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Keep Your Pool Water Safe

Brothers Pool offers safe, reliable water testing. Bring in a water sample and the staff at Brothers Pool will analyze the sample for you and provide you with the perfect chemical solution for your family's swimming pool.

Brothers Pool Employees

Yet this is more than just safe and effective water testing. Brothers Pool is made up of pool people who are committed to educating you about your pool, proper pool maintenance and pool safety. Every time you bring in a water sample for testing, we want you to walk out the door with more pool knowledge than when you arrived. That's why every member of the Brothers Pool team has to pass a rigorous "Pool Knowledge Test" as a condition of employment.

Effective Water Testing

Brothers Pool's revolutionary, new in-store lab is here! Now let the innovative WaterLink® Spin photometer do all your pool and spa water testing for you. One unique Spin reagent disk with water and vital tests are done automatically.

Just Fill & Spin

LaMotte's Research and Development team spent 7 years pioneering this new technology. It's the most advanced system for precise use of wet chemistry methods ever produced. Achieving greater precision than current water labs without time consuming lines, procedures or sacrificing accuracy by using test strip scanners.

Waiting Time Just 60 Seconds

In just 60 seconds all the test results are transferred into your Brothers Pool history and analyzed to display results and recommend precise treatment instructions.


Bring Your Pool Water In!

Pool Water Test Kit

Let the professionals at Brothers Pool help you keep your pool water safe. With great customer service and quality workmanship, we are you number one choice!

Get the Rewards Card!

Water Test Punch Card

There is nothing more rewarding than a crystal clear pool for your family and friends to enjoy all season. Swing by Brothers pool with a sample of water and let us help you get your pool water right.

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Brother's Pool would like to say thanks to those who have supported our business with referrals, word-of-mouth, and repeat business. When your referral becomes a Brother's Pool customer, fill out a referral card at Brother's Pool and receive a Brother's Pool Gift Card from us!

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Do You Need Financing?

Why wait to get what you deserve? You work hard, and we want to help you relax in your new pool, spa, or outdoor living area. Let our experts guide you through our financing process so you can enjoy life. We work with two different companies to get your financing. Visit both of their websites to make the best choice for you! Visit both of their websites and make the best choice for you.

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Brothers Pool

250 Main Street. (RT 150)
Wallingford Connecticut 06492
P: (203) 265-5980
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In Connecticut take I-91 North or South to exit 15.
Take Route 68 West towards Wallingford and Cheshire.
Turn left at the intersection of 68 and 150 (Main Street).
Brothers Pool is about 1 mile on the left.


Monday: 10am - 5pm
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