave foods that are high in sugar and high in fat.

So, what can you do the next time the stress-munchies strike? Try taking a brief soak (15-20 minutes) in your hot tub!

Hot tubs are a great place to relax and help relieve your stress. Soaking in your hot tub can help balance your nerves and increase your dopamine levels. This will help you process all your feelings – and do a better job of it than that tub of mint chocolate chip. You’ll be saving your waistline and improving your health!

After your relaxing time in your hot tub, you will not only feel clearer-headed, but you’ll likely have a better night’s sleep, too! So, put down the cookies and chips and drown your stress in your hot tub next time you start feeling stressed out!

Hot Tubs – No Building Permits Required

A lot of questions pop up once you’ve decided to bring home a spa. One of the most common we get here at Brothers Pool is whether a building permit is required. Nope, no building permit required!

In general, a prefabricated, above-ground pool, (a hot tub applies in this sense), that holds less than 5000 gallons of water does not require a building permit.

That said, there are a few other things you’ll want to consider. First, while you don’t need a building permit, you’ll almost certainly need an electrical permit. And whether you’re installing your hot tub on an existing deck or patio, or you’re working with a contractor to put in a new foundation pad, you’ll definitely need an electrician to do the installing.

If you’re putting in a new foundation, or installing your hot tub any distance from your house, you may need a plumber and a plumbing permit as well.

Along this same vein, before you go ahead with picking the location and installing your hot tub, it’s a good idea to double check if there are any neighborhood or Homeowner’s Association covenants that would throw a wrench in your plans. What kind of cover will you have on your hot tub? If it’s not a locking one, your subdivision or city may require a safety fence.

Installing your hot tub and then discovering you’ve violated your subdivision’s covenants in some way would be a terrible surprise, but with a little prior planning, all of these issues can be overcome pretty easily. We’re always happy to help with any other questions that may come up as you’re deciding on the perfect hot tub for your family. Contact us with any other thoughts. Ready to choose your ideal spa? With our large selection, it won’t be hard to find!


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