Change Vector21 Jetpods to Customize your Massage

There are normal hot tubs – and then there are hot tubs with a purpose! The Vector21 series by Marquis is precisely that and so much more! Vector21 hot tubs will leave you feeling as if you have stepped into a five-star spa – but instead of having to schedule weeks in advance, it’s right outside your back door!

Every Jetpod in the Vector21 series is meticulously placed so that it meets a different need. Each spa has three different types of Jetpods, each with a special feature to help target specific problem areas. Directional Jetpods are perfect for a deep tissue massage. They have a high flow and low impact that will reach deep into your muscle without causing inflammation in your skin. Orbital Jetpods are optimal for a shallow tissue massage, focusing on surface muscles. Conal Jetpods emulate a more gentle, Swedish massage.

While the Marquis team carefully thought through Jetpod placement in each Vector21 spa, they knew that not every body is the same. So they made each Jetpod interchangeable! Never has a spa been so customizable! If you feel like you need more pressure in are and less in another, simply more the type of Jetpod that will benefit you most into that location. It’s that easy!

“How do you change Jetpods?” you may ask. Well, all you have to do is follow three simple steps:

To change a Jetpod:
1) Insert a flathead screwdriver between the top tab and the Jetpod face
2) Push down on the grill and pull forward to slide up
3) Once disengaged, slide the grill up to remove – the tabs are small, so be sure to slide up carefully

To insert a Jetpod:
1) Locate the three flanges – they are left, right and facing down on the grill
2) Slide the tabs towards the flange to engage all three tabs in their location on the side of the grill face
3) Press the top bar toward the bottom pushing inward to engage the top tab.

Marquis has thought of everything when it comes to the ease of using and maintaining these beautiful hot tubs. You will not find a more customizable therapeutic hot tub on the market!

Requirements for a Spa – Deck, Pad, and Electrical Permits

So, after learning about all the relaxation and health benefits that come with soaking in a spa, you decided to make the purchase. But now what? Are you wondering about the logistical part of preparing your home for your new hot tub? Let us help you with a few things you’ll want to consider.

Deck Set-up

Many people choose a deck as the home for their spa. This works for a lot of reasons, not least is that the more convenient the access, the more use you’ll get out of your spa. But, not just any deck can support the weight of a full spa, plus occupants. To figure out if your deck can take the weight, you’ll want to have a professional contractor inspection to determine the weight it can handle.

The amount of weight is calculated individually for every spa, based on its size, water capacity, and seating capacity. So, once you know which one you want, we’ll be able to tell you the exact amount of pounds per square foot for the hot tub you’ve chosen. You’ll give that calculation to your contractor, who can determine if your deck is compatible. Not to worry, if it’s not. That’s an easy problem to correct with additional support beams under the deck.

Foundation Pad

If you’re not setting your spa on an existing deck or patio, another foundation can be used. A concrete pad is the most common, but concrete bricks, compacted crushed rock, compacted pea gravel, or concrete pavers also work perfectly. We recommend you work with a professional contractor to pick the best one for your location.

Electrical Permits

Bringing home a new spa means running electric to it, which yes, will require an electrical permit. You’ll definitely want to work with a professional electrician to do the install.  There will also be some coordinating with your contractor.

At Brothers Pool, we’re also happy to help you every step of the way to answer any of your questions and to help coordinate, so on delivery day, you won’t have a thing to worry about! Still considering which spa is for you? Check out our selection. We have a range of options, from all types of above ground spas to luxurious in-ground ones.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Hot Tub?

Enjoying a daily soak in your spa is more than just a relaxing activity (although, it is definitely great for relaxing!). From decreasing stress to easing muscle aches and improving your blood pressure, the benefits are endless. Only one thing could ruin your evening soak: a dirty hot tub!

We’d hate for that to happen. But not to worry, as cleaning your spa is easy and doesn’t require too much work. We have a few guidelines, outside of your regular chemical maintenance, so you can make sure your spa stays in tip-top shape.

Clean the Filters

A quick rinse with warm water or even with the garden hose will keep your filters working properly. A good standard is to clean them once every 2 weeks, but do it more often if you’re using your spa heavily or having lots of guests over.

Circulate the Water

As many spas do this automatically, you may not need to think of it at all, but if your hot tub doesn’t, twice a day circulate the water for 10-15 minutes. The more the water circulates, the cleaner your spa stays.

Weekly Wipedown

Once a week, give your spa’s shell, the jets, and the waterline a quick scrub with a sponge. White vinegar makes a simple, all-natural cleaner and does a great job of removing any scum building up at the waterline. Every other week, give your cover a quick wipe to keep mildew away (a 10% bleach solution is a great cleaning option for the cover).

Monthly Drain and Clean

During regular use, to keep your spa clean, you’ll need to drain it and clean it every 3-4 weeks. Again, if you’re using your spa heavily or having a lot of guests over, you’ll want to do this step more often. After the hot tub is clean, refill it, and test the water to ensure your pH level is between 7.2-7.6.

Combined with your regular spa chemicals, it requires very little physical effort to keep your hot tub clean and sparkling, so it will be ready for a soak any time you need one!

Why Shopping at a Local Pool and Spa Store is Best

If you were given the choice between buying vegetables from the local farmers’ market or buying from the nearest box store, which would you choose? Most people would choose the farmers’ market. Why? Well for one, most veggies and fruits just taste better when you buy from the local market. But also, the overall experience is better, too. The smells, the smiles, the polite chit chat about the products being offered can be a great influence on your decision of what to buy and where you shop. Why should buy your next hot tub, pool, spa, or even the chemicals you use to maintain them be any different? 

Not only does “shopping local” make a world of difference in the products you buy, it also offers a boost to the local economy. Now more than ever, keeping money local can have a big impact on how your local area grows. Purchases from local shops mean local jobs, a strong local tax base, and more!

The other upside is that when you buy from your local mom and pop pool supply store, you are creating the opportunity for a beautiful relationship to develop. Just think about it! The moment you walk through the doors of a local store, you should be treated with A+ customer service. Why? Because they want you to continue coming back! Over time a friendship develops and much like the opening song from the old sitcom “Cheers”, you become a valued customer and everyone will know you by name. So, the next time you have a question about your hot tub, pool or spa, you know exactly where to go. Simply go see “your” pool guy and you’ll get the answer with a smile.

Having trouble with your pool or spa chemical balance? Bring in a sample of your pool water and we’ll determine what you need to get your pool or spa back to the way it should be. Come into Brother’s Pool today!

Screen-free family time


Advances in technology can bring families together. This is true especially for families who are separated by distance. Chatting via email, social media and video calls opens new windows for us to communicate with our loved ones. But how does it affect the average family on a daily basis?

The average teenager spends close to nine hours on their smartphone every day.  Nine hours! Younger children between the age of 8-12 average a slightly less time on their electronics – about eight hours a day – while the average adult spends 73.8 hours every month on their cell phone The number one complaint from most families is that they don’t have enough time in their day. Hmm. Wonder where all the extra time is going?

Studies have shown that families who spend more screen-free time together are tighter knit. They talk more, sharing information about their day, their hopes for the future, their concerns and more. This time allows your children to gain a greater grasp on who they are as people, which is essential in their mental development and how they perceive themselves amongst their peers.

A great way to get more of this one-on-one bonding time is to be purposeful with your free time. Schedule nights during the week to focus on your family. For example, make Tuesday nights  game nights with popcorn! Or Friday nights can become “chill in the hot tub night.” This is a great way to end your week. Simply suit up and ask everyone to pile into the hot tub for some screen-free family time. Take time to ask each child how their day or week is going. Not only is this great family time but it also allows everyone to unwind and relax. Who knows – your hot tub may become the very place where trust is built and Google is no longer used to find out the answer for life’s tough questions.

Why do I need Microsilk in my hot tub?

Today’s market for hot tubs offers a variety of new and innovative features. It can be confusing and very frustrating if you don’t know exactly what all the fuss is about. One of the terms you may have heard a lot about was Microsilk. And you may be asking yourself, “What is Microsilk and what difference will it make to my hot tub?” Well, let us tell you!

Microsilk is a new water treatment that takes your hot tub experience to the next level. It creates tiny bubbles – much smaller than what can be created by your average hot tub. And these bubbles have an important job to do. As you sit in the warm, silky waters, the bubbles cling to your skin and begin to detox your pores.

If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis, or ichthyosis, you will see the benefits of having your body caressed by the Microsilk bubbles. It’s a game changer for people who have these and other skin conditions. Why? Because Microsilk not only helps your skin shed toxins but it also encourages skin cell growth by supersaturating the water around you with oxygen. As we all well know, oxygen is nature’s way of rejuvenation and cleansing. Each tiny bubble acts as an oxygenated soldier, whose sole purpose is to rejuvenate your skin.

Some benefits of using a hot tub with Microsilk:

  • Encourages skin cell growth
  • Stimulates your immune system
  • Improves blood vessel function
  • Naturally removes impurities from your body
  • Lifts toxins out of your pores

So now you can stop asking yourself, “Why do I need Microsilk?” Instead, start asking yourself: “Why WOULDN’T I need Microsilk?”

Come in today and ask one of our Spa Professionals about Microsilk, and the hot tub models that feature the option. You will be glad that you did!

Throw a Bubbling Halloween Party

Halloween is always a great excuse to throw a party! This year, Why not do something different and make it a bubbling hot tub Halloween party? There are so many awesome ways to incorporate your hot tub into your spooky evening! Try this potion that for a splendidly spooky Halloween …

The color scheme and Halloween theme

When deciding what theme you want to use, think about how spooky you want your party to be. Will there be small children there? If so, take a more subtle approach to Halloween with pumpkins, hay bales, and corn stalks. Stick with colors that mimic the fall trees, like orange, brown, and yellow.  If your party will be older kids to adults and you want a spooky theme filled with witches, ghosts and headless horsemen, consider going with traditional Halloween colors. Red, purple, black and green are all fun colors to incorporate in your food and decor!

Prepare your hot tub or spa

Make your hot tub look spooky and fun! Tape black tablecloths around it to give it the appearance of a witches cauldron. If your hot tub or spa has built-in lights, turn them on and coordinate them with your color theme. Red will give the water a bloody appearance and a floating plastic hand may give it just the touch you were looking for. Green may look more like a witches concoction that’s bubbling about in its cauldron. Whatever you decide will look great … just don’t go with yellow … that’s never a good decision. (The reason is likely obvious. 😉 )


What party is complete without food? (“None,” is the correct answer.) Ask your guests to bring their best Halloween-inspired foods. Encourage them to be creative! Make it a contest. Whoever has the creepiest food wins a prize – maybe a coupon to have the hot tub all to themselves for 5 minutes? This will ensure that they not only bring food, but that the spread looks amazing, too!


The small details always take a party to the next level. Here are some extra details that will make your already amazing party even more so:

  • Incorporate fun and spooky music to set the mood.
  • Have something fun to drink. Whether it be hot apple cider or a tried and true punch recipe, place plastic rats and spiders in it to give it a spooky touch.
  • Towels, towels, and more towels!
  • Encourage your guest to dress up!
  • Use candles, glow sticks, or torches to make sure you have plenty of spooky lights!

No matter, the theme, food or color scheme, having a hot tub at your Halloween party will be a success every time!

Let the pros handle your pool closing

With summer becoming a distant memory and school becoming the new focus, most people have “closing their pool” at the very bottom of their to-do list. Along with the new fall schedule comes the plethora of new activities that may begin to consume all your free time. These shorter days seem to eat away at the time you may have had set aside for your pool closing.

Have you considered asking your local pool supply company to come out and close your pool for you?

If not, maybe you should! Just because you can close your pool yourself doesn’t mean you can’t save yourself the time and trouble, and hire the professionals to do it for you!

Owning a pool is much like owning a car. The maintenance is sometimes best left to a professional who knows the ins and outs of how that car should be maintained. So when it comes time for an oil change, more than likely you won’t blink twice about having the local garage change it for you. Why? Because it is more convenient and it allows your mechanic to check and make sure all of your fluids and other mechanisms are working properly.

Much like your local mechanic, a pool professional is one who knows the ins and outs of your pool far better than the average pool owner. And just like your car, your pool is a big investment. Keeping it in tip-top shape is important for its lifespan.

When you contact your local pool professional, you can rest at ease knowing that they will cover all the bases to closing your pool! No longer will you have to worry about your pipes freezing over or busting. So, avoid the headache of finding the time and worrying about whether you did it right or not and contact Brothers Pool today! You’ll be thankful you did!

Get a Better Night’s Sleep Thanks to your Hot Tub

To sleep or not to sleep, that is the true question that haunts us as we fight the urge to turn to social media rather than counting sheep! For most Americans, it becomes less and less of a question and more of a quandary that we are unable to find the answer for. According to The Sleep Index, 11.6% of Americans have been told they have sleep apnea by a doctor. That is a large percentage of people who are having trouble sleeping! If you are apart of the 11.6 percent and own a hot tub, we have a solution for you! The answer lies beneath the bubbles of the warm waters of your hot tub

Hot tubs are the perfect natural remedy to help with your inability to fall asleep. Just twenty minutes of relaxation could change your endless night of tossing and turning! All you need to do is enjoy the warm water of your hot tub for twenty minutes or longer! The warm waters will increase your body’s core temperature and cause every muscle in your body to relax. About an hour after you have dried off,  your body temperature will cool and will naturally send signals to your brain indicating that its time to fall asleep. But wait, there’s more…

Not only will you fall asleep quickly but you will be more likely to sleep deeper than normal! A good night’s sleep is important for your body! Studies have shown that people who don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep also have a number of problems that conflict with their ability to cope with everyday situations. So, from now on forget about taking pills or counting sheep! Slip into your hot tub and get ready for the best night of your life. Dedicating a small portion of your time to resting and relaxing in your hot tub will enable you to have a great night’s rest and a better tomorrow.

Hot Tub Etiquette: House sitters and hot tubs

As a homeowner, going away for a weekend or more can be a challenge. For most homeowners, it puts their mind at ease to have someone they trust to stay at their home during their absence. Whether it is a mindful adult or a friend’s college-aged kid…having a hot tub will be a big draw for them to say yes when you need a house sitter. Having a general set of rules for your hot tub is always a smart idea and it is a GREAT idea for people who use it in your absence! Here are five rules that will help put your mind at ease and give your house sitter a guideline while you are absent.

Rinse Off

Did you know that things like sunscreen, lotion, hairspray…etc, can cause your hot tub’s chemical balance to go array? There is a big chance that your house sitter may not have the knowledge to keep your hot tub chemically balanced. The prevention can be simple, just ask your house sitter to rinse off before soaking.

Leave The Hot Tub Cover On

This is a preventive step that will ensure that your hot tub will stay clean and will prevent accidental drownings of little creatures. By keeping the hot tub cover on, you will help keep your electric bill down as well. The hot tub cover helps the water stay at a constant temperature, which makes it easier to reach higher temperatures.

No Alcohol Before or During 

The warm waters of your hot tub not only help you relax but can cause you to become drowsy as well. Drinking a few beers before or while enjoying your hot tub may sound like the best way to unwind but in reality…alcohol only heightens the sleepy effect you get. Asking your house sitter to abstain from drinking in your hot tub is a great preventive step.

No Snacking 

The no snacking in the hot tub request is simple…food and water do not mix well! You don’t want to come home to a hot tub filtering system that is filled with half-eaten pretzels, right?


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